Does Home Depot Drug Test?

Founded in 1978 by Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank, The Home Depot Inc. is a public company in the retailing industry and one of the largest suppliers of tools, construction products, and services. It is headquartered in Georgia and operates the big-box format stores in the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

The company has more than 2200 stores across North America. Apart from that, more than 400000 people work in The Home Depot Inc.

Does Home Depot Drug Test?

Key Product Areas

  • Home appliances
  • Tools
  • Hardware
  • Building Hardware
  • Lumber
  • Building materials
  • Paint
  • Plumbing
  • Flooring
  • Garden Supplies
  • Plants

So, all your home improvement materials are at The Home Depot Inc. It is quite a big firm, and so many aspirants wish to join the company.

As far as the hiring procedures are concerned, every company has its own set of rules and regulations for the same. The same is the case with The Home Depot. But many people wonder if Home Depot conducts a drug test.

Many companies in the USA have made drug tests a compulsion before hiring. If we let numbers do the talking, then 57% of US employers pertain to such tests. Their only motives are to discourage the employee from using drugs and to ensure there is no bad influence at the workplace. Usually, there are three kinds of drug tests:

  • Pre-employment: This is immediately done after the hiring process is complete.
  • Incident-driven: This is carried out at the time of some accident/injury.
  • Post-employment testing: This is random drug testing.

The most common is the Pre-employment screening. That’s prevalent in 80% of the firms which pertain to drug testing.

Usually, drug tests are required for hiring government officials, medical and healthcare professionals, transport, construction, mining, and customer service firms. Safety-sensitive firms may also require drug tests. These are considered necessary in today’s times because obtaining drugs and alcohol has now become easier.

The advantages of drug testing include;

advantages of drug testing
  • The healthy environment at the workplace
  • It helps to identify the people who are abusing drugs, and these people can be helped.
  • It dissuades people from abusing drugs.
  • Chances of violence, frauds, abuse, etc. at the workplace are reduced.
  • Problem workers are likely to switch more jobs. Drug tests help in identifying problem workers. So the costs of new recruitments are saved.

The disadvantages of drug testing

  • It becomes an additional expense for the company. According to Statistics Brain, companies pay $3750500000 annually for pre-employment drug testing! That is a colossal amount!
  • It is said to be violating the privacy of individuals.
  • The results are not accurate, sometimes. For example, it might show a positive result if you accidentally inhaled weed while someone else was smoking. That is disheartening.

The hiring process at Home Depot

As far as The Home Depot is concerned, the hiring process is as follows:

  1. The Application

First of all, you will have to go to the company website and fill the job application. For that, you need to go to the careers page and ‘search jobs’. Scroll down the available openings. Click on Apply for the one that is relevant to you. Fill the necessary details in the form after logging in. The Home Depot asks:

  • Whether you are 18 years old
  • Whether you are an existing employee of The Home Depot
  • Whether you are willing to take the drug test
  • Your contact details

This is the online application form procedure. You can also visit the stores and get a physical form if that’s comfortable.

  1. Interview

After the application is received and screened, the next step is the interview. Usually, it takes one to two weeks after the review of the application. The interview round has two steps again.

Initially, there will be a telephonic interview by the lower-level managers. Your basic details like personal details, educational qualifications, employment history, etc. will be covered under this interview.

Next, the candidate will be called for a face-to-face interview. The HR department will conduct this.

  1. Intimation of qualification

If you have qualified for the interview round, you will hear from the company. This intimation is usually given in a week over email.

Does Home Depot Drug Test in 2021?

  1. Drug test

All the answers that you have been looking for are here!

Yes, Home depot drug test employees. It is a pre-employment drug test to check if you are clean. You will sign a document first, agreeing to the company policies. You should always read that document carefully.

We advise this because the document also states that you agree to random drug testing. This random testing can be done at the time of promotions or if the situations demand. If any kind of drug use is determined during the test, your employment will be terminated immediately.

The test will be conducted only when you sign the document.

The method– The test can be done using urine or mouth swab samples. For the pre-employment drug test, the mouth swab method is mostly used.

For the test:

The person will stick a little thing in your mouth for 10 minutes to collect your saliva sample. This sample will then be shifted to a test-tube, sealed in an envelope in front of the candidate, and sent for testing. The results usually take 24-48 hours.

The test is aimed to detect the following:

  • PCP
  • Weed
  • Amphetamine
  • Any other hard substances

The test is usually a 10-pound drug test.

For a random drug test, during the course of employment, a urine sample will be taken.

In case there is an accident or injury that involves major damages to the company, again there can be a drug test.

It is usually suggested that for passing the mouth swab test, you should stop using drugs 2-3 days before the test. The next option is to use an oral clear gum at least 30 minutes before the exam starts.

For passing the urine test, you should stop smoking weed at least 10-20 days before the test. Urine tests are generally difficult to pass. Some people might use synthetic urine to pass the test! There is a Test-clear Powdered Urine Kit available in the market for clearing this test.

Detoxing is another way. Drink a lot of water, take vitamin C, take hot showers, use Garlic, etc. There are several ways for detoxing your body. That is one of the best things you can do to yourself.

However, these methods do not guarantee 100% results.

  1. Criminal Background Check

Apart from the drug test, the company will check for a criminal record in the name of the applicant. This is a part of the background screening. Any court or criminal history, felony convictions, etc. can affect the hiring decision of the applicant. About 10% of Americans are said to have criminal records! So every company wants to make sure that the hired employee is not a threat to the organization.

  1. Orientation

So finally, when you are offered employment after the drug test, there will be an orientation program.

There will be some introductory lectures, training videos, etc. The motive is to introduce the employee to his job role and the work culture.

So that is the complete hiring procedure at The Home Depot Inc.

What happens if you fail the drug test?

  • If the candidate refuses to submit to the drug test or does not show up for the drug test, the employer can terminate the offer letter. When it comes to random drug testing, the company can terminate employment within 24 hours.
  • Again in case the applicant or the employee tests positive, the same action as mentioned above, may be taken.
  • You can re-apply to the company after about a year in case you fail the test.
  • In case you feel it is a false-positive, you can refer to the company policy for further action. You may request a GC-MS test. This test is usually done for double-verification.

Key takeaways

So yes, like many companies, The Home depot conducts a drug test. It has strict policies against the use of drugs. There are two tests conducted usually, pre-employment and random. You should not try any stupid tricks to clear these tests because that increases your chances of being caught and reduces your chances of being selected.

If you are serious about getting into a big firm like The Home Depot and you want to clear the drug test, you should stop smoking pot! That’s the only sure-shot way to get through. In case you are not into drugs, then you don’t have to worry about the drug tests.

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