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food stamp application

Can I Get Food Stamps While in Jail?

By Rozz Cabrera

“Can I get food stamps while in jail?” This is a pressing concern for many facing incarceration. But, delving into several factors can provide you ...

Balls with numbers used for lottery

Can Felons Win the Lottery? Do They Qualify?

By Rozz Cabrera

You’ve done your share of prepping and hedging against uncertainties, and let’s be honest, the thought of winning the lottery has crossed your mind. But ...

How Long Does A Felony Affect Employment

How Long Does A Felony Affect Employment?

By muhammadasifrahman

Imagine finally finishing your prison sentence, eager to turn your life around and start anew. However, you quickly realize that the impact of your felony ...

Can Felons Carry Pepper Spray? What The Law Says

By muhammadasifrahman

Oleoresin capsicum (OC) spray, commonly known as pepper spray, is a type of self-defense weapon that can cause temporary blindness to attackers and deter them ...

Can Felons Hold Public Office? Is It Legal?

By muhammadasifrahman

A felony conviction is a heavy burden to carry. Not only are you stripped off of several rights, but you are also condemned to suffer ...


What Weapons Can A Felon Own?

By Robert Gomez

What weapons can a felon own? Residents of the United States must understand that they’ll lose certain rights when they’ve been convicted of a felony. ...

How Can A Felon Defend Himself?

By Robert Gomez

How Can A Felon Defend Himself? People with a felon have the right to protect themselves with a firearm in “extraordinary circumstances.” State and federal ...