What does it mean to be a Sovereign Citizen?

Can a felon become a sovereign citizen? The sovereign citizen movement has become a thorn in the flesh of security operatives – the police and FBI inclusive. The police, according to the FBI report, is seeking relevant information and, possibly, special training to handle this growing threat.

Who are these so dreaded individuals?

Simply put, sovereign citizens are a group of people who think they are not controlled by the law.

These people are committed only to their interpretation of the common law. Most of these citizens do not acknowledge the United States’ currency and do not comply with tax laws, but regard them as illegitimate.

One common theme among its members is the belief that citizen’s adherence to United States legislation is not compulsory – but voluntary. They posit that people who adhere to local, state, and federal laws have ignorantly forfeited their fundamental rights by allowing the government impose contracts sealed by laws on them.

This movement believes the American system is an illegitimate entity. Many hold that the county sheriffs are the highest law enforcement officer in the U.S – albeit within their jurisdictions. They even say these county sheriffs have powers superior to any politician, federal, or state officer.

These beliefs have led members of this movement to acts of terrorism and political extremism. Some sects of this movement have been labeled ‘domestic terrorist’ by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Some institutions in the U.S have referred to this sovereign group as the greatest single threat in their various communities. Surprisingly, a 2014 report ranks these sovereign citizens as worse threats to the United States – worse than the jihadist and Islamic terrorist groups.

Southern Poverty Law Centre, in 2010, says the sect has about 100,000 Americans as ‘hardcore’ sovereign movement members. Besides this disturbing number, another 200,000 Americans were “testing sovereign techniques,” resisting all government rules and provisions – from drug charges to speeding tickets.

What does it mean to be a Sovereign Citizen?

what is a sovereign citizen

From Where Comes their Believe?

Sovereign citizens have one common notion which – they say – splits the U.S citizenship into two classes:

  • The U.S Citizens, and;
  • Original Citizens – or State’s Citizens

This theory holds that, according to the original American constitution, only white males who own lands were offered citizenship. These, they say, are the ‘Original Citizens’

Others – minorities, women, non-landowners – they claim, were granted their rights as a result of the U.S Constitution Fourteenth Amendment, which makes provision for second class citizenship.

Based on this theory, ‘Original Citizen’ can only be reduced to second class if they so wish. They believe their ‘Original Citizens’ rights are inalienable.

Sadly, while this sentiment sounds like a novel idea, supporters do not properly understand the provision of the law and do not have strong backings for their obnoxious positions.

Of course, most of their theories are handed down from their founders, – like the Federalist Papers – they feign deafness to the views that contradict their argument.

For examples, Alexander Hamilton, in Federalist No. 15. Stated that every US citizen, under the constitution, comes under federal authority.

The courts, however, have persistently rejected the movement’s arguments that a person is not subjected to laws because they are sovereign. Unfortunately, this has, in no way, dampened the persistence of their members.

Even worse, the group practices an irksome act: they file false liens against their critics’ property. In some states, liens take some time before they are validated. This lapse allows member of this group tamper with the title of people who oppose them.

Sadly, it costs the owners of the properties time and money to clear up these false liens.

How to Handle Sovereign Citizens

Indeed, dealing with these people can be a lot tricky. That doesn’t make them right in the eyes of the law.

Your best bet, however, is to seek the assistance of a legal expert and keep in touch with the law enforcement agencies.

To find an attorney near you, visit HG.org for a certified local lawyer.

We advise that the actions and threats of these persons should not be taken lightly. These individuals have caused huge damage to people who oppose them.

In worst cases, they tend to be violent, believing their actions are beyond the control of state or federal law enforcement personnel.

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Final Notes

The sovereign citizen movement has grown big over a remarkably short period. Reports put their membership at about 300,000. More threatening, about one-third of the total number are “hardcore believers” who are ready to fight for their beliefs than to give in to any ‘intimidation’ by government agencies.

Although the security officers may not guarantee your safety from these individuals, the police department may step up their game and train their front-line personnel on identifying and better ways of handling these outlaws.

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  1. Sovereign Citizens the truth! This is pure communist propaganda. American Indians are Sovereign Citizens! My mother is an American Indian my father is from Argentina. My mother is a sovereign citizen! And she’s an American Indian! How dare you say that American Indians are worse than terrorists! Financial schemers and it goes on!

    I am so upset right now! You’re bad-mouthing the name Severn because you know damn well that Americans have the same freedoms as American Indians! You’re making sovereign citizens in the criminals! So what are you gonna do gather up all the American Indians and shoot them! I am seriously so upset right now. You can’t group a sovereign citizen Financial schemers and it goes on! I am so upset right now! You’re bad-mouthing the name Severn because you know damn well that Americans have the same freedoms as American Indians!

    You’re making sovereign citizens in the criminals! So what are you gonna do gather up all the American Indians and shoot them! I am seriously so upset right now. You can’t group a sovereign citizen As being a terrorist! That is so racist! Just because the United States government is doing illegal slavery doesn’t mean you have to make somebody else wrong to cover up for your errors! American Indians were here first.! You are the terrorists!

  2. This is 100% False. Read “Black’s Law” 9th edition.
    This is an OpEd designed to illegitimize the Soveriegnty of American Citizens. Clearly the author is misinformed. Being soveriegn is not about avoiding Laws. Soveriegn people are Law abiding people who go to work to feed their kids just like you and me. This is a terrible article.

  3. For one ,people need to proofread and edit before posting and fix there mistakes otherwise they come off as ignorant persons with limited education ! Sovereignty is legitimate and does not make a person a criminal , only a persons actions make them a criminal . Only an idiot would think that if one claims sovereignty they are a criminal . It is up to the individual to decide between right and wrong. Just because one claims sovereignty does not make said person a terrorist ,anarchist ,or in any way a bad person. Sovereignty is about not being oppressed by unjust governmental regulation .

    • You might want to clean your own backyard before throwing dirt over the fence into your neighbor’s yard. In other words, proofread your response you have submitted.

    • Your comments are correct ! Being a sovereign citizen means I have rights given to me by GOD not the government. I will oppose only those laws, regulations and orders that are against the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s GOD ! I am a American citizen that freely gave my consent to be governed – with limitation set by the US Constitution on the elected government. When they step outside those limits – no longer do they have my consent. Illegal laws passed legally do not make them legal laws.

  4. As soon as you get your Social Security Identification, you lose your Sovereign Citizenship Rights that you were born with, with possibly losing your very soul from GOD! Sovereign Citizens are not born criminals! But it is up to the Individual, whether he or she is or not a Sovereign Citizen, to be or not be a criminal on both sides of the fence? But only The Sovereign Citizen has true freedom advantage, being separated from the Slavery of any Government, and as ridiculous as this may sound to many who are not, or do not understand the full spectrum of why, in addition to this advantage, your soul is truly free, being opened with a chance of binding truly to GOD. However, this does not mean all are lost souls who are citizens of a Governmental System, which can make it much more difficult to reconcile your soul? But to weigh in on The Scale of Justice, with GOD All Things are Possible…

  5. Why would you take the time and energy to write about a topic you clearly know nothing about but then you add complete falsehoods and generalizations that boil down to slander and defamation.
    You are ignorant of the history involving the fed reserve, strawman, legalese, and the trickery used by the Rothschilds to enslave us not only that but fail to mention the IRS is not even a United States institution but is employed by s privately-owned bank and it’s unconstitutional to be taxed such as we are.
    In light of the recent events taking place in America yesterday I for one am definitely taking back every God-given freedom while I still can because Biden cheating this election and the REAL CRIMINALS in our govt we’re on the verge of losing everything… socialism incoming. I never in s million years thought this would be happening…

  6. Interesting concept…the Government see’s these folks as outlaws, according to this article, so help me understand something…Government employees are immune from prosecution for lying to Congress, Child Pedophile, Multiple violations of the Constitution and attempted Coups of a President. These people who number in the 100’s of thousands are not outlaws, WHY? Are they all above the law and if so, what makes them any different than a declared sovereign citizen, who the Government brands as an outlaw?

  7. This is an absolute lie!!! It has nothing to with race. It has nothing to do with crime! It has nothing to do with resisting laws. Washington knew to be sovereign, one had to have virtue. Virtue is not inherent, it must be taught.
    You cannot be a victim.
    There are many that cannot take responsibility for their lives, claim victimhood. And others who make unwise decisions with no self control. These people must be governed from without. Usually these groups depend on government.
    This article was nothing, but propaganda!

  8. I’ve been studying the tenets of this movement, who do not call themselves sovereign citizens, btw. Not one of them is violent. Not one of them is anti-American, nor anti-government. In fact, the more I study them, the more I am learning about the Constitution and Bill of Rights and about the Act of 1871, which DID endenture every citizen of the United States into a corporate contract: (https://fromthetrenchesworldreport.com/the-act-of-1871-the-2-constitutions-corporate-america/276232). You cited no reference, nor sources to back up your misguided claims. It is irresponsible articles like this that cause a lot of unnecessary angst and strife.

  9. Referent to American Indians, they have real community with territory and internal economic stability. Real community, be it within the Indigenous civilization, or be it structured by any Americans who would self-manage their functional, autonomous, internal, production-based (not consumer-based) economy will genuine sovereignty be actualized; Independence from the private central bank and the goods and services of the transnational corporations that monopolize the vital sectors of the conventional American economy.

    However, that level of real community sovereignty (and constitutionally confederated sovereign communities) does not exist today, not even among American Indians.

    Nonetheless, that kind of Independence with its autonomous organization and production-based economy and its independent territories with their primary resources will happen here soon enough. Nullification requires real community economic Independence, among people working with each other for each other (no, not communism). In that context there is no central government. And, happily, there is a forthcoming organizational format that delivers the decentralization of economic political power.

    The Sovereign Citizen Groups will never get traction (although they could be trouble makers), because they do not have the needed economic social organization for real Independence based on real, authentic democracy.

    Sovereign Citizen Groups identifying with the flag of the former Confederacy only demonstrates that they are offshoots of the fascist menace (the Republican Fascist Party) that has infiltrated our American governing apparatus and is determined to eliminate the public venue from government, and to initiate the genocide of whatever scapegoats designated by their dictatorship; not to mention the wholesale robbery of all public assets and public resources, and to curtail all government public social services for the benefit of the class of wealth.

    The source of evil in America is its glaring disparity of economic stratification, planned and executed for the sole, sadistic purpose of rupturing the lives of the less powerful. Only from the platform of real, economic social Independence can that slave based economy be overturned.

    On the positive side, the advent of decentralized civilization is forthcoming.

    You be well.

    • Republican fascist ?

      You mean SOUTHERN DEMOCRATS that were the leaders of the Civil War… Jefferson Davis, for example? Please learn…

    • Solvent citizens are a 100% legal Whoever wrote this does not know what they’re talking about talking about government does not want people to be sovereign it’s a threat to them they can’t text them it takes time if everybody became sovereign the government wouldn’t make money and that’s what it’s all about money money it’s that simple It’s about money and control

  10. Of course, the situation is critical. The folks that support the new American fascism do not know the nature of what they support. Such people are conditioned through fear and shock tactics (typical of fascism) to accept deception as truth. The Christian Right are among the biggest proponents of fascism. Criminal psychopaths and sociopaths are the ringleaders of that evil endeavoring to topple the public, representational government. The aims are as I described in my previous comment.

    Domination has long been the central theme of Western society despite the humane people and organizations that oppose that. Now, that theme is rising into the foreground again, no less than it did in 1861.
    You be well.

  11. What a BS article. I am NOT a violent person but because I want government to quit thinking they own me, that makes me a criminal?? Stop living under a rock.

  12. According to the US Debt Clock, each US citizen (including newborn babies) is over $65,000 in debt to the corrupt, Federal Reserve money laundering scheme. It’s a criminal organization backed by criminal politicians & corporations. It is a form of slavery designed to keep people working almost their whole life until they only have a few years left to live. They steal social security funds from your paycheck against your will. The funds are spent as soon as the Gov gets it, then were told the Soc. Sec. fund is going broke blah blah blah, We have to cut your benefits, raise the debt limit, devalue the dollar, increase inflation. And passing thousands of oppressive laws taking away peoples rights. People are slaves the Gov is your Master. Under this corrupt system we should ALL be Sovereign Citizens.

    • Most disgusting read of 2021. Littered with typos and extremely unprofessional. Looks like it came straight from the Washington post.

  13. The phrase “sovereign citizen” is an oxymoron. You cannot be both!

    A “citizen” owes allegiance to its creator. A “sovereign” is a creator. Only God is sovereign. The Puritans formed America upon Christian principles. At least 160 years ago the country was politically, legally and financially destroyed during the so called Lincoln administration.
    Past American presidents have told the world, via the UN General Assembly, that “the American People are the sovereign; the ones who created government to secure our unalienable rights; as shown in the declaration of independence.”

    The above is a horrible article for people seeking truth and justice.



    Typical Americans cannot simply flip their switch from presumed U.S. Citizen (due to their first ever IRS 1040 form being treated as that one election to treat that LEGAL PERSON as a resident of “the District” and their SS-5 Social Security App finalizing their initial membership into the U.S. Tax Club) back over to American National state citizen without executing the necessary paperwork, public notarization and recording.

    The truth is out there. Americans have been getting the government that we are owed.

    The Queen runs “territorial U.S. Citizens” and the Pope runs “municipal Citizens of the United States” and the LEGAL system expects all Americans to “stand in as Trustee” for the entities created at the STATE and FEDERAL level after our birth names got stolen by the STATE from our parents when we were each born. You need an attorney to speak for you legally when you blindly stand in for the Foreign Situs Trust executed in your ALL CAPS LEGAL NAME, your commercial person moniker of First Name, Middle Name, Last Name.

    A skilled president could tell Americans the truth about what unruly misdeeds have gone on in this country for 245 years… and point us to “the new paperwork” to bring ourselves home to “the land and soil jurisdiction” and to prove ourselves alive and well as “A People”, and put us all back in charge of our government within its founding intent to remain a republic and a sovereign unincorporated body serving Americans in only the enumerated powers bestowed upon government by its People who created it. We’ve been flying our flags in the wrong order of priority.

  14. Typo above:

    The truth is out there. Americans have *NOT* been getting the government that we are owed, because we have chosen to register to vote in a commercial corporation citizen capacity without being given full disclosure to the whole mess that is built upon stolen identity.

  15. love God with all of your heart, all of your mind, and all of your soul. And to love your neighbor as yourself. But true sons of God, LOVE EVEN THEIR ENEMIES

  16. It has been a rough road, figuring out the roads leading to Rome and the evils of the Brits.

    Read Anna Von Reitz posts where she clearly points out who is continuing to try pulling the same old tricks on us.

    The People (men & women) are the sovereign. The slaves (residents / things identified) are the Citizen.

    Declare your political status and come home to the land & soil as you leave the sea and air, having captured back you stolen identity fake persons.

    We are taking back America lawfully and rightfully as America’s owners, claimants, beneficiaries and stewards.

    Peace & Love to all,

    H P

  17. I already purchase my country when Thomas McKean Jr and III died in 1831 with a world gold bank of .999 fine troy bars.

    1739–1991 New Jersey and Wills and Probate Records Thomas McKean (1831)
    Specifically states:

    I am the owner of the land, buildings, property and chattel with immunity of whatsoever nature forever to the United States with appurtenances.
    I am already the registered proprieter what would I have different as a sovereign citizen?

  18. You can’t trick people into something and then force them into being something they dont want any part of! How come the elite can switch back and forth from us citizen to private citizen? Cuz they got money and thats power in this messed up world , this is for the rich and the elite are mad that we found out,


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