Does DHL Drug Test?

In this piece we look at the basic question; Does DHL Drug Test? We will also look at some related questions to make the knowledge pool more complete and well-rounded.

DHL, which is currently considered a German company, was originally started in the United States in 1969. Today, DHL is known in more countries than not and is quite famous for its timely deliveries and parcel packaging.

We will be looking at DHL from an employee’s perspective. As a potential employee, one of the questions you always have is related to drug tests that might be conducted by the company. Moreover, even current employees of DHL might have some questions related to this matter.

Does DHL drug test?

Does DHL drug test?

If you are thinking about a drug test conducted at the time of hiring, then the answer is yes, DHL does conduct those kinds of drug tests.

Drug tests are a permanent part of their recruitment process and any potential employees will have to pass the drug test before they can start their new job at DHL.

The type of drug test used is a standard drug test that requires a urine sample. The result of the drug test is revealed within a few minutes of submitting the sample. In case you pass the drug test, the job is offered and they take the process further.

On the other hand, if you fail the drug test and drugs are indeed found in your system, the hiring team will not be able to offer you the job. In rare cases, they might take a retest, but if that fails, they cannot offer you the job.

As for bearing the cost of the test, which is actually borne by DHL, this is unlike many other employers which require first-time applicants to submit a drug test at their own cost.

Does DHL Carry out Random Drug tests?

Yes, DHL conducts drug tests randomly. Note that these tests are completely randomized. No single person has the power to pick and choose when the drug test will be conducted or who it will be conducted on.

That is right, DHL uses computer systems to randomly come up with a date for conducting the drug test. This information is kept confidential from the employees.

It is only revealed to them on the day of the drug test when they have already started working at the job. This is to ensure that no employee has the time or chance to evade the drug test.

Next, given the huge number of employees, DHL obviously cannot drug test everyone that is working at a particular location.

This is why they choose a group of people out of the total employees and drug tests are conducted on them. The choosing of the people is totally random as it is done using computers.

It is important to realize why DHL is conducting random drug tests in the first place. Conducting random drug tests ensures that everyone working on the job is clean and is free of any kinds of drugs or intoxicants.

The company does not want the employees or the customers to get hurt because of improper handling of machinery or other equipment due to an employee being under the influence of drugs.

This is one of the major reasons why random drug tests are conducted at DHL. Another reason is obviously that it harms the goodwill and image of the company if an employee causes an accident due to being under the influence of drugs.

Which type of drug tests does DHL use?

We have learnt that DHL conducts drug tests at both times during the recruitment process and also they conduct drug tests at random times during the employment period.

We do not know how frequently those are conducted since the frequency is random, but it is for sure more than one time per year.

Regardless, when it comes to conducting the tests, DHL uses good quality testing kits for both, the new hires and also for the existing employees. The test takers do not have to pay for the test in any scenario. It is important to note that drug tests are urine-based.

A sample of urine is collected and then run through in the lab. Based on the sample submitted, the test results are prepared. Depending on if drugs are found in your system or not, you can fail or pass the test.

The type of test conducted here is a standard drug test as prescribed by United States law. As such, DHL tries to abide by all the laws – local, state, and federal that apply to corporate drug testing in such scenarios.

What if you fail a drug test?

What if you fail a drug test at DHL?

Depending on which drug test you failed, the results will be different, but regardless of that, the results will not be good in any of the cases.

In case you failed the very first drug test which is the drug test at the time of the recruitment process, the company will not be able to offer you the job at all. The hiring team is strictly ordered to not be lenient in this matter at all.

The various positions at DHL are positions of responsibility and DHL can not really take any risks by hiring someone who is using drugs on the regular. Hence they have the drug test in place.

The drug test helps them filter out the regular users from the occasional ones. Therefore, if you fail the initial drug test at the time of hiring, unfortunately, you will not be able to get the job.

Next, if you failed a drug test as an existing employee of DHL, chances are that your job or contract will be terminated with immediate effect.

This means that you cease to be a DHL employee with effect from serving you the termination notice. The layoff can seem scary but DHL can not really take any chances with their inventory, vehicles, or any other aspect of the business.

Drug-free policies have been designed to make the workplace a drug-free place and also to prevent drug-induced accidents.

Why do companies conduct drug tests?

This is a common question that many people who are looking to work for DHL often have. Why, when many other employers do not conduct any drug tests, does DHL conduct them? To understand, we have to understand the basic spirit of the kind of workplace and company image that DHL wants to display to the world.

DHL aims to be a safe workplace. This helps in attracting new employees who will basically carry the company into the future.

This means that if the workplace is a drug-free place, more people will likely to apply. In this way, it works for the benefit of the company.

On the other hand, being under the influence of drugs when you are on the job, has never really caused anyone any benefits. Instead, it causes accidents, which can even be fatal in many cases.

This is another reason why DHL prefers to conduct drug tests both during the recruitment process and also during the existing employees of the current employees.

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DHL is one of the fastest-growing package delivery companies that have proven their resilience throughout the many years of service they have served our society.

Naturally, they become a likable employer and people want to work for them and imagine a career with them. Drug tests are often a major concern for many such potential future employees. We cleared the air about the drug tests conducted by DHL.

We talked about the drug tests conducted during the hiring process and also the random drug tests which the company conduct to ensure that no employees are working on the job under the influence of drugs.

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