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Can Felons Hold Public Office? Is It Legal?

By muhammadasifrahman

A felony conviction is a heavy burden to carry. Not only are you stripped off of several rights, but you are also condemned to suffer ...

Business grants for Felons

How to get Business grants for Felons

By Robert Gomez

One area where felons struggle after release from prison is “finding employment”. Even when they are able to find employment, Felons may be limited to ...

Housing Grants For Felons

By Robert Gomez

As a felon, you’re likely wondering whether you can obtain housing grants. Within this guide, you’ll learn more about the housing grants for convicted felons. ...

can a felon get a TWIC card

Can a felon get a TWIC card?

By Robert Gomez

TWIC card is short for Transportation Worker Identification Credential card. The Transportation Security Administration-issued card is granted to workers who need unsupervised access to several ...

voting rights of felons restricted

How to Register to Vote in Maine

By Robert Gomez

In Maine, the voting legislation encourage citizens to represent individual political interests. Unlike some other states, Maine does not impose any voter registration deadline. Prospective ...