Does T.J. Maxx Drug Test?

Working in a reputable department store is one of the biggest targets for young people starting out their careers or someone looking to get into the retail business.

However, many find that most chains and companies conduct mandatory drug tests for their employees. Perhaps you’re looking to get into the clothing business with a company like T. J Maxx and wondering about their drug testing policy. Let’s find out!

T.J Maxx is one of the biggest clothing store chains across America, with over 1000 branches in the country. It was founded in 1976 as part of TJX Companies.

Its products include menswear, womenswear, childrenswear, shoes, toys, bath and beauty products, and even accessories and home products.

J Maxx is famous for its incredibly fair prices that are lower than most department stores. As for any clothing retail job, you have a bunch of different opportunities from cashier to stock to sales.

Does T.J. Maxx Drug Test?

Does T.J. Maxx Drug Test?

T.J Maxx maintains a drug-free policy, but the million-dollar question is actually more complicated than we might think. While most retail stores conduct a mandatory drug test, apparently T. J Maxx does not. According to many employees and former employees online, the company does not conduct drug tests.

However, it’s not that simple. There may be some branches that do conduct a drug test, but it’s a minority. A contract with T. J Maxx actually does mention the possibility of a drug test at any time.

In any workplace, a random drug test may be conducted if there is evidence of suspicious behavior or workplace accidents. You may be asked to do a random drug test since it was in the initial contract.

What Is The Drug Test?

In the 2000s, around 30% of employees tested positive for drugs or substances, which puts the company, the employer, and the employee at risk.

A drug test frees the company of all liabilities in case of trouble, and it also serves as a disciplinary method to have all employees working in optimal conditions.

The drug test involves taking a sample of the employees’ urine (most common), hair, or saliva and running it through a lab. The results come back after a few days, if it’s positive it means you failed, if it’s negative it means you didn’t.

Drug tests usually test for the most common substances such as cocaine, amphetamines, opiate, PCP, and THC. A drug test of 5 substances is called a five-panel drug test, while some drug tests test for 7 or even 10 substances.

Failing a drug test is as simple as having the substances in your bloodstream for up to 90 days for heavy users. Some applicants try to detox, but that’s inadvisable and the test results would most likely still come out positive.

If you fail a drug test, even a rare one at T.J Maxx, you will be fired immediately. Positive drug tests also severely lessen the chances of an applicant being hired in the first place. Drug use can heavily impact someone’s career, especially if it’s related to a workplace accident or leads to a felony.

Kinds of Drug Tests

Apparently, since T.J Maxx doesn’t conduct drug tests, then it doesn’t conduct the first kind of drug test which is the pre-employment drug test.

This test is usually conducted after the interview and is a good sign that you’re almost accepted. You have to consent to the test before they take a urine sample for a company-approved lab and get back to you in a few days.

The second kind is the random drug test, which is conducted following any suspicious behavior. If your employer thinks that you might be on something, he has the right to test you for substances.

Over 90% of employees have commented that T.J Maxx has never done random drug tests on them before. With that in mind, the possibility will probably still be in the contract.

Other kinds of drug tests are conducted following an accident at work, just to make sure it wasn’t drug-related. Some companies will also drug test before a promotion, but apparently T.J Maxx is not one of them.

How To Apply At T.J Maxx?

The application process at T.J Maxx is quite simple and hassle-free, similar to most retail jobs. First of all, you have to be at least 16 years of age to apply. Then, the application process is mostly online these days you can visit the company’s website and check for the opening you want.

You can even print the application form itself and head for any branch to apply in person. It doesn’t take too long for them to get back to you after your application.

The interview process is thorough, but you’ll likely have only one interview if you’re applying for an entry-level position such as sales or cashier.

Employees have mentioned that the interview questions are reasonable, and are not too hard. You might have a phone interview beforehand though, which is usually much simpler than the in-person interview.

If you’re trying to kill at the interview, you better do your homework beforehand. Try to know as much about the company as possible, and show genuine interest in working for them.

If you have experience, perfect, mention it. If you don’t, then try to have as much knowledge regarding the position you’re applying for.

Honesty is key in any interview, so you should never lie about your lack of experience or skills or the like. Also, don’t forget to dress formally enough. Doesn’t have to be a suit, just something formal and nice.

The hiring process takes about a couple of weeks, and then your training starts. They will familiarize you with all aspects of your position, and the rules and regulations.

The company has many benefits, such as a friendly environment, paid training, discount on merchandise, and full-time employees enjoy medical and life insurance, paid days off, and vacation time. The medical insurance kicks in a year after being hired full-time.

The downsides are the long hours and the fact that retail is not for everyone, sometimes it’s hard specially around sales or holiday times. If you’ve got the social battery for it, then you’re all good.

Despite all this, the fact that the stores don’t drug test could be a downside for many as they would dislike this kind of work environment.

All in all, applying for a position at T. J Maxx is straightforward, easy, and worth it for the benefits and the environment.

As for drug tests, the majority of employees in most states across the U.S have stated that the company doesn’t do any kind of drug tests, whether pre-employment or random. Still, the company reserves the right to conduct the test, even if it’s unlikely.

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