How to Use Potable Aqua Drug Test [year]

Learn how to use Portable Aqua to Pass a Drug Test without any issues. With all the useful information being uncovered about alternative substances these days it really is no wonder the average person is partaking.

Throw in the complexities and increasing costs of modern health care and it only makes sense to treat ailments with alternative means.

The only problem with this is that some employers still don’t condone the use of these substances, especially if you are using them on the job.

Although you might be using them to treat ailments, it is possible you could end up fired if your employer throws a surprise drug test at you. Therefore, you always need to be prepared.

With the growing need for more and more people to pass drug tests, the market is now oversaturated with products and tools promising to help clear your system. Some work and some don’t. What about Potable Aqua Water Pills?

What Is Portable Aqua Drug Test?

What Is Portable Aqua Drug Test?

If you are a user of alternative medications and your employer randomly drug tests, you’ve no doubt investigated different ways to pass a test.

While there are always new breakthrough products on the market promising to help users pass a drug test, Potable Aqua Water Pills are one that’s garnering a lot of attention.

What makes these tablets unique is that they are nothing more than water purification tablets, which you probably gleaned from the name. These tablets are specifically designed to eliminate bacteria and viruses in drinking water.

They are a big commodity amongst campers and militaries. Put these tablets into your drinking water and it becomes safe without the need to boil.

People from all over are now claiming that such products can help clean urine of THC and other illicit substances. While there is still no scientific evidence backing these claims, many users swear by their efficiency.

How Could Portable Aqua Pills Help You Pass A Drug Test?

To understand how these tablets might be a suitable means of passing a drugs test, you need to understand the chemical makeup of the pills.

The main ingredients you’ll find in a purification tablet are Iodine, Tetraglycine hydroperiodide, and Chlorine (Sodium Chlorite).

When you consider the fact that the specific purpose of these tablets is to break down harmful components in water, it only makes sense to assume they would destroy metabolites in urine.

Metabolites are the substances that are left behind in your urine when you consume drugs, specifically THC. Some of the individuals that have successfully utilized these tablets to pass urine tests also detoxed before the test.

It is entirely possible that detoxing alone was the answer to the successful outcome. Unfortunately, more in-depth, and thorough research will need to be conducted to uncover the answer to that.

Using Potable Aqua Pills To Pass A Urine Test

Using Potable Aqua Pills To Pass A Urine Test

One of the first things that must be mentioned is that Potable Aqua Pills are only designed for urine tests. These tablets are not meant to be used to successfully help fool hair or blood tests.

These tablets are only meant for urine tests. That said, urine tests can be conducted in one of two ways. The urine same can be produced at home, or the urine sample can be produced at a facility.

Urine Samples From Home – Some drug testing conditions just require users to produce a urine sample. All you need to do is bring in a tube or bottle filled with urine and hand it over to the tester.

Urine Samples In Facilities – Urine testing in facilities are a bit harder to fool because they are tested under sterner conditions. These tests usually involve someone monitoring the test taker.

Producing a sample at home and bringing it in for testing obviously has its benefits. Being supervised while producing a sample creates a whole host of potential downfalls.

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Consider The Test You’re Taking

You must remember that there are several types of drug tests. If you’re going to be urine drug tested, you’re going to be monitored.

However, the strictness of the monitoring procedure will likely depend on the type of job you’re trying to get. If you’re obtaining a manager job or a safety-sensitive job, the drug test could be stricter.

Monitored tests mean that the applicant will be monitored from a distance. They will not physically watch you urinate in the cup. They’ll listen carefully and try to prevent you from tampering with the test from outside of the room.

In other cases, you may be directly monitored. If this happens, someone will watch you urinate in the sample. You can use Potable Aqua by drinking the mixture or adding the pills to your urine.

It is wise to consider the type of test you’re going to take before deciding. It is always safer to take the substance before heading to the drug testing facility.

What Are The Ingredients?

Before using any of these products, it is pertinent to learn more about them. Otherwise, there is a risk that you’re going to experience a negative reaction. You’ll always want to know what you’re putting into your body.

What are the primary ingredients in Potable Aqua? Ultimately, there are several brands offering water purification tablets.

The most popular is Potable Aqua. The product in question contains chlorine, iodine, and tetraglycine hydroperiodide.

Using these chemicals should effectively eliminate the drugs in your system so you can pass your drug test. Still, you must remember that there is no guarantee that this will happen.

Even if you use these products correctly, there is a risk that you’re going to fail the test. The only surefire way to avoid problems is by not using drugs.

Where To Purchase Water Purification Tablets

Where To Purchase Water Purification Tablets

Are you eager to obtain water purification tablets so you can use them to pass your drug test? Make sure that you buy these products from reputable sources. Otherwise, you may get knockoffs or get ineffective tablets.

One thing to take into consideration is the fact that these products are designed to purify water. Therefore, they’re regularly sold in camping and sporting goods stores. You may find them in Walmart too. Be sure to check the sporting goods section.

If you have a week or longer before the drug test, buy these products online. It is best to use reputable websites to avoid potential problems. For instance, you can try buying these tablets at eBay, Walmart, or Amazon.

Potential Alternatives

While some prefer using water purification tablets, it is essential to remember that there is no guarantee that they’ll work. They could. However, they may not. Therefore, you may want to consider experimenting with alternatives.

Some of the other techniques used to cheat drug tests include fake urine, detox drinks, and niacin pills. Synthetic urine may help.

You’ll have to follow precise steps to ensure that your synthetic urine is warm enough to pass the test. Plus, it may not work if you’re going to be directly monitored during the test.

Detox drinks can help. They tend to be effective, but they may take up to 30 days to remove the drugs from your system.

It is believed that niacin can flush these substances from your system. Again, you must understand that some of these methods have worked before, but they may not work for everyone.

The only guaranteed way to avoid failing a drug test is by not using drugs. It is best to stop using drugs for a few weeks or months before your drug test to avoid failing the test.


Are you worried that you’re going to fail your next drug test? Unfortunately, it can happen. If you’ve been using drugs, there is a good chance that you’ll fail the drug test.

The consequences may mean that you’re going to lose your job, get arrested, or lose a good opportunity. Suffice to say, it is best to make sure that you can pass. Using Potable Aqua can help. These products tend to be effective to some degree. Therefore, they’re worth using.

FAQs on How to Use Potable Aqua to Pass a Drug Test

How to Use Potable Aqua to Pass a Drug Test

How Do You Use Potable Aqua?

To use Potable Aqua, you have to drink treated water. First, you’ll need to combine iodine tablets with water, shake thoroughly, and allow the mixture to wait for 30 minutes.

Then, you’ll need to add 2 Potable Aqua tablets to the bottle. Wait twenty minutes before drinking. Once you’ve done that, your sample should be free of drugs.

How Long Is Potable Aqua Good?

Typically, Potable Aqua works quickly. Once it has stripped the drugs from your system, your system should remain clean until you use drugs again. Therefore, you may need to clean your system with Potable Aqua each time you take a drug test.

Are Water Purifying Chemicals Safe?

When these chemicals are used correctly, they are safe. They’re designed for human consumption so you don’t have to worry about these chemicals making you sick.

How Much Pee Is Enough For Drug Test?

Typically, you will need to provide a minimum of 30 mL of urine for the drug test. If you’re taking a US Department of Transportation drug test, you’ll need 45 mL.

You’ll have to fill the sample cup up until you cross the line. The administrator will give you more instructions for ensuring you get it right.

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