Does Apple Background Check?

Apple is one of America’s largest employers, with approximately 80,000 workers. Apple workers have a broad range of important roles, including construction, retail, design, marketing, customer support, manufacturing, software engineering, scientist, and hardware engineering. Since 1998, Apple has reported 1,500-percent job growth.

Apple launched its iMac computer in 1998. About three years later, the company launched its iPod and six years later, its iPhone. Since Apple’s iPhone launch in 2007, the company has reported 1.9 billion sales.

There are currently around 1 billion active consumers utilizing an Apple iPhone. When you consider these numbers, there are about 900 million iPhones not in use.

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Apple contributes to 2 million jobs across the nation and over 1.5 billion across the globe. While the company does not hire all these workers directly, its daily operations depend on the services and goods they provide.

Why Work At Apple?

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There are many benefits of working at Apply. Other than a good salary, employee benefits include employee stock purchase plan, health care insurance plans, dental & vision insurance plans, 401(k) retirement company contributions, onsite physicians (only available at Apple campuses), paid vacation time, employee discounts, paid time off, accidental death and dismemberment plans, life insurance plans, health savings account, and occupational accident insurance plans.

Apple employee benefit is up to 25 percent. Another perk of working at Apple is the family and friend discount. Workers’ family members and friends can qualify for a 15 percent discount on eligible products.

The company hires for both part- and full-time positions. Part-time is ideal for college students, high school seniors, full-time parents, and existing part-time workers.

If you are currently working part-time with another employer, you can apply for a part-time position with Apple. When you are ready to transition to full-time, you will only need to apply for an open full-time position.

Apple encourages its employees to stay healthy and fit. The company is adamant about ensuring its workers have access to health and fitness facilities. Some workers can qualify for a small fitness reimbursement program.

Apple Job Positions

Apple is constantly looking for new talent to add to its employee base. To determine if there is a position open in your area, visit the company’s official website. Click on the Careers at Apple link.

Here, you can search for a specific keyword or role. To narrow your search by adding a preferred location, team or department, language skill, and service or product.

The company is currently hiring for the following positions:

  • US-Operations Expert
  • US-Technical Specialist
  • US-Business Pro
  • US-Creative
  • Developer Publications Software Engineering Author
  • Runtime Engineer Technology Development Group “TDG”
  • Senior Optical Integration Engineer
  • Creative Pro
  • TFT Panel Design Engineer
  • Display Pipeline Engineer
  • Operations Support
  • Product Design Engineer (iPhone)
  • US-Manager
  • Global Security Customer Service & Safety Specialist

There is a broad range of other open positions for you to choose from. Visit the official website to learn more.

Are Qualifying Applicants Required To Undergo An Apple Background Check?

Yes, all Apple requires all qualifying job applicants to approve a background check to even be considered for employment.

Apple, like many American employers, believes pre-employment background checks play a major role in the hiring process. The data provided through the background check tells a lot about a job applicant.

Apple’s employment background check shows a broad range of data about the applicant.

The data pertains to the applicant’s criminal history, credit score, education level, special job training, professional medical license, specialist certification, driver’s license history, employment record, and credit history.

Apple recruiters compare the information provided by the applicant to the data collected through the background check.

The recruiter validates the applicant’s birthdate, social security number, credit score, college degree, high school diploma, special training, criminal conviction(s), and non-violent conviction.

If the applicant’s information is significantly different from the background report, this will draw a red flag. Apple recruiters understand small discrepancies are to be expected. However, moderate discrepancies mean something is not right.

Does Apple Hire Applicants With Felony Convictions?

Apple claims to be open to hiring qualifying applicants with a felony conviction. However, some felony convictions will disqualify an applicant from employment with Apple.

Child abuse, murder, money laundering, child pornography, sexual assault, drug manufacturing, and wire fraud are criminal convictions that could disqualify you from Apple employment.

Apply pre-employment background checks go back seven years. If you have any questions about the 7-year date, do not hesitate to contact an Apple recruiter.

Apple’s 7-year background check includes the past seven years. Criminal convictions that date back over seven years should not be factored into the hiring process.

Does Apple Run Pre-Employment Drug Tests?

The online information is conflicting. Some former and current employees at Apple claim to have been required to undergo a drug screen, while others say the exact opposite.

It is best to be prepared for both scenarios to rule out any potential surprises that could throw you off your game.

The only sure way to pass a pre-employment drug screen is to avoid prohibited drugs and alcohol for at least one month before the testing date.

Does Apple Take Part In The Ban The Box Movement?

Yes, Apple has joined the Ban the Box movement to protect against job discrimination related to criminal convictions.

Ban the Box is a federal regulation that prohibits American employers from inquiring about criminal convictions through employment applications.

If you have decided to apply for a position at Apple, you will be relieved to know there are no questions regarding criminal convictions.

With this said, if you qualify for a job at Apple, you will be required to divulge any past violent and non-violent criminal convictions.


Apple is an Equal Opportunity Employer to ensure fairness and equal opportunities for all jobseekers. Knowing the ins and outs of the company’s hiring process will help ensure you are fully prepared for whatever comes your way.

Always be honest, even if it means opening up about a criminal conviction. There is no criminal conviction that will instantly disqualify you from employment.

However, if you try to conceal the criminal conviction and Apple finds out, you will not get a job offer. Do not hesitate to contact an Apple recruiter if you have any questions about the hiring process. It is better to be safe than sorry later on down the road.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Does Apple Look For In Background Check?

Apple looks at the applicant’s credit score, education record, specialty job training, personal identifying information, criminal convictions, employment record, and driving record.

How Long Does Apple Background Check Take?

An Apple pre-employment background check can take a few hours or up to one month to complete. The process depends on when the recruiter requests the background check, the provider’s workload, and if there are any errors detected during the process.

The service provider is required by law to validate all criminal convictions with the US Federal Bureau of Investigation and state and local law enforcement agencies.

If the applicant has an extensive criminal history, there could be a delay in the time it takes for the pre-employment background check report to be returned to Apple.

What Would Fail A Background Check?

Some violent crimes, fraudulent job claims, low credit score, discrepancies in the education record, revoked driver’s license, and false specialty job training.

There is no specific information that will disqualify an applicant from employment at Apple. However, a major discrepancy could be the determining factor of whether you get a job offer.

What Do They Look For In A Background Check?

Apple is no different from other American employers when it comes to employment background checks. The company relies on background checks to validate if an applicant qualifies for employment.

The Apple background check covers the past seven years. It shows the applicant’s driver’s license record, criminal and educational history, job training, credit history, and employment history.

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