Does O Reilly’s Hire Felons?

Hiring felons might seem like it’s an obviously inconvenient decision, as some think it can compromise the work, risk issues down the line, and create an unsafe environment.

However, more and more companies and businesses are more forgiving when it comes to hiring felonies and have adopted policies where they give them chances.

On the one hand, one could understand why companies would be unwilling to hire someone with a tough criminal record, but on the other hand, people change and anyone can have untapped potential, not to mention that having stable work might deter a felon from committing another crime.

Do All Companies Hire Felons?

Unfortunately, no. More often than not, companies are averse to hiring felons out of professional fear. Big-name companies might be a bit more difficult in the interview process, however, a lot of companies do give second chances. In fact, some laws might prevent a company from discriminating against felons.

Usually, you’ll have to be quite convincing though, as the interview process becomes harder after they pop that question. Once you do prove that you’re good enough, especially if it wasn’t something major, you have a chance.

In fact, some movements against discriminating against felons have been put into effects such as the Fair Chance Business Pledge and the Ban the Box legislation, calling for the removal of criminal history questions from interviews.

One of the most sought-after industries that don’t require much experience and are not very hard to get into is the auto parts industry, especially an entry-level job for anyone starting out or trying to rehabilitate and start afresh.

Getting a job in auto parts requires communication skills, having good manners, and a clear mind, and all of these things can help an ex-felon be more productive and forget about the past.

One of the most popular and leading companies in the auto parts industry is O’Reilly. O’Reilly was founded in 1957 in Missouri and has since grown all across the United States, reaching over 5,000 locations and more than 70,000 employees, supplying all kinds of jobs all over the country.

O’Reilly provides employees with a good, fair salary, bonuses, insurance, and discounts. This makes O’Reilly a perfect place for staring out or getting someone’s life back together while lost in the job market.

Does O Reilly’s Hire Felons in [year]?

Does O Reilly's Hire Felons?

Well, there’s no simple one-size-fits-all answer. O’Reilly’s hiring process, like many companies, isn’t set in stone. Interviews and applicants can drastically impact the possibility of hiring.

When it comes to a multi-branch company like O’Reilly, results may vary according to the different branches.

If you find someone or a review telling you that O’Reilly doesn’t hire felons, and someone else saying they do hire felons, both of them might be right, depending on the branch and individual policies. 

Past O’Reilly Felons?

That begs the question, has O’Reilly hired felons in the past? Simply, yes. As we said, there is no official rule or policy from O’Reilly against the hiring of felons, it all depends on the branch, your skills, and your interview.

Despite this, the internal decisions of the company or any company are left up to them, as we don’t know just how the application and hiring process went.

In general, businesses might adjust exactly what they want and looking for in the interview room depending on the person, that includes policies. High-security jobs are less likely to hire felons, but something in auto parts like O’Reilly has a better chance.

O’Reilly Background Check

Like most companies, O’Reilly will do a background check on someone before they hire them. O’Reilly will check seven years of your background, usually taking one to two weeks to finish the check.

It also does a drug check and MVR check. Of course, with background checks, past criminal activity, as well as previous work details are revealed.

On the other hand, some companies are looking for felons and including them in some sort of felon hiring program, while giving them a second chance. Unfortunately, though, these programs are followed by only a small number of countries.

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What About The Felony Itself?

The felony might play a part in this process, as different departments might be unsuitable for the felony committed. For example, a DUI or drug-related felony might hinder your chances of becoming a driver.

Another example is physical or sexual abuse that would be highly looked down upon in a customer service position or any position that requires strong communication.

This is why if you have committed a felony, you need to reevaluate and see which felony wouldn’t work with which department and ultimately find the department that would be suitable for you. Again, it all comes down to the interview and whether or not they like you, so make them like you!

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Advice At Applying For O’Reilly

When applying to any company with a felony, it’s best to mention it right away to get the awkwardness done with.

Then, you prepare all your documents and begin revising what random question they might be thinking of. Once you’re qualified and have your CV, apply for the job personally or with them.

Once you find a vacancy, you can apply for that by sending your application and going to the interview well-prepared, and whether or not you’re accepted, the HR department will get in touch with you.

Now, because you’re trying to get on their good side and brush the felony away, you’ll want to be as knowledgeable as possible, especially if you have past experience in auto parts.

Showing professionalism, a good work ethic, and willingness to do whatever you need to do are good qualities to show in an interview, regardless of the past.

Whatever you do, don’t lie about the felony and make it seem like it isn’t a big deal, so they can see your strengths and how you could benefit them, instead of focusing on that felony. Nothing in the past lasts forever, and it definitely shouldn’t slow down your progress in the future.

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