How Long Does Section 8 Background Check Take in 2023?

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Securing a Section 8 housing voucher can be a lifeline for many individuals and families, offering much-needed assistance with housing costs. However, the path to approval often involves a critical checkpoint: the Section 8 background check. The duration of a Section 8 background check can vary, but it typically takes around 2 to 6 weeks … Read more

Can I Get Food Stamps While in Jail?

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“Can I get food stamps while in jail?” This is a pressing concern for many facing incarceration. But, delving into several factors can provide you with clarity on the subject. Whether or not you can get food stamps while in jail varies widely by facility and personal circumstances. This process involves factors such as facility … Read more

What Charges Can Stop You From Getting An Apartment?

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Did you know that nearly 80% of landlords conduct background checks on potential tenants? That’s right; most landlords want to ensure they rent their apartments to trustworthy individuals. Understanding what charges can stop you from getting an apartment is crucial to securing a place to call home. Several charges can stop you from getting an … Read more

Can I Add a Felon to My Lease? Understanding Rental Agreements

How often have you thought about the complexities of leasing agreements, especially when considering individuals with a criminal history? The specific question that may come to your mind is, “Can I add a felon to my lease?” You can add a felon to your lease, although certain conditions and stipulations might apply depending on the … Read more

Can Section 8 Find Out If You’re Working? Here’s How

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Navigating the rules of Section 8 housing can be tricky. A common worry is how employment affects eligibility and what the authorities can find out about one’s work status. Many are left pondering: can Section 8 find out if you’re working? If so, how? Section 8 can find out if you are working through their … Read more

Section 8 Rules On Getting Married To A Felon: Keep Your Benefits

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You may be wondering, ‘What happens to my Section 8 benefits if I get married to a felon?’ It’s a valid concern that many individuals in this situation face. However, it’s essential to understand the rules and regulations surrounding this issue before jumping to conclusions. Marrying a felon doesn’t automatically disqualify someone from Section 8, … Read more

Does Waste Management Do Background Checks? What to Expect

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Do you ever wonder if your past mistakes could come back to haunt you when applying for a job? Do you worry about passing a background test? Let us put your mind at ease! Waste Management, the leading provider of waste management services, understands that everyone deserves a second chance. Like many other employers, Waste … Read more

Can Felons Win the Lottery? Do They Qualify?

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You’ve done your share of prepping and hedging against uncertainties, and let’s be honest, the thought of winning the lottery has crossed your mind. But what if you have a felony conviction? Can felons win the lottery? Will you be able to cash in that golden ticket? The eligibility of felons to win the lottery … Read more

Which States Allow Felons to Practice Medicine?


A dream of practicing medicine is admirable, but what happens if your past includes a felony? Are there any states that allow felons to practice medicine? With varying state laws, this path can feel like navigating a maze. Let’s shed some light on this. Generally, states like New York, California, and Ohio often exhibit more … Read more

Does T-Mobile Drug Test For Employment? A Guide for Applicants

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Are you ready to join the T-Mobile family? Before you take that leap, knowing what to expect during the hiring process is important. One question that may be on your mind is whether or not T-Mobile drug tests for employment. We understand this can be a nerve-wracking topic, but we’re here to provide you with … Read more

How Often Do Police Officers Get Drug Tested? A Closer Look

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The frequency of drug testing for police officers varies depending on department policies. New recruits are typically tested upon hiring. Random tests occur periodically—ranging from annually to quarterly. Additional testing might happen with suspicion of drug use, critical incidents, or after medical leave. In this article, we will explore how often police officers get tested, … Read more

Does Tractor Supply Drug Test? What You Must Know

As a leading provider of rural lifestyle products, Tractor Supply is committed to the well-being of its team. If you are considering being a part of the company, you need to know everything about its procedure. Specifially, does Tractor Supply drug test? Tractor Supply Company doesn’t have a universal policy for drug testing all applicants … Read more