Unveiling the Truth about Drug Testing for Bank Tellers

do bank tellers get drug tested

Embark on a journey where financial aspirations meet ethical standards. As you consider a career as a bank teller, a burning question arises: Do bank tellers get drug tested? Bank tellers may undergo drug testing as part of stringent measures to maintain trust and security in the banking industry. However, not all bank implement drug … Read more

Demystifying Drug Testing Procedures in Nursing Home Orientation

do nursing homes drug test during orientation

From day one, nursing home administrators understand the gravity of maintaining a drug-free environment. This is why drug testing policies are put in place during orientation to weed out any potential risks that could compromise patient care. But do nursing homes drug test during orientation? What exactly does this process entail? And how should one … Read more

Can Background Checks Reveal Past Employers?

can background check reveal past employers

The professional world has increasingly recognized the importance of thorough vetting procedures, with background checks becoming a common practice among potential employers. The intent is not only to verify the candidate’s claims but also to gain insights into their character, integrity, and suitability for the job. But one question often raised in this context is, … Read more

Where To Check Background For Free | Guide & Tips

where to check background free

Background checks are a requirement in various circumstances, particularly for occupations with high-security needs. In cases involving felons, a background check is vital to determine a person’s criminal record and level of rehabilitation. Yet, even while there are paid online background check services that provide a detailed report, not everyone may have the resources to … Read more

Which Drug Test is Hardest To Pass? How Does It Work?

which drug test is hardest to pass

Drug testing may be a typical obstacle you must overcome if you have a history of substance abuse and are attempting to rebuild your life after receiving a felony sentence. For convicts, drug testing is often required; therefore, it’s crucial to understand which tests are the most challenging to pass. Among urine, blood, saliva, and … Read more

Is It Better to Refuse or Fail A Drug Test? Here’s How To Know

Is it better to refuse or fail a drug test

These days, drug use is becoming increasingly common. And as expected, drug testing has become more prevalent as well. With employers, schools, and even athletic organizations implementing such policies, individuals are faced with a difficult choice: should they refuse to take a drug test, or risk failing it and facing the consequences?  It is better … Read more

Can Drug Test Detect Pregnancy? Is It Accurate?

can drug test detect pregnancy

Imagine this – you’ve been feeling a little off lately, and a tiny voice inside your head whispers: “what if I’m pregnant?” While the idea may be thrilling, it can also be nerve-wracking, especially if you’re not quite ready for parenthood. But what if you could confirm your suspicions with a drug test?  Certain types … Read more

What Felonies Disqualify You From Getting A Job? List & Tips


In today’s society, having a criminal record can make it challenging to qualify for most jobs. While employers are not allowed to discriminate based on criminal history or past felony conviction, certain felonies can disqualify an individual from obtaining certain employment opportunities. Felonies that disqualify individuals from certain types of employment vary by state and … Read more

Which Drug Test Goes Back The Farthest? A Comparison

which drug test goes back the farthest

From pre-employment screening to legal cases and drug treatment programs, drug testing has become an integral part of our society. But with different testing methods available, how can you determine which one is the most effective and thorough? Which drug test goes back the farthest in terms of detection? Hair drug testing can detect drug … Read more

How Long Does A Felony Affect Employment?

How Long Does A Felony Affect Employment

Imagine finally finishing your prison sentence, eager to turn your life around and start anew. However, you quickly realize that the impact of your felony conviction extends far beyond the prison walls. Despite how hard you try, you still find yourself struggling to find employment due to your criminal record.  A felony conviction can affect … Read more

Does American Eagle Drug Test?


Does American Eagle Drug Test? American Eagle is one of the leading clothing retailers in the country. The company provides high-quality, fashionable clothes to people across the nation. Besides selling clothes, American Eagle Outfitters also offers personal care products, accessories, and more. It has gone through a transformation over the past few years, but American … Read more