Does Care com Background Check?

Does Care com Background Check? is a global network that provides a wide range of care services and connects families and caregivers.

As long as you’re looking for a caregiver to take care of your children or elderly relatives, you’ll have no problem finding one on the site of

Care com Background Check

Many individuals mistakenly believe that supports babysitters, but this is not the case. Even if you don’t need a babysitter, can help you find nannies and tutors to help with your child’s homework, or they can send somebody to help you do your grocery shopping.

Family members who feel they can benefit from the services of a caregiver might find out about their availability and costs by searching for caregivers online.

Families can advertise their caregiving requirements, whether they are long-term or one-time-only, on the website. In order to find a good match, they might get in touch with a local caretaker.

In addition to conducting a screening check on potential in-home caregivers, you can also use the website’s HomePay service to manage pay and tax documentation, making things even easier for you.

If you’re looking to make your life simpler and get some extra help during the week, is here to assist you in every way possible.

Utilizing their service is one thing; what about reliability? Does do stringent background checks of their employees? Let’s find out below!

Does Care com Do A Background Check?

Caregiver websites like make finding and hiring nannies, babysitters, and caregivers for the elderly a simple, no matter what your needs are. Isn’t it reasonable to expect a completely checked and verified nanny or babysitter to be assigned to your child?

We know how important it can be, and unsurprisingly knows as well. believes that background checks are an integral component of the recruiting process.

They use a unique program known as “CareCheck.” Routine Carecheck is conducted yearly for all carers as part of their background check.

Once an employee has passed all the background checks, they are handed a special CareCheck badge displayed on their profile. The badge signifies that their backgrounds are checked, and they are ready to provide needful services.

Why You Should Background Check Yourself

Why You Should Background Check Yourself

Background checks are critical to ensuring the safety and security of the interaction between your family and your potential caregiver.

Additionally, it provides you with peace of mind and a sense of security that the applicant you are considering is a beautiful fit for your family. You can never be too cautious.

Background checks reveal any flaws that may dissuade you from choosing certain carers. By sifting through caregivers’ data thoroughly, you might uncover any red flags that would make you or your family feel uneasy.

Read More: How to Background Check Yourself.

Why Is Care Com Making Me Get A Background Check? is one of the biggest caregiving platforms that provides all sorts of caregiving services. They follow a specific protocol to ensure everyone’s safety.

The protocol is made for every new and old employee, where they need to pass through a CareCheck program every year.

Carecheck is nothing but a background check provided by the company for a cost to ensure a healthy social environment.

If you take the background check, you are more likely to get hired. The CareCheck badge is a sign of trust, which allows people to hire these services with ease.

You won’t go to a dentist who has no credibility. Just for the same reason, people won’t hire a caregiver who didn’t go through any background check.

How Long Does A Background Check On Care.Com Take? uses its CareCheck program to screen new employees. On top of that, they do three types of background checks, each having its advantage. Both caregiver and care seeker can pay for this service to ensure their safety.

The three different background check plans are:

  • Criminal Records Check- This is the most basic background check that provides. This is a search of different electronic databases and some federal and county courthouse public documents, often encompassing the counties where the candidate is thought to have resided for the previous seven years based on the SSN and other information they provided before applying.

These documents are accessed electronically for the background check, and if there is a need for an offline check, they have a team for that as well.

The background check ignores any offenses committed before the subject attaining the age of 18. They will check for any criminal offense which can date back up to the last seven years.

This basic test can cost $59 or totally free if you hold a premium membership. The test can be conducted in a short span of one day.

  • Criminal Records Check + Motor Vehicle Record– This check covers everything from the previous check, plus a full motor vehicle check which includes their license, records, and any traffic violations if they are violated.

While this check does not often contain criminal records, it might give extra insight into a candidate’s behavior and judgment past. Washington, Pennsylvania, and Utah do not offer the Motor Vehicle Records Check.

Suppose a candidate was licensed in another state at the time of the occurrence. In that case, the incident will not appear on the report except if the jurisdiction that granted the license has a collaborative agreement with the state where the candidate resides. This check can cost up to $79. The test can take as long as one week to complete.

  • Investigative Criminal Plus Check– This check is their most expensive test, which you can avail of for $300. Since this is their top-tier background check, expect them to do a stringent background check. hire PFC Information Services to do this check. PFC’s highly qualified researchers, including licensed private investigators, perform this inquiry.

The Investigative criminal plus check involves PFC’s standard criminal background check, a search of your caregiver’s driving record in the state in which they are licensed, and extra checks to ensure that everything is safe and sound. Since it is a comprehensive background check, it can take up to 2 weeks to get any result.

How Do I Check My Background On Care.Com?

Once you have applied for a background check, you can check the results on the website itself. Log in to your account, go to the settings & privacy section from the drop-down menu, and there you can see the results of your background check in the section of the current report.

How To Cancel Care Com Background Check?

If you want to cancel your background check, you can do that by contacting customer support. Remember, you can only cancel a background check if you initiated it; if the background check were initiated from the client’s side, you wouldn’t be able to stop it.


Employers have long been concerned about their firms’ reputations.  Employers can protect their reputations by ensuring that their workplaces are safe and secure and well-trained personnel.

To ensure everyone’s safety, uses its CareCheck program to do strict background checks of its employees. Employees have to go through this screening program once every year.

Even though background checks can help identify possible red flags, they are not always reliable. We highly advise against using a background check as the only criterion for deciding whether or not to hire a certain candidate.

There is no replacement for performing comprehensive interviews, reference checks, and web and social media searches, acquiring a copy of the candidate’s identifying credentials, and undertaking continual surveillance of any individual you hire.

The only downside of’s services is that the service isn’t cheap. If you want to access any of the benefits or if you want to do a background check, you will probably have to go through several monetization options.

You most certainly won’t be able to access any benefits using the basic plan; they will try to force a membership down your throat. If you can splurge the cash, then you can avail the background checks or any other benefits that provides.

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