Child Protective Services Background Check

What does Child Protective Services Background Check look for? At some point, you may encounter your local Child Protective Services. It is a branch of the state’s social services that try to protect children.

They’re often involved in alleged cases of child neglect and abuse. If someone suspects a child is being abused, they should contact their local child protective services.

The agency will investigate the matter to find out what is going on. Regardless of the reason you encounter CPS, there is a risk that you’re going to be background-checked. Within this guide, you will learn more about the background check used by Child Protective Services.

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What Is CPS?

First, you should learn more about Child Protective Services. What are they? What does the agency do? As mentioned above, CPS is a branch of the state’s social services department.

It is the duty of your state’s CPS to investigate claims of child neglect and abuse. The agency assesses, investigates, and intervenes in cases of child neglect and abuse.

While it deals with physical abuse claims, it also handles sexual abuse allegations. While handling its responsibilities, CPS must follow federal and state laws.

In general, CPS receives a tip before it begins investigating the matter.

If you suspect a child is being abused, you can report the matter to your local CPS agency. Once you’ve done that, they will begin investigating the case.

What Does CPS Do?

Your local Child Protective Services performs a vital duty for society. When someone is accused of being abusive to a child, the matter needs to be investigated immediately. CPS is responsible for investigating the matter.

This branch of the social services department is responsible for assessing and investigating any claims of child abuse.

The agency is tasked with protecting children and young individuals from abuse and neglect. In general, it investigates claims of child abuse within a family environment.

If you suspect that a child in your area is being abused, it is wise to send a tip to your local CPS. Once you’ve done that, the agency will investigate the claim and act accordingly.

What Is The CPS Registry Background Check?

When investigating claims, CPS is going to check the history of the accused. It does this by running a CPS registry background check on the individual in question.

The registry contains information about child abusers and their offenses. When checking this registry, CPS will know whether someone has been convicted of child abuse in the past.

In general, the agency is going to check back five years. If you’ve been convicted of child abuse or neglect in the past five years, they will find out when performing this background check.

Things To Know about CPS

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You should learn as much as you can about CPS. For starters, it is vital to realize that the agency must investigate every report.

It is legally obligated to do so. Even if it is a false report, the agency must investigate it anyway.

There are certain exceptions to the rules, but most cases are going to be investigated. Another thing to note is that CPS can meet with any child without getting permission from the parents first.

Unfortunately, this can be unnerving, but CPS is doing its best to protect children. It does this to make sure that children are not being coached by their parents.

Remember that you do not have to let CPS into your home. You have rights, so you can defend yourself.

It is the duty of CPS to thoroughly investigate the matter. When doing so, it is going to ask a lot of questions. Be prepared to answer nosy questions that infringe on your privacy.

The agency cannot drug test you unless you give them permission to do so. In general, CPS does not want to take children from their parents.

Finally, remember that the agency offers access to many resources so they can likely help you deal with your current problem. Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance.

What Does CPS Check For In A Home?

Likely, you’re going to let a CPS agent into your home. Again, you don’t have to. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to invite them inside.

Letting them in proves that you have nothing to hide. When they enter your home, they’re going to start looking for certain things. For instance, they want to make sure that your home is clean and tidy.

They’ll check your home for trash, clutter, feces, and rotten food. It is pertinent to keep your home clean and tidy, so it will be a safe environment.

Another thing to note is that they’ll look for pest infestations. An infestation can hurt your chances.

The agency wants to make sure that children have access to essential utilities as well. Your child needs the necessities, including electricity and water.

If you are not providing these things, it could create problems with your local CPS.

How To Get A Job With CPS

Have you ever thought about working in this field? Doing so can be exciting and rewarding. However, it will be heartbreaking too.

As a Child Protective Service agent, you’re going to encounter a lot of terrible scenes.

The good news is that you can help. You’ll make a major difference for children and parents in your area. If you’re interested in becoming a CPS agent, you need to start by applying for a job.

First, it is wise to write a resume. When doing so, be sure to highlight your strengths and weaknesses. Make sure that the agency knows why you’ll be a good candidate for the job.

Apply for several jobs around your area. CPS regularly hires, so you shouldn’t have any difficulty finding available positions.

Unfortunately, you likely won’t get the first job you apply for. Don’t let this hold you back.

It is pertinent to continue working hard to achieve your goals. Once you’ve been denied one job, you should apply for another.

If you’re persistent, you’ll eventually land a job with your local CPS. When trying to get a job with CPS, you’ll have to complete background checks and drug tests.

The agency aims to hire the best workers. Therefore, you need to pass both. If you don’t, you won’t get the job.

Finally, you must remember that you’re going to need a degree. If you want to work for CPS, you’ll need a degree in social work. In general, it is best to have a bachelor’s degree in social work.

Alternatively, you can have a degree in a related field, such as psychology or counseling. You can also get a master’s degree.

Initiating An Investigation

Before CPS can begin investigating a claim, it needs to receive tips. Someone can anonymously submit a tip and initiate an investigation.

Once CPS has received the tip, they will begin investigating the matter. If you’re worried that a child in your neighborhood is being abused, submit a tip to your local hotline.

In some cases, a mandatory reporter will initiate the investigation. Once it has been initiated, the caseworker will have 30 days to complete the investigation.

They can also get an extension when necessary. Either way, you can expect the investigation to conclude in 30 days.

How It Works

Now, you’ll want to find out how the investigation process works. First, the caseworker is going to visit the home and talk to everyone involved.

They’ll interview the accused, family members, and the alleged victim. They usually want to interview the child alone.

They’ll also conduct an examination of the victim. When doing so, they’ll check for bruises, cuts, and other signs of abuse.

The caseworker must explain the allegations to the accused within 24 hours of conducting the interviews.

They’ll interview the accused to find out what is going on. Once they’ve completed these steps, they’ll compile a report and submit it to the agency. Be prepared to go through the CPS background check process too.


Child Protective Services will indeed run background checks on individuals it is investigating. Furthermore, it will run background checks on its newest workers.

Therefore, it is pertinent to make sure that you’re going to pass the check.

If you’ve been convicted of serious crimes, it could hurt your chances. The agency is responsible for protecting children, and it’ll do everything it can to achieve this goal.

Part of the process involves running background checks on the people it investigates.

FAQs on Child Protective Services Background Check

What Does CPS Look For In An Investigation?

Once CPS has received a tip, it will initiate an investigation. When doing so, it is going to investigate the matter that was reported. In addition to this, the agency may encounter other issues.

When investigating a child abuse case, it may find evidence that the child was abuse by someone. Ultimately, they will investigate both. Either way, CPS investigates claims of child abuse and neglect.

What Does CPS Look For In A Background Check?

If you’re trying to get a job with your local CPS, you’ll need to pass a background check. Remember that the agency relies on its employees to investigate claims of child abuse.

Therefore, it is going to focus on hiring the best and most trustworthy workers.

To avoid problems, it will not hire people who’ve been convicted of violent, felon crimes. Furthermore, it won’t hire people who’ve been convicted of child-related offenses.

How Far Back Does A CPS Background Check Go?

If you’re being investigated for child abuse, you’re going to be background checked by CPS. In general, the agency will run a background check in the child abuse registry for your state.

When doing so, it will check back five years for potential problems. In addition to this, background checks are going to be run on any other adult living in the home.

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