Does American Eagle Drug Test?

Does American Eagle Drug Test? American Eagle is one of the leading clothing retailers in the country. The company provides high-quality, fashionable clothes to people across the nation.

Besides selling clothes, American Eagle Outfitters also offers personal care products, accessories, and more. It has gone through a transformation over the past few years, but American Eagle is still going strong.

Are you looking for a job? Do you like clothes and fashion? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, you should try getting a job at your local American Eagle store.

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Below, you’ll learn more about getting a job at American Eagle and handling the inevitable drug test.

Does American Eagle Drug Test in [year]? (Getting Ready For Possible Testing)


Are you ready to get a job at an American Eagle store? You should prepare for a possible drug test. Does the company drug test?

Ultimately, American Eagle will indeed drug test workers. However, it is much different than just being drug tested during the pre-employment drug test.

Typically, American Eagle doesn’t use pre-employment drug tests.

Instead, workers may be drug tested at other times. While the risk is slim, it is still a good idea to know when you’re going to be drug tested while working at American Eagle.

American Eagle Jobs & Benefits

American Eagle is an outstanding employer with many job opportunities. By using Google and the official American Eagle website, you can easily find jobs with the company. They’re plentiful.

Just remember that it is going to take some effort to get a job with American Eagle. Thankfully, passing a drug test won’t be a problem, but you will be background-checked.

Some common jobs at American Eagle include merchandise leader, brand ambassador, and merchandise planner. You can apply for positions by checking the American Eagle Outfitters Careers website.

Employees of American Eagle will receive access to numerous perks. Some of the most notable benefits include health insurance, life insurance, vision insurance, and dental insurance.

You can also get paid time off and a 401k retirement plan. Long-term disability insurance may also be available.

Does American Eagle Use Pre-Employment Drug Tests?

Are you going to have to take a pre-employment drug test before you can get a job at American Eagle?

In general, most workers will not be required to take a pre-employment drug test, but it depends on the type of job you’re trying to get.

Managers may have to get a drug test. If you’re obtaining an entry-level job, you shouldn’t have to worry about it too much. Entry-level positions likely won’t be drug tested before they’re hired.

There is always a risk that your store will be different. Therefore, you shouldn’t ignore the possibility that you’re going to be drug tested first. It usually doesn’t happen, but it always could.

Does American Eagle Randomly Drug Test?

Once you’ve obtained a job at American Eagle, you’ll have to worry about getting drug tested. The company has the right to randomly drug test its workers.

Regardless, you’ll find that the company doesn’t conduct random drug tests often.

It is rare for workers to be randomly drug tested at American Eagle unless the company suspects someone is high or drunk at work. It is still a good idea to put this in the back of your head.

Don’t ignore the threat because it could cause you to lose your job.

When Will American Eagle Drug Test Workers?


American Eagle is going to drug test its workers. However, this usually only happens in specific circumstances. For instance, workers are going to be drug tested once they’ve been injured on the job.

Remember that your employer is responsible for your medical bills when you get hurt at work. The company has to cover the costs.

Still, the company always has a way to avoid being responsible. They are going to do this by drug testing injured workers.

If you get hurt at work, you can expect to be drug tested. American Eagle wants to make sure that you weren’t high when you got hurt.

If you fail the drug test, American Eagle likely won’t have to pay for your medical bills. When you get hurt at work, you need to prepare for an upcoming drug test.

What Type Of Drug Test Is Used By American Eagle?

Although you’re likely not going to have to take a pre-employment drug test, you may be tested after that. It happens usually when someone is injured. What type of drug test is American Eagle going to use?

Ultimately, it is hard to know. There is no specific policy, but there is a good chance that it’ll be a urine drug test. Most companies use urine drug tests because they’re effective, convenient, and affordable.

Saliva tests are also regularly used by other clothing retailers. However, you’ll likely have to take a urine drug test.

Urine drug tests can detect a handful of drugs, including marijuana, cocaine, opiates, and more.

To complete a urine drug test, you’ll have to urinate in a cup. You must fill the cup up to the line and give it back to the nurse in charge.

After that, you’ll need to wait for the results. The laboratory will receive the sample in a day or so and American Eagle will get the results in a few days.

In some cases, it can take up to seven business days to get your results.

Can You Fail The Test Due To Prescription Medications?

Do you take prescription medications? If so, you must remember that these drugs are going to show up on your drug test. Some of them will anyway. Therefore, this is likely something that is going to worry you.

While you can technically fail a drug test due to prescription medications, it likely won’t be held against you.

After all, you have proof that you were told to use these medications by a licensed medical professional. To avoid problems, it is wise to tell the company about your prescription ahead of time.

If you show them your prescriptions and give them information about your doctor, it’ll be okay. They can’t hold this against you because you have a valid prescription for the medications.


Individuals trying to get jobs at American Eagle likely won’t be drug tested immediately. The company usually doesn’t do pre-employment drug tests.

However, you may encounter drug tests are other points. For instance, you could be drug tested when you get hurt on the job.

Once you’ve got the job, you could be drug tested if a manager suspects something, or you’ve been injured on the job.

You don’t want to lose your job over this. Stay clean to ensure that you don’t experience any issues in the future.

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