Does KFC Drug Test

Does KFC Drug Test for Pre-employment?

KFC is one of the most beloved restaurants all over the world, especially in the US. They have a wide variety of positions that you would be able to apply for and you need to know some of the main questions, including do they do drug tests?

There is a long and a short answer, so ensure that you are prepared for this and that you know what will happen if you pass or even if you fail, but more often than not they might not even be worried about the results.

Does KFC Drug Test?

Does KFC Drug Test

Like other fast-food restaurants, KFC has the opportunity to drug test you, but that doesn’t mean that they will before they hire you.

If you are applying for a standard position as a food server, cashier, or any other of these basic positions, then most likely you aren’t going to have to have a drug test.

However, if you are interested in the management positions, then the likelihood of having to get this done is much higher, so ensure that you are prepared for this.

If they do like you to go for a drug test, then most likely they are going to be hiring or outsourcing this work to another company to handle.

This is because they don’t have the facilities for it at the restaurant and the results would be trusted by these companies. They will make you aware of where the facility is and when you are required to go for the test if they are going to test you.

Process to Apply

One of the things that you need to know about is how you can get hired and the easiest way to is to go into the store and fill out an application.

They will be able to tell you what positions are open and what timings they are looking to hire for. This is important to know since you want to make a good impression on the company and the managers when you head into the store to fill everything out.

There is a lot that you would need to bring with you when it comes to working for them, including your food handlers permit and your social security card.

These will help them to know that you have taken the required class to handle food and that you are eligible to work in the US. Make sure that you are finding out what positions you are eligible for and which one would fit your needs the best.

Career Options

There are a few different positions that you can apply for when you are hoping to work for KFC, such as:

  • Cook
  • Customer service
  • Shift supervisor
  • Assistant manager
  • Restaurant or general manager

Think about which position fits your needs, including your experience level, your career goals, and even what you are going to be eligible for so you can decide which one to apply for.

Responsibilities and Duties

do kfc drug test you

There are plenty of responsibilities that you would have when you are working at a restaurant, especially when you are in the management levels. Some of the main responsibilities include:

  • Cook team member
    • Cooking the chicken to the highest standards possible
    • Management of products and food items needed
    • Ensuring the guest has the best possible experience at your restaurant
  • Customer service
    • Taking the orders for the guests without mistakes
    • Preparing and serving orders as quickly as possible
  • Shift supervisor
    • Maintenance of guest experience and team-based results
    • Supporting the general and assistant managers with all of their goals for the restaurant and the team
    • Effectively communicate business updates, promotions, and goals
    • Give the customers the best experience they can have
    • Create a positive environment for the customers and employees
  • Assistant manager
    • Work with the restaurant manager to reach all goals and attain success
    • Ensuring the guests have a great experience, including fresh and hot meals, clean restaurant, and friendly interactions with employees
    • Growing and mentoring the team through hiring and training
  • Restaurant manager
    • Mentoring and growing the group of employees
    • Ensure customers have the best experience possible
    • Maintaining food and safety requirements and standards

Make sure that you are aware of these various responsibilities before you start to apply for the positions so that you can decide which one you want and which one would work the best for your needs.

Pay Rate and Benefits

There are many different pay rates for all of the positions in the company and you should be aware of how much they pay.

The fast-food attendant, which is a cashier or someone who prepares or handles food in any manner would make around $8 to $12 or less based on the minimum wage.

However, if you are looking to become a manager, then the payment can be around $57,000 per year based on your experience levels and where you are working.

There are also some main benefits that you need to be aware of that you can get when you work for them, including:

  • Health and dental insurance
  • 401K plans
  • Annual bonuses

These are only a few of the most common benefits and you should ensure that you are asking about what else they offer when you are talking about your salary and much more.

These can help you to decide if this is the right company for your future goals and to become a successful manager and employee.

Think about if KFC is going to be the place for you if you are looking to start out your career or even make a few extra dollars for spending.

This is one of the best places to work where you might have to take a drug test, but it is based on the decision of the management of each establishment.

Go ahead and ensure that you know about the benefits you can get along with the salary and even the responsibilities and duties of each position.

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