Legal Self Defense Weapons For Felons

Legal Self Defense Weapons For Felons

What Legal Self Defense Weapons For Felons is available? Legal defense is a hot topic in America with many different individuals weighing in with many different opinions about what is appropriate and what is not.

At the moment, in some states, a person has the right to defend their home with potentially lethal force using (should the need arise) a firearm.

Legal Self Defense Weapons For Felons

However, felons are not legally allowed to possess or use firearms on the threat of re-incarceration. How could a felon who is barred by law from owning a firearm protect his home like any other American?

Although being convicted of a felony does take away certain rights from an individual, in these trying times, is it just that a felon is unable to defend him or herself in the same way as any other American citizen?

Or rather, is that the case? How can felons defend themselves in their homes and how can a felon prepare to ensure the safety of themselves and their loved ones?

Restrictions for self-defense

As previously mentioned, felons cannot own firearms or ammunition for a firearm. If they were to be found guilty of possessing or using a firearm, they could face more jail time (between an additional one to three years, potentially), so this is a serious matter.

Firstly, however, let’s define our terms: what is a firearm?

A firearm is a weapon that discharges a projectile through the use of an explosion, like a modern handgun or modern rifle.

State stipulations as to what counts as a firearm do change slightly from state to state, so be sure to check your local legislature before enacting any advice found in this article.

However, we understand now the broadest definition of a firearm and what is likely to place a felon in danger of gaining further jail time should they acquire one.

Standard solutions for personal defense

It is important to remember that all felons are also all citizens who can approach an issue in the same way as any other citizen who has decided that they do not wish to obtain a firearm in order to protect their home.

These simple and legally sound methods for protecting your home include affixing an extra lock or deadbolt to any outward-facing doors and getting a reliable and effective security alarm installed in the house.

These are methods that most citizens would use to protect their homes and allow them to rely on and sometimes automatically contact local law enforcement in times where there is a need for them.

If this does not make you feel safe alone, however, read on as we discuss weapons that are not considered firearms but do offer some level of protection.

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Alternative protection

At this point, it is important to state again that possession or use of a firearm when you have a felony charge on your criminal record is itself a crime that could see additional jail time, even if you were not convicted of a gun-related crime.

This extends to anyone who resides in your house as well – if you live in a house that keeps firearms, you are in danger of being spent back in prison. Regardless, if you wish to obtain an offensive weapon to protect your home, here are some suggestions.

A knife with a blade no longer than four inches is perfectly legal to own as a felon, even as a weapon of self-defense.

It can be said that any weapon which can be considered a “melee weapon” can be technically owned by a felon, especially with the purpose of defending a house.

Additionally, you can obtain a simple bow, a compound bow, or a crossbow; although these weapons are primarily for hunting, the crossbow, in particular, could be used for the defense of your home as well.

Although they are unwieldy and could be problematic in a situation that could be for home defense, in most states, they are legal for felons to own.

Check this against your local legislation, however, as, for example, in Idaho, it is illegal for a felon to own any weapon which propels a shot or projectile by a force such as firearms or by mechanical means – this includes compound bows and crossbows.

Also getting proper licensing where it is legal to own a bow should be a relatively straightforward process, but important for justifying your possession of such a weapon.

In a similar vein, owning pellet guns and (possible) “muzzleloader” weapons may also be possible, however understandably this could lead to misunderstanding with local law enforcement.

Be sure that you legally possess anything which could be construed as a dangerous weapon, especially if it bears resemblance to a firearm, and always follow the guidelines that have been published in your local area for felons.

Necessity Defense

An exception to the firearm ban without searching for a restoration of your firearm rights is to gain an exception through the “affirmative defense of necessity”.

These are exceedingly rare exceptions, so do not plan to be granted your rights back on these conditions without very good reason, but there are a number of conditions that can grant someone the legal use of a firearm. They are:

  • Reasonable fear of death or serious injury
  • No reckless placement of themselves in the path of that threat
  • No reasonable alternative to firearm possession
  • Reasonable belief that possession would avert the threat
  • Maintain possession only as long as necessary to avoid the threat

These are 5 specific rules that must be fulfilled to justify a felon who does not have the right to bear arms. All 5 rules must be fulfilled to the letter or there is a chance that the individual will face prosecution, no matter how legitimate the reasons were for all other conditions that were met.

There have been cases going through the courts where a felon has ended up serving additional time due to the fact that only 4 conditions were met and they then “held onto the weapon for longer than was necessary”.

Obviously, this is not a long-term plan for gaining back firearm rights, but in a pinch, this can be good to be aware of.

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How to restore firearms rights

How to restore firearms rights

To restore full firearms rights to a felon, a number of things can be done. The most straightforward (in the grand scheme of things) method for gaining rights back is to apply for the restoring firearms rights appeal.

The rules for this process largely depend on which state you received the felony charge in, so investigate this in more detail to find out the specific stipulations that relate to your case.

If you received a federal felony charge, there is an application procedure that can be followed through the federal government.

Seek legal aid before proceeding with either of these methods in order to improve your chances of succeeding in winning your rights back.

Receiving a pardon

Another option is searching for a pardon – again, this is largely dependent on which state you are applying in and what the crime you committed was, but you must show that you have paid your debt to society and have made the appropriate steps to show you have a good character that is moral and benefits society.

If a pardon is granted, it is as if the criminal record has been forgiven, the sentence is ended (should it still be being served), and the restrictions that are imposed on the individual are removed.

This does not mean that the conviction never happened, however, so it would still appear on a background check for a job, but it does mean that you are now no longer barred from owning or using a firearm.

This needs legal support as it can be a long and difficult process to prove that you have paid your debt to society. At the very least, a minimum of 5 years must have passed since the crime was committed and it may require specifications such as employment or attending a re-entry program, but it is possible. 

Expunging your crime

Expunging your crime

The most effective way to restore your firearm rights is to apply to have your crime expunged from the record. Not only will this allow you to own and use firearms again, but the conviction will be removed from your criminal record and you will be able to stop declaring that you were convicted of a felony when applying for jobs without fear of committing fraud.

This can be, yet again, a drawn-out process that does require legal aid most of the time, but it will be the best course of action to take in order to protect your home and allow you to rebuild your life.

This course of action again requires you to show that you have repaid your debt to society and that you are a functioning member of society with a good moral character.

This is difficult to prove, so be prepared to show your employment history, any course or education that you undertook after leaving jail, and how you have reformed so that you will not re-offend. If you can do this, you have a good chance at expunging your felony conviction and gaining back your right to bear arms.

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  1. You know the Constitution and the second amendment do not allow anyone under the color of law to deprive you of your rights, there is no reason that someone who is convicted of a crime cannot enjoy their full Creator given rights. Second amendment shall not infringe. No gun laws no restrictions are legal they are null and void. The government only has power because you give it to them.

    • Exactly, I only take orders from God, and sometimes my wife. As long as the felon is not out hurting people, they can do wth ever they want. Life, Liberty, pursuit to happiness. Eff big bro, they eff you really hard. Not you, I mean everyone.

    • there is no such thing as a constitutional “exception” to a bill of rights.. that’s some nonsense. the consitution is the trumping document in all cases. its possible it was interpreted wrong, and ignored or even that a corrupt justice confirmed some unconstitutional nonsense because that has happened.. but wonder why? I wonder if it could have anything to do with whistleblowers claims that justice adopted children from Epstein.

      as in bribed supreme court justices do not make a constitutional law, just a constitutional crisis. and yes my claim is absolutely true.. lin wood released a video of said whistleblower, the world famous attorney. find it on bitchute if you must.

  2. I would say.. constitutional wise. say you commit a felony and are convicted.. if you serve in jail of course you cant have a gun duhhhh.

    what if youre on probation? well then during that probation while you SHOULD be in jail.. but youre not because youre on probation instead then yeah, no gun.. i mean if you dont like it dont agree to the probation and go to jail.. still no gun..

    but what about after your probation? }

    ….shall not be infringed. PERIOD. you should be allowed to own a tank, a bazooka, a fully automatic, a semi auto… etc.. assault rifle, maybe not like a WMD…

    but anything someone could attack you with including your own or another government.. then you should be considered cool to defend yourself against. tank? tank!!! etc..

    SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED! that’s pretty clear language as if they knew there would be this problem….

  3. Shall not be infringed means shall not be infringed. Government wants everyone scared mentally by threatening jail or prison time, therefore making you believe that you no longer have the right to bear arms, it’s all about full control, haven’t you seen all the tyranny by now? Do you lose your first amendment for being a felon? So why should lose any, if you are out on the streets. SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED! It don’t say anywhere in the second amendment that a felon cannot bear arms, or a white, or black or Asian or Hispanic, or women etc. otherwise that would be considered discrimination! Big ass lawsuit. Nevertheless, as long as the felon is not out hurting anyone, they can bear arms all the want, not all felons are criminals, many felons has been wrongfully convicted, and some felons has families and are blue collars, so their families have to pay a price, all because the government can’t get their shit right? EVERYONE has the right to bear arms.

    • It makes me really happy to read your comment among others.I am a felon that has not been in the legal system for over 15 years.I admit when I was younger I did some stupid things and those things are now sealed.However, the last charge I got 7 years later after the stupid ones was unexpected as it was self defense.Its been 15 years now since finishing my parole on that charge.But the state I caught this charge in will not seal any felonies considered violent and it is the only one I got now.I was hoping a possibility existed so maybe I can get a handgun to protect myself while hiking doing overnights. But obviously if something happens I will just be the next statistic. I will be sure to leave a note on myself saying “Here lies a big bad felon that could not defend himself”.This isn’t just about guns but also other things such as I am in my late 40’s and I have heard in many places that if I get older and need help that even an old folks home would not even accept me.I am a high believer that the system in general tends to hold back many and most of those that put the system on a pedestal are only making things worse.I actually live as a hermit no friends,no relationships because having those are what got me into trouble in the first place.Just because I am a felon does not mean I am a bad person trying to murder innocent people and I should have the right to prove that after 15 years.

    • Yes, if only people would unite and stand up against this unbridled corruption. It disgusts me down to my soul that this Mafia, called our government, can operate unchecked. The mind manipulation that goes on to keep people in fear and distracted is evil. I fear for our children’s future because all I see is things getting worse.

  4. Any power hungry government that doesn’t allow single women that live alone or mothers of our children to defend themselves because they got a petty felony is one that only encourages rape and murder. There were two reasons for mass incarceration in this country, and that was to take our guns and the other was so they could get rich. Unfortunately there’s a lot of blind and ignorance in our country. They are the ones that trust and believe the government when they tell them something is good for them. So know this if they tell you something’s good for you you better put your hand over your a-hole because they’re going to f you.. so actually the govt is no better than the rapist and murders that stalk and prey on women that can’t protect a chance of doing a little jail time vs.getting raped,beaten or worse because you” obeyed”.

  5. I was a lifelong sheepdog until a domestic violence conviction. Lost 2 careers, wife, house, blah, blah. Paid my dues, got some military contracts ( needed a morality waiver for a clearance ), retired and rescue animals as a hobby. Legally, I can’t have a single shot .22 rifle. I live in the country and can’t depend on government for anything.

    With my background, I’m the guy you WANT with a firearm in the event of a violent incident. Thousands of hours of training. But I’m supposed to depend on an accountant who took a two hour course at a gun show and has NEVER fired a weapon.

    I am left of center politically, mostly for social justice issues, but in this country, with our population, trying to disarm the citizenry would be the end of America. Can’t unring that bell. I often wish we could.

    Once a sheepdog, always a sheepdog.

    Am I armed? NOYFB

    • When trying to prove my innocence the government and the system twisted my words in court and scared me into signing my rights away. Not being familiar with how it works I ended screwing myself over because I had a public defender who worked for the system and against me. I had no say and no choice on what I got to do but accept 2 felonies and 1.8 million dollars restitution for a crime I didn’t commit just so they wouldn’t screw me over with time that I have “free”. Now I cant do most things including of owning a firearm. If we were to ban together and go against the government we could create a new land. A free country without a corrupt system. But any hearsay of people doing that the government would just find us and kill, or silence us. Out of all countries this is not the land of the free. It’s the land of the hidden enslavement who the “leaders” are just greedy politicians and officials who want money, power, and control of the people. If I could help make a difference in the country by taking down the corrupt and evil people who control the land then I would gladly lay my life down for that cause. The government is only powerful if you give them the power to do so

  6. I have a few things to say. I have a class C felony, and a misdemeanor domestic violence, both of these are 20 plus years ago. I have not had any problems with the police or courts since then. That stupid law about felons can’t have firearms (federal) has been on the books since the early 1930’s. When they were dealing with all kinds of rampant crime, such as Al Capone, and all of that. Maybe that law needs to be changed. For example, why can’t a felon possess firearms (within) his own home? Then years later, they come up another “Addendum” (They change things when and how they want) Now having a misdemeanor domestic violence, and you are really screwed. However, I had committed my DV charge, BEFORE that law ever came about. Why should I be subject to it, when I did not commit the offense, AFTER that law came into being? They should not be able to tag you, unless you were convicted of Domestic Violence (after) the law came into being?

    I have not had ANY problems in over 20 years. But none of this matters. As far as all the stupid people who voted for this B.S. including the Courts, Felon, or Misdemeanor DV and you not only cannot EVER have firearms, now I’m hearing more and more that you cannot have ANYTHING that is classified as a dangerous weapon, including but not limited to; Pepper Spray, Stun Guns, BB Guns, Pellet Guns, Crossbows, Blowguns, Wrist Rocket Sling Shots. This is absolute nonsense. After ten or twenty years, you should automatically be free and clear. I did my time, AND completed my expensive Domestic Violence Counseling (Four times a month for one year) I considered a Non-Lethal “Byrna” type pistol, or an “Umbrex” HDR50 CO2 home defense revolver. If I can’t have one of those either, Too bad, I’m not going to be absolutely defenseless.

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