Does Macy’s background check?

Background check is one of the crucial steps practiced during hiring by most organizations. Before most organizations officially welcome you to their organization, they usually run a background check.

Luckily some organizations run background checks on potential employees and still give them a job regardless of if they are a felon.

Every employer needs to create a safe work environment for their employees and client. This is why a background check is carried out.

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Macy’s is one of the largest department store chains in the United States of America. This departmental store chain was first opened in 1858. Macy’s focuses on selling various home goods and merchandise.

Due to their reputation and services offered, Macy’s hires honest and hardworking individuals from different walks of life.

Like every other organization, Macy’s understands the need to carry out a background check on your employees.

As an employer, it is important to know what kind of person you’re bringing into your organization to serve your clients. This is because employee conduct has a way of reflecting on the company/brand they work for.

This is why any Macy’s job offer comes along with a necessary background check. Macy’s job offer also comes with required drug testing as well as work history verification.

Employees-to-be have to undergo a background check, this is when Macy’s checks for any felony conviction during the past seven years.

FAQs on Macy’s background check

What does Macy’s background check look for?

Macy’s background check comes after an offer has been presented to the company’s interview candidates. All new hires have to go through this process to finalize their employment.

Macy’s has the right to withdraw their offer to a new hire depending on their findings from the background check.

For instance, if you’re offered a position in the cashier department, and you have a felony history of theft. Macy’s would not employ you because you have a criminal history related to the job at hand.

So what does Macy’s background check look for?

  • Macy’s check for a felony conviction in the past seven years. They don’t consider any conviction that happened 8 years ago. This is because the chances of someone who committed a crime 8 years ago, committing another crime is the same as of any other person.
  • Next, Macy checks for the severity of the crime committed. Violent crimes as well as sexual crimes will most likely prevent you from getting a job at Macy’s. They also consider the timeline within which the crime took place.
  • Macy’s check the exact nature of the criminal activity carried out. Was it a one-time offense or was it a big criminal offense that can’t be overlooked? One-time offenders are more likely to be hired than repeat offenders so long as the one-time offense was not a big criminal offense. All this information was reexamined during the background check.
  • Apart from looking at the criminal history of a potential employee, a background check also considers educational record, employment history, driving record, credit reports, etc.
  • This background check takes approximately one week to complete.

Is Macy’s felon-friendly?

Getting your life on track after being convicted can be quite a difficult task. This is because most of the time organizations are reluctant to hire anyone who’s been convicted as a felon.

Yes, Macy’s is felon-friendly. So if you’re looking to get your life back on track then Macy’s is a good option.

Macy’s has a history of hiring employees with felony records. Although there might be differences in the policy depending on the store. But as an organization in general, Macy’s has no problem with hiring felons.

Although the severity of the crime committed, the amount of times crimes were committed, how long it has been since you committed the crime as a say in determining if you will be accepted by Macy’s.

Other factors that will be considered before you’re employed at Macy’s include your work history, your entire education history as well as the position you’re applying for.

So as a felon, you can apply at Macy’s and luckily if everything goes well you’ll be hired.

You can also try confirming what Macy’s will see when they carry out a background check on you. Just to be certain before you apply for a job at Macy’s.

What shows up on a pre-employment background check?

This depends on the specific information that the organization requires from its employees.

Primarily a background check shows a person’s criminal history, former employment verifications, education, and references check.

There are various types of background checks that an employee can run on interview candidates. It all depends on the industry, the type of job, and any other specific information that the employer would like to know.

Types of Background Check

Employment Verification: This type of background check confirms a candidate’s previous employment. It is used to check if an applicant has the place they specified.

It also confirms how long they were hired, their salary, their reasons for leaving, and if the candidate can be hired.

Education Verification: This type of background check cross-checks a candidate’s education history to ensure that a candidate isn’t lying about getting a high school or college degree.

It also confirms that a candidate has certain certifications that they claim to have.

Social Security Number Trace: Social Security Number trace discloses information such as where a candidate has lived, worked, etc. It also indicates if there are any aliases that can be connected to the candidate.

This alias can prove to be useful when carrying out a check for a criminal record. A Social Security number trace also shows various places a candidate worked that weren’t included in their resume.

Credit Check: This reveals information about a candidate’s finances. It shows student loan debt, loans in default, and late payments if there are any. It also includes personal information and name change if there are any.

A credit check is usually carried out for candidates who are applying for a financial position. This is because a credit check reveals your financial judgment and shows if you’re suitable for the position you’re applying for.

A person whose finances are a mess can’t be employed to manage a company’s finances.

Criminal Records: When it comes to criminal records there are various types of criminal records check that can be carried out by an employer. They include:

  • National Criminal Records Database Check: The National Criminal Records Database (NCRD) contains millions of records. When searched, it reveals if a candidate has committed a crime outside of the state where they live/work.
  • Statewide Criminal Records Search: This type of criminal record check goes through data from courts, law enforcement agencies, correctional agencies. It then uncovers if the candidate has committed any felony or misdemeanor.
  • FBI Fingerprint Database: What a fingerprint background check does is that it runs a check to see if any Criminal History Record Information can be found.

It also reveals other information such as records of federal employment, military service records, etc.

There is various industry that is safety-sensitive and is required by law to carry out a fingerprint background check. Industries such as health, finance, childcare, etc.

Driving Records Check: This record check shows a candidate history. It also includes accidents they’ve been in, violations they’ve carried out, convictions as well as any other disciplinary action.

What is usually checked on a background check?

It is quite difficult to specify exactly everything that will be checked on by an organization whenever they perform a background check.

This is major because it all depends on the employer and the industry you’re venturing into.

It also depends on the kind of job you’re applying for. If you’re applying for a job in the financial industry then you can expect a Credit Check to be performed.

Even if you’re not applying to work in the finance industry but your job would require you to handle finances and cash, a Credit Check will be carried out.

Also, if you’re applying to drive a company’s vehicle, then you can expect a Driving Records Check.

Some industries such as health, finance, childcare are required by law to perform a fingerprint background check, so they can check for criminal records.

But all background checks usually include:

  • Criminal Records Check
  • Employment Verification
  • Education Verification, etc.


Macy’s employment verification usually involves a background check. Although, Macy’s background check doesn’t necessarily rule you out because you’re a felon.

Macy’s is felony friendly so long as you’re honest, trustworthy, and can do the job you applied for.

If you’re worried about a background check costing you a job, you should confirm that whatever organization you’re applying to is felony-friendly.

Check the organization’s specifications for hiring felonies and confirm if there’s a possibility of you being hired before you apply.

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