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Does Amazon Do Background Checks?

Amazon is the largest e-commerce company in the World. This company was established by Jeff Bezos in 1994. What started out as an online book store has become an e-market where millions of people shop on a daily basis.

Amazon is known mainly as an e-commerce company but it is also one of the 4 largest technology companies in the world. By January 2019, Amazon became the most valuable company in the world.

A company that is as large and successful as Amazon is dependent on the use of skilled and unskilled labor. Amazon operates in over 30 countries, has more than 200 fulfillment centers, and over 647,000 employees around the world.

To hire the individuals who will ensure smooth operations at Amazon, the multinational company has a meticulous recruitment process.

In order to ensure the right applicants are picked for available positions, Amazon conducts background checks.

Here, we will list everything you should know about the Amazon background check. Also, the red flags that may cause Amazon to deny your job application will be highlighted. Lastly, we will provide you with a short overview of what the Amazon hiring process involves.

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Everything you should know about Amazon background check [year]

Amazon background checks

1. You must agree to the background check when submitting your application online. After you have filled and submitted the application form, you will need to authorize a background check. This is in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. If you do not authorize the background check, you will be unable to complete the application process.

2. It may take 1-4 weeks to get the result of the background check. If it has been more than 2 weeks since you authorized the background check, contact Amazon for an Update.

3. The background checks conducted by Amazon are quite extensive and can include data from 7-10 years ago. However, the norm is 7 years.

4. Background checks are carried out using a third-party company called ‘Accurate Backgrounds’.

5. Accurate backgrounds may contact you while they are conducting the background check. The company may call to inform you that they will check your credit score. In some cases, they will ask the applicant to unlock their credit score.

6. Amazon conducts a background check during the job application process. After you are hired to work at Amazon, they will not repeat the background check.

7. If your job application is disqualified because of your background check, Amazon will inform you. If you were not informed about why your application was denied, you can contact Amazon and make an inquiry.

8. Before you apply for a job at Amazon, you can check for your background information yourself. If you would like to check your background information, sign up on, and request a background check. When you find a red flag, you will be able to tailor your job search and apply to a company or position with more lenient requirements.

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What information is available on the Amazon background check?

Facts about Amazon background checks

1. Criminal history: If you have had any felony convictions in the last 7-10 years, this information will be shown on the background check. The details of the convictions or even misdemeanors will be shown. The details of the criminal record could affect if Amazon offers you a job.

2. Work history: Information such as where you have worked in the last 7 years, who you have worked for, and how long you worked in the company will be shown. The background check could also include the circumstances that led to your leaving your former employer.

3. Educational background: The background checks will show all the educational institutions you have attended.

4. Credit history: Your credit history and financial information will be also be provided. Your financial information will be used to judge If you are a responsible individual who will be a valuable addition to Amazon.

5. Reference checks: When you are filling your job application form, you will need to attach a list of your references. To conduct a background check, Accurate backgrounds may call your referees and ask about your character. The information supplied by your references will be included in the background report.

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Red flags that may cause Amazon to deny your job application

There are a few red flags on your Amazon background check that could cause them to reject your application. These red flags include:
1. A recent felony or felonies: If you have had a conviction in the last 7 years, your job application may be rejected. Amazon is a company that has to protect the interest of its customers and staff. Therefore, the recruitment officers will not employ individuals that could be potentially dangerous to the customers and company. Individuals who have been convicted for:
– Theft
– Credit card fraud
– Assault
– Terrorism
– Murder
– Sex-related crimes may be rejected.

2. Misinformation: A red flag that will cause Amazon to deny an application is ‘dishonesty’. If you lied on your job application form, this will be shown on the report of the background check. Lying on your application form could lead to automatic disqualification.

The Amazon hiring process

If you would like to work at Amazon, here is a summary of the hiring process.

1. Fill the application form

First of all, you will need to visit the Amazon career page. After filling the application form, submit your resume. You may also need to submit samples of your work (this depends on the position you wish to fill).

2. Take the online assessment test

After submitting your job application form, you will need to take an online assessment test. This test will check your knowledge of Amazon, your work style, behaviors, and problem-solving ability. All the information gotten from the assessment will determine if you fit the position you want to fill.

3. Phone Interview

The next step in the hiring process is the phone interview. Here, the hiring officer will conduct an interview designed to test your knowledge and skill. If you pass this stage, you will be called for a one on one interview.

4. Interview

At the one-on-one interview, the interviewer will discuss the position you are applying to fill with you. If there is anything that requires clarification, the interviewer will discuss it with you. After the interview, you will be given a drug test.

5. Drug testing

Amazon has a zero-tolerance policy toward drug use. The results of the Amazon drug test will be available after a few days. If you test positive for any drugs, you will not be hired by Amazon.
In some fulfillment centers, Amazon conducts random drug tests. Also, if you get injured while on duty, you will need to take a drug test.

6. Call back

If you pass the background check and drug test, Amazon will call to inform you that you have been hired.

It could take 1-3 weeks to complete the hiring process.

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  1. Although well meaning and well intended, AMAZON’s policy is in clear violation of both State and Federal laws. Regardless as to whether the background check is made before (with the application) or after an letter offer of employment is issued. The law state that felons cannot be denied employment for a position which is ‘unrelated’ to the position applied for. Child Abuse /Neglect preclude employ in childcare and academic settings. DUI can possibly deny driving position. A position unrelated cannot presume guilt or likelihood to commit a crime. File with the EEOC if appropriate.

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