Does Boeing Do a Background Check?

How long does it take for Boeing to do a background check? We will find out in this article. Read on…

The Boeing Company, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, is ranked 54 on the Fortune 500. The company utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and manpower to generate commercial airplanes. Boeing airplanes are grouped into 5 families:

  • 737 Family
  • 747 Family
  • 767 Family
  • 777 Family
  • 787 Family

Boeing’s most profitable airplane is the 777-9, which generated $442.2 million. No Boeing airplane has come close to generating as much revenue.

But, several have come close – 747-8 ($418.4) and 747-8 Freighter ($419.2). Boeing airplanes 777-8 generated $410.2 and 777-9 generated $442.2.

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Boeing hit a snag in 2018 when the 737 MAX crashed just 13 minutes following takeoff. The incident took place on October 29, 2018.

The plane reportedly crashed into the very shallow Java Sea. Investigators arrived at the scene to discover Boeing’s 737 MAX in pieces.

In 2019, the company experienced a second fatal crash, involving its 737 MAX. The crashes claimed the combined lives of 346 passengers, prompted Boeing to ground its 737 MAX.

It was not until April 2021 when Boeing reported a profit, instead of a loss. In the second quarter of 2021, the company reported revenue of $567 million. A year ago, Boeing reported a financial loss of $2.4 billion.

Why Work At Boeing?

Boeing is a rewarding career, with ample room to grow within the company. Work schedules are flexible for most employees. Boeing has a broad range of subsidiaries, creating more career advancement opportunities for its employees.

Boeing subsidiaries are based all over the world – Australia, Germany, Republic of Korea, Poland, Sweden, the United Kingdom, China, Canada, India, Bermuda, Singapore, Greece, Italy, Norway, South Africa, and more.

The company has a great working environment, according to current and former employees. In fact, many of Boeing’s former and current employees claim to have created long-term relationships with their co-worker

Boeing Interview Process

Boeing’s interview process has been described as “easy,” “friendly,” and “pleasant.” The company utilizes a STAR-style interview process that requires all applicants to answer a series of questions.

The STAR interview process is designed to help Boeing and other employers target the most sophisticated, experienced, and talented job applicants.

While most STAR, interview questionnaires are simplified to eliminate any potential stress a job applicant may have related to testing.

It is a fact, some job applicants do not perform as well during interviews, knowing there is a test to be completed before the process concludes.

It is unclear what Boeing’s interview questions are geared toward. Most STAR interview questions target specific topics. For example, a mental health facility may gear its interview questions toward employee behavior.

A retail employer may gear its STAR interview questions toward professionalism, while a medical center employer may be interested in a job applicant’s expected reaction to a high-stress situation.

Boeing also utilizes a “panel interview,” which includes a direct supervisor, department manager, and job applicant. Several Boeing employees claim the company’s panel interview is a bit stressful, compared to the conventional interview.

A conventional job interview includes a human resource representative, supervisor, or department manager and the applicant. Whereas, the panel interview includes an additional Boeing senior staff member.

Boeing Employment Opportunities

Boeing hires professionals and non-professionals in various career areas – cybersecurity, manufacturing, business, Information Technology “IT”, engineering, and data science & analytics. Job seekers can apply online at the company’s official website.

To initiate the pre-employment application process, you must perform a job search. This is a simple process, thanks to Boeing’s simple website layout.

Select one of the career areas to access a list of employee benefits, COVID-19 new-hire information, and available positions.

Click on the available positions in the career area previously selected. A list of available positions will appear on your computer screen.

Select one from the list to access the employee benefits. Six icons – Career, Health, Community, Life, Compensation, and Financial Security – will appear on the computer screen. Scroll down to discover a Job Description, and Required Qualifications, Desired Qualifications.

An overview provides applicants with a description of Boeing’s workplace. The company describes its Intelligence & Analytics workplace as being diverse, welcoming, equal, and inclusive.

Scroll down further to access the Job Description, which is in-depth and forthcoming. Applicants can expect to find a detailed list of job responsibilities.

If you are offered a job position with Boeing, you will need to know the ins and outs of its responsibilities. When you accept the position, you will also accept these responsibilities, whether good or bad.

Boeing Pre-Employment Background Check

All qualified job applicants will be asked to sign a pre-employment background check consent form. Once the form is signed and submitted, a human resource representative will initiate the process.

Like most American employers, Boeing utilizes a registered Consumer Reporting Agency “CRA” that is compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act “FCRA.”

As a federal government defense contractor, Boeing is required to obtain security clearance for specific positions. Applicants applying for available positions that require government security clearance will need to undergo a more extensive background check.

These high-caliber background checks, involving the US Federal Bureau of Investigation “FBI” National Instant Criminal Background Check System “NICS.”

High-caliber background checks are required in the United States when purchasing a firearm.

Boeing’s employment background check covers criminal, education, financial, and employment records. As previously mentioned, some positions will require a more extensive high-caliber pre-employment background check.

If you have any questions are concerns, regarding the high-caliber background check, do not hesitate to reach out to Boeing’s human resources.

How Long Does It Take Boeing To Validate Employment Background Check?

The background check review process can take anywhere between 3 and 10 business days. However, some employees claim the process takes significantly longer for Boeing’s high-caliber employment background checks.

Does Boeing Hire Felons?

Boeing proclaims to be an Equal Opportunity Employer, saying it will hire felons. However, more evidence is needed to validate these claims. While the company is an Equal Opportunity Employer, there is no evidence that validates felons are on its workforce.

The company’s hiring practices are fairly straightforward. Jobseekers with felony records should apply at Boeing because anything is possible.

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