Does Boeing Hire People with A felony?

Does Boeing Hire People with A felony?

Does Boeing hire felons? Are you an ex-offender eager to get back into mainstream life? Now, we all know it’s tough for any felon to get back his lost respect in society.

One of the most significant things that may help him to find a solid footing in society is a good job. But, there is another problem. Most of the employers in the job market have reservations against hiring ex-offenders.

However, no worries, there are still some who hold no prejudice about working with felons. Among the different felon-friendly industries, the aerospace world is one of the most notable. And when it comes to the aerospace industry, the first name that comes up is Boeing.

So, does Boeing hire felons in [year]?

does Boeing hire felons

Well, the post below has outlined some points that will help you to figure out Boeing’s approach towards the recruitment of ex-offenders in its workforce.

Why seek a job at Boeing

The biggest aircraft manufacturer in the world, Boeing is into designing, manufacturing & selling airplanes, rockets, rotorcrafts, satellites as well as missiles all across the globe. The company is also the world’s 5th biggest defense contractor. To answer your question- yes- Boeing recruits felons in its workforce.

There are various job positions you can apply for at Boeing. The company offers job opportunities in manufacturing, engineering, IT, cybersecurity, business as well as data science & analytics.

Boeing extends handsome pay and lucrative benefits or its employees, whether they are posted at the US offices or international locations.

The different benefits offered here include world-class health & retirement plans, solid tuition assistance, and paid time off.

Additionally, the company organizes various programs to support the community and family members of the employees.

The application process

The job application process at Boeing takes place online. The company posts jobs on its Careers page when there is a vacancy.

Then, the firm sponsors as well as attends various career events all through the year. You will be able to meet Boeing recruiters there and consult them about potential job opportunities in the esteemed company.

As you apply for a job position in the company, you will be asked some basic details about yourself and about your qualification. It’s a brief process. The HR managers will shortlist the potential candidates and call them for an interview. If you are shortlisted you will be asked for an individual interview.

After you pass the interview, you will have to go for the background check test. It is mandatory for every employee and not just for felon applicants. You have to pass the background check successfully to land up a job at Boeing.

Guidelines followed by Boeing while hiring felons

Does Boeing Recruit Felons?

Boeing follows a comprehensive evaluation procedure while hiring felons. The aerospace giant goes for case-by-case evaluation when it comes to recruiting an ex-offender into its workforce.

The company checks varied aspects while hiring an ex-convict into its staff team to ensure the safety of the whole firm and its employees. One of the most pivotal things that Boeing checks here is the duration between the applicant applying for a job & getting released from prison.

It is to inform you if the felon applicant shows a criminal record or felony in the last ten years, he won’t be considered to be eligible for recruitment here. A clean record is extremely important to find a job here.

Then, Boeing also takes into account the type& severity of the crime committed by a felon applicant. The company is concerned about those who were convicted of serious crimes.

Put simply, there are certain felonies that may disqualify a felon-applicant from securing a job here- no matter how qualified the person is. These felonies include murder, sex crimes, abuse, and assault.

Boeing is an Equal Opportunity Employer. It only focuses on the qualification of a potential candidate and does not follow any discrimination on the basis of any characteristic that is guarded by law. Thus, it also offers job opportunities for felons, provided they are able to earn their trust from the company.

At its heart, Boeing cares about the well-being of its establishment and the staff. It cannot let a criminal roam in freely who hasn’t bothered to come out of his grim behavior even after serving a sentence.

Thus, you have to make sure to establish your genuine credibility before the HR managers of the company. You will be asked questions about your felony and you must be truthful about each answer you give. Do not ever try to hide any kind of detail about yourself as it will only worsen your situation.

Steps to take to establish trust

As mentioned previously, you have to earn the trust of Boeing when you apply for a job in the company. It holds true for any employer who is flexible to hire felons. Many employers hold prejudices against ex-convicts and are not willing to hire felons.

But those who do, you have to pull yourself in a trustworthy position to ensure them they are not committing a mistake by hiring you in their team.

You have to prove to Boeing that you are actually a changed man now who has no connection with his murky past. You have to show that you have taken the needed steps to come up as a rectified man whom Boeing can trust with job responsibilities.

As per the experts, you should enroll in re-entry programs. Your enrollment in these programs will serve as a great evidence of your serious efforts to be a better person. Boeing will certainly appreciate it.

Depending on your crime and mental state after releasing from prison, you may have to go for a complete rehabilitation program. Some felons also need to take psychological counseling to get back into mainstream life.

Then, you must be proactive about the expungement of your records. Boeing certainly prefers felon applicants with expunged records.

Family support is a must

Felons who are trying hard to get into the mainstream community urgently require support and motivation from families to restart their life afresh.

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