crst background check

CRST Background Check

Companies carry out background checks on prospective employees for a number of reasons. Chief among them is the need to verify claims made by applicants, to ensure that qualifications claimed by applicants are consistent with what they truly offer.

CRST International Background Check [year]

Background checks also serve as unofficial litmus tests of candidates’ integrity. It goes without saying that if a background check reveals untruths or misrepresentations in the information provided by an applicant, such an applicant instantly loses all credibility in the eyes of the employer.

Even if he’s eventually hired, everything he says will be taken with a pinch of salt. Needless to say, those are less than ideal conditions for anybody to work under.

CRST International background check

Employers also need to be assured that they’re filling positions with the most qualified persons, hence the need to conduct background checks.

An organization is only as strong as its weakest link and filling positions with people unqualified to hold them will impact the entire company negatively, leading to a drop-off in productivity.

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Perhaps the most important reason why companies carry out background checks on prospective employers is down to the need for them to protect their brand reputations. When companies hire people, they’re effectively linking the reputation of their brands to their employees’ reputation.

For this reason, many companies tend to sever ties with and distance themselves from employees who through their actions bring disrepute to their brand. To avoid negatively impacting their brand reputations by negligently making wrong recruitments, company HR departments conduct background checks on applicants, and CRST is no different.

CRST is one of America’s premier freight and logistics companies. Established in 1955 by Iowa natives Herald and Miriam Smith, the company currently boasts a fleet of over 4,500 trucks and revenues in excess of $1.5 billion.

The company survived serious adversity – especially when it was at the inception stage- to emerge as one of the most reputable trucking companies in the USA. Family-owned and operated, CRST prize the virtues of dedication, honesty, and hard work above everything else, as these are the cornerstones on which the company was established.

That’s why they look for these attributes in employees and have a strong preference for candidates who display these character traits. Further, CRST is an equal opportunity employer, which means that they’ll offer employment to qualified candidates, regardless of their sociocultural orientations and religious affiliations.

crst background check

CRST currently employs in excess of 2300 people. Their workforce comprises of people from all walks of life, different demographics, and realities. Apart from sharing the ideals of the company, another thing they have in common is that they all underwent background checks before they were hired.

For obvious reasons, background checks are standard company policy at CRST, and the company insists on them for a number of reasons. First and foremost, CRST checks to confirm that people who apply for jobs in their company are actually qualified to fill the positions they apply for.

The company attaches huge significance to excellent service delivery and only looks to employ people will the requisite skill and expertise to maintain the high standards set by them over several decades.

Secondly, drivers need to be insured and the company will find it difficult to ensure applicants who have fresh DUI offenses on their records. Apart from that, a DUI charge may make it difficult to secure CDL licenses for them.

CRST is also mindful of their reputation as one of the leading trucking companies in North America and are wary of doing anything that’ll jeopardize the high esteem in which they are held by members of the American public. To avoid being caught by surprise, CRST carries out background checks on all prospective employees.

Beyond those, CRST conducts background checks to ensure that applicants are what they claim. The company values honesty in their workers and prevarication is a big turn off with them. CRST embraces a policy of transparency.

That’s why it’s very advisable to be forthright in your dealings with them. If the company’s background check reveals dishonesty on the part of the applicant, it may have a negative impact on the individual’s chances of getting hired.

Fortunately, CRST believes in offering equal opportunity to applicants, which means that applicants with criminal records are not handicapped by their status.

Applications from people who have records of misdemeanors in their past are handled with the same fairness as those with clean records.

If it turns out that an applicant with criminal records is sufficiently qualified for the job, CRST will duly offer the job to that individual. It may even interest you to know that in some cases, CRST may hire people with pending criminal cases.

However, before they offer jobs to former felons, CRST must be convinced of the individual’s willingness and readiness to turn their life around.

The company investigates the steps taken by the applicant towards improving their station, how long they’ve been able to remain on the right side of the law since their release, and what skills they’ve been able to pick up.

Bear in mind that in order to qualify for some positions in the company, applicants must have clean records for at least five to ten years.

CRST background check is the last step of their recruitment process and barring any unforeseen circumstances (or discrepancies between what the applicant claimed and what the company’s findings revealed), applicants who reach this stage can be reasonably assured of a favorable outcome.

Regardless of their status with the law, CRST employs anyone who scales through their background check. Successful applicants will be put through a four-week training program by the company.

After orientation, the company matches them with an instructor for a 28-day on-the-road training. When this stage is successfully completed, they’re then deemed ready to begin their journey with the CRST trucking company.


 Background checks are standard procedures in a lot of companies nowadays, and this may make securing a decent job a Herculean task for people with criminal records in their past. Nevertheless, CRST looks beyond those records at the individual, and if you possess the right blend of skill and experience, the company will offer you a job without reservations.

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