can a felon work at walgreens

Does Walgreens Hire Felons?

Felons are the worst hit when it comes to finding a job. When searching for employment, felons with experience at retail shops may stand a chance with Walgreens. Read on to discover your chances of landing a job at Walgreens and how to further increase your chances.

What Does Walgreens Specialize in?

Walgreen is a leading retail store that specializes in health, cosmetics, and everyday supplies. Its locations are spread across the US, offering job seekers an opportunity not far from home.

But does Walgreens hire felons in [year]?

does walgreens hire felons

No doubt, getting a job can be challenging for ex-convicts. So, we did the research to save you the stress. As you read on, you will find out felons’ chances of getting a job at Walgreen and what they need to do to increase the likelihood further.

Let’s dig in:

Does Walgreens Employ Ex-convicts?

We did research and found Walgreens employs felons. However, your chances of being hired are largely dependent on the hiring manager. Also, the nature of the felony tells whether or not you’d be considered. Persons with severe criminal records are usually ignored.

Typically, felons are hired as pharmacy technicians or customer service associates. However, those with extraordinary skills may get higher positions. Summarily, we found that while some criminal records may dampen your chances, Walgreen hires felons.

Do they Hire Persons With Misdemeanor?

Does Walgreens support the Ban the Box Movement?

Ban the Box is a movement designed to discourage employers from disqualifying applicants based on their records. Companies on the ban list are committed to a pledge to hire workers regardless of their past crimes.

Sadly, Walgreens wasn’t found on the ban list. Although this doesn’t sound nice, it also doesn’t seem a big deal. Many other companies who hire ex-convicts do not participate in the ban the box campaign.

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Does Walgreens offer felons-specific programs?

Some companies are extremely felon-friendly. They go as far as establishing a hiring scheme, tailored specially for felons. Sadly, Walgreens has no such programs. But this shouldn’t discourage you either. Only a handful of companies run felon-specific programs. Most companies that employ felons do not run such schemes.

Do ex-convicts stand a chance of getting hired at Walgreens?

How likely is it for a felon to get a job at Walgreens? From our findings so far, felons stand a good chance – though uncertain. While we know they hire felons, it is not clear how they make such decisions.

Does Walgreens have entry-level positions?

Although a pharmacy, clerking positions dominate their openings. Mostly, their stores are a combination of a pharmacy and convenience store. This increases the need for persons with the customer service experience.

If your educational qualification matches, you could apply for vacancies in their pharmacy. On their career page, you’d find the different jobs available – including offsite jobs. Although their work hours vary between locations, most of their stores run round the clock. That would be a day-night shift – 7 days of the week.

How to Increase Your Chances

  • Of course, your first step, as with every job – is to submit an impressive application. To get a more refined resume, you may contact friends and family – or even local career centers – to help out.
  • Also, having some experience will double your chances. Concrete experience as a waitress or waiter will increase your chances of landing a job – even with your felony.
  • If your application is captivating enough, you’d be called for an interview. Be in your best appearance when showing up for the interview. Dress professional – and neat.
  • Cover tattoos and remove piercings when going for your interview.
  • Besides looking professional, you also have to sound professional. Standing before the interviewers can be intimidating. So, ensure you’re going prepared.
  • If possible, you may rehearse some interview questions with a friend or family member. This helps you warm up and feel better about the interview.
  • Also important, don’t go in looking tensed up. Relax and flow naturally.

Are There Specific Felonies That Reduce One’s Chance?

can a felon work at walgreens

Most positions at Walgreens deal with cash. This makes it difficult for theft-related felons to secure jobs with this company. Violent and sexual offenses may significantly reduce felons’ opportunities at Walgreen. Since they are primarily a pharmacy, people with drug-related records may not be hired.

Background Checks?

Walgreens runs background checks on your criminal records after your interview. They will also conduct a drug test before your final employment. However, their background checks capture seven years’ record. However, they won’t turn you down simply because you have a felony record. They conduct screening on a case-by-case basis. Here are some points that count:

  • The nature of your conviction
  • How long since the conviction
  • The hiring manager’s discretion
  • Your level of honesty about your criminal history

Increasing Your Chances of Getting Hired At Walgreens – in a Nutshell:

  • Be familiar with your criminal records
  • Be honest if asked about your charges
  • Dwell more – and try to convince interview – on how much you’ve changed after you left prison.
  • If you get the job, you’d be asked to run a background check which typically takes a week. Background checks are intended to promote the safety of the company, workers, and customers. Felons’ best chance at landing a job at Walmart is to expunge their record.

Before you submit your application, note:

  • Be willing to work at odd hours
  • Don’t apply at just one location – try different Walmart stores
  • Build your references
  • Be early for your interviews
  • Dress professionally and smart
  • Be bold and positive – but polite
  • Dishonesty about your history will ruin your chances –
  • Polish your resume and have a relevant job history

Take Away

While discrimination against felons is relatively high, you can increase your chances of landing a job – regardless of your crime. Although a person’s record says a lot about them, a lot of felons have learned from their mistakes, rehabilitated, and are ready to start all over – responsibly. Convince your hiring manager about this and increase your chances of landing a job – significantly.

Fact is, so many companies care less about your past – Just prove you’re the best fit for the job.

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