Does CRST hire felons

Does CRST International Hire Felons

The United States Centre for Economic and Policy Research, in its 2016 research, suggested, that about 14 to 15.8 million of America’s population are felons. This statistic has posed a major challenge for the average American felon, as to his chances of employment, and inclusion in the American employment force.

The sad truth, that faces an American convict, after his sentencing and punishment have been duly served, is how does he get ahead in life after conviction.

This question has sadly turned a lot of convicts back to committing crimes, because the government, employers, and the average member of the American community would rather mind their business than have anything to do with an ex-convict.

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The story of Mr. Jay, an American citizen, convicted for Involuntary manslaughter in 2003 who was 21 when he drove drunk at night, lost control of his car, and killed his close friend. He was thereafter, sentenced to 38 months in state prison, and upon his release from prison have had nothing to show for over 8 years of job search.

He said, he had several interviews and submitted more than 200 resumes for employments, which suffered denial after denial because he was an ex-con.  This story represents the sad stigma bedeviling every American convict after serving his sentence.

In the midst of this horror, there has been a significant increase, in employer’s willingness to employ felons, in their companies, with a recent survey done by the Society for Human Resources Management of over 2000 company managers and human resource personnel’s showing that ex-convicts who found it hard to get employed, maybe having a better chance.

Big names in the American employment industry, like McDonald’s, Unilever, American Airlines, Facebook, Google, the US military, and a host of other companies, have shown readiness, and a change of attitude, to Ex-convicts’ employment.

With the American government, presently encouraging this, by providing between 25 to 40% Tax credits to companies who hire and retain ex-felons, to reward them and increase the American Employment rate for felons.  

Does CRST International Hire Felons in [year]?

Does CRST hire felons

The transport industry, in a real sense, has shown a significant increase in its reception of ex-convicts into its workforce, the employment rate of felons, who are into Truck driving has particularly been on the increase, as various truck driving companies have loosened their rigidity in hiring a convict.

CRST International happens to be a part of the truck driving industry, which hires felons, with reports and testimonials of ex-convicts, showing that, if you are a convict, there could be a second chance at employment for you in their company workforce.

CRST International History

CRST international was founded in 1955, by Herald and Miriam Smith, like Cedar Rapids Steel Transport, without any truck or customers, having only $125 in assets, from a refurbished chicken coop. in 1963, they were worth $1 million in revenue and by 1997, they were valued at over $300 million in revenues. Today, they are worth over $1.4 billion and have a vast reach, across the United States, North America, and Mexico.

CRST International has an ever-increasing workforce of over 5000 employees and contractors nationwide. They are an equal opportunity employer of labor and also take pride in their gender and race inclusive labor force.

The above statistics should suggest that they have a rather liberal and open approach to their employment policy. According to online sources, there are affirmations, that CRST international, actually hires ex-convicts.

It is true that CRST international hire felons, but it is important to note, that there are many factors that a felon must look into, that affects his chances of being considered for employment in a company like CRST international, they include:

  • The nature of the job,
  • Previous work experience
  • Previous work recommendations,
  • Your skills,
  • Educational qualifications,
  • Nature of offense and conviction,
  • Number of previous convictions,
  • Work experience while serving a sentence
  • Time spent since the previous release,
  • The background checks carried out before hiring,
  • How you have worked on yourself since the previous conviction, among others.

Recommended: CRST Background Check Procedure.

It is also important to add, that a person having a previous conviction, and looking for a chance to be employed by CRST international should know that the following convicted offenses are less likely to get a chance of employment at CRST international.

  • Driving offenses of all kinds,
  • Violent crimes
  • Drug-related offenses,
  • Offenses at a previous place of employment.

The above offenses regrettably carry a low rate of employment with transports companies as a whole. The reason for this low probability is obvious because these offenses directly affect a person’s credibility as it relates to his functionality as a driver.

How to Apply for a Job at CRST International

How to Apply for Job at CRST International

Below, we will be highlighting important steps, which an ex-felon can take, to give him a higher chance at being employed with CRST transport solutions.

  1. The Job application process.

An ex-felon, wishing to land his dream job at CRST international, after serving his sentence, must pay close attention to the job application process at CRST international.

Just like other reputable company’s job recruitment, CRST International, begins its job recruitment process, by receiving job applications from suitable individuals.

An ex-convict can do this by simply submitting an application on their website,, under their career section.

  1. Your curriculum vitae and Cover letter.

Another important game-changer for an ex-convict willing to land his dream job with CRST international is his/her cover letter and curriculum Vitae.

He or she must diligently prepare his cover letter and C.V, as this is usually the first point of call in the recruitment process and his/her first avenue to make a great impression.

Usually, there is a great possibility, that where the curriculum vitae and cover letter, highlight important points such as his/her academic achievements, driving skills, strengths, work experience, and referees, such person has a greater chance at landing the job.

It is also important that an applicant must be truthful in his cover letter and curriculum vitae, to point to his credibility and character.

  1. The interview process.

An ex-convict, must also look to prepare diligently and smartly for their interviews, he/she must look good, speak softly, and act in a manner appropriate in such a work environment.

Above all, he/she must look to convince the interviewing panel, as to what he can offer in the job, rather than his previous criminal record. Our online sources, show that below, are some of the questions you may meet at their interviews.

  • Do you have any previous record of using drugs?
  • How many accidents have you had in the past 7 years?
  • Have you ever been arrested for drugs?
  • Do you have a valid driver’s license?


The path towards salvation for a felon may be a gloomy and difficult one, but it’s one that is worth trying. At CRST international, there seems to be a great hope for felons who wish to take a better chance at life.

Unlike Jay, today with hard work and perseverance a felon can make that job application, to CRST international, and land that dream job.

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  1. All I ask for is a chance I been fighting with my situation since I was 19 years old and I’m now 30 and still can’t get a trucking job for something that happened when I was younger and goin through a rough time in life

    • I completely know what you mean I’m currently going through the same thing the key is to not give up and exhaust the list apply for every truck company you can think of and do your research to see what companies will hire felons and etc keep looking and keep going btw western express should be a LAST resort they’ll hire anybody but it’s a reason why company is full of red flags

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