Does Ace Hardware Hire Felons?

Do you want to be an Ace Hardware employee but are hesitant because of your criminal record? We’ve done the research and answered the question, “does Ace Hardware hire felons?”

A Brief History

It all started when five local hardware store owners banded together to buy hardware goods at wholesale prices in 1924. Since then, Ace Hardware has grown into a significant franchise in over fifty countries and employs more than five thousand people.

Jobs at Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware offers positions in three categories: distribution, retail, and corporate. To apply for the first two categories, you must have a high school diploma. Customer service personnel and cashiers are the most in-demand jobs.

So, you can either apply for these positions or contact the company to ask for more open positions at the corporate level.

Does Ace Hardware Hire Felons in [year]?

Does Ace Hardware Hire Felons

Firstly, the company’s official statement regarding the felons’ hiring policy is vague. They do not outright say “yes” or “no” on the matter.

Ace Hardware’s official statement says, “Our stores are independently owned and operated, controlling their employment opportunities.”

As a result, the manager of each location makes hiring and employee decisions.

The company’s official statement might not sound like good news on its own. However, we dug a little further and found that Ace Hardware stores have indeed hired felons in the past.

Ace Hardware also signed “The Fair Chance Business Pledge.”. President Barack Obama developed this project to provide more opportunities for gainful employment to persons who have been convicted of misdemeanor and felonies.

Better yet, Ace Hardware has come out to support the “Ban the Box” movement. This initiative aims to stop employers from asking about convictions and criminal records, especially in the case of government organizations.

With the company supporting such an initiative, it is safe to say that they have no issue hiring people with records.

In conclusion, all these factors prove that Ace Hardware hires people regardless of any convictions on their record.

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Does Ace Hardware Do Background Checks?

Ace Hardware’s job application form states that the company runs background checks on each applicant. By signing the application form, you consent to have a background check.

Apart from the background check, a more general check is conducted to understand the applicant’s overall character and dispositions.

Equally, Ace Hardware’s job application form asks applicants to disclose whether they have been convicted of any crime (misdemeanor or felony) within the last seven years.

However, convictions on your record will not discount your job application, and Ace Hardware employers make this clear.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is it illegal for companies not to hire felons?

Discrimination based on a person’s criminal background is not prohibited by federal law. However, there are control measures in place. These measures limit how much a criminal record could influence the hiring process.

Many state laws indicate that a criminal record cannot be the sole disqualifying factor, particularly if the crime is not related to the job. For example, a bank would disqualify an applicant convicted of wire fraud.

However, a supermarket would not disqualify a person with a wire fraud conviction if the person applied to be a driver.

2. Do you have to tell employers about your criminal history?

Yes. You must let your employers know if you have any convictions when asked. It is against the law to keep your criminal record hidden.

However, note that you only have to tell future employers about convictions, and you are not legally required to disclose prior arrests.

Additionally, one should also note that it is against the law to withhold disclosure of criminal charges when asked. If the employer does not ask if you have any previous convictions, you are within your right to withhold the information. However, there is a possibility that your conviction might come up if the company runs background checks.

Final Thoughts

The research we’ve done indicates that Ace Hardware does hire felons. To begin with, the company supports initiatives like “Ban the Box” and “The Fair Chance Business Pledge.”

Second, they have hired felons in the past, which strengthens their claim that a criminal history will not result in the disqualification of your application.

We hope our article helped you gain the confidence you need to apply for any available positions at an Ace Hardware store near you.

Regardless of your record, you have a fair shot at being employed at one of the locations. Click this link to locate an Ace Hardware store near you. Good luck with your application!

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