Does Aerotek Drug Test?

In 1983, Steve Bisciotti and Jim Davis founded Aerotek as a two-person company. Aerotek’s goal was to break free from the shackles of the past and become a household name throughout the world. But, Does Aerotek Drug Test?

Aerotek soon became one of the most significant recruitments and staffing firms globally, having offices all over the globe due to their dedication and hard work.

Does Aerotek Drug Test in [year]?

Does Aerotek Drug Test

A new job might be thrilling, but you will need to go through several checks before joining them. Drug and background checks are prevalent, and more than half of employers in America conduct tests as part of their hiring process.

After doing background checks, Aerotek offers mass job opportunities to skilled individuals.

Since Aerotek employs so many people, you may question whether or not they do drug testing before hiring new employees.

In reality, being such a big company, they can’t take any risk and often conduct strong background and drug checks before hiring anyone. 

What Is Aerotek’s Policy On Drug Usage?

Aerotek has provided exceptional employment opportunities worldwide for more than 38 years; however, passing a drug test is required to be a part of the company.

When it comes to substance misuse, there is a zero-tolerance policy in place, and as a result, the corporation carefully adheres to its drug testing policy.

In addition, the corporation has the right to subject its employees to random drug testing to maintain a safe working environment.

Understandably, many people may wonder why they should be subjected to a drug test if they are physically healthy. There are primarily two factors contributing to this.

  • One is to ensure that the applicant will not pose any risk to the organization and that employing them will help maintain the clean and healthy environment that Aerotek demands.
  • Second, drug testing is performed to ensure that the applicants are in good health.

What Kind Of Drug Test Does Aerotek Use?

What Kind Of Drug Test Does Aerotek Use?

Aerotek has the right to conduct a drug test on-site as soon as you accept a conditional work offer from them. Aerotek’s hiring divisions commonly use urine drug tests for pre-employment drug screening.

In most cases, this urine test has five panels. A 5-panel urine drug test is the preferred method in Aerotech. The drug tests are done before you are hired.

Even if the drug testing isn’t possible at the initial meeting, it will be administered at some point in the recruiting process.

What Is A 5 Panel Drug Test?

5-panel drug tests are widely utilized in the workplace during drug screens. The federal government recommends them, and that’s why most businesses prefer this test.

Using this sample, tests are carried on, and they try to find any misused substances in your body. These substances are:

  • Marijuana (THC)
  • Opiates (OPI)
  • Cocaine (COC)
  • Amphetamines (AMP)
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)

If they find any amount of these drugs in your system, you will fail the drug test, ultimately leading to rejection.

Does Aerotek Test For Nicotine?

No, Aerotek doesn’t test for any presence of nicotine in your body. The 5-panel drug test that Aerotek uses in their drug test won’t even detect nicotine.

Why does Aerotek drug test every new employee?

It is stated in the Aerotek Code of Conduct that the company is dedicated to providing a risk-free working environment for its workers.

As a general rule, Aerotek prefers to do its drug testing using urine because it’s a more convenient method than hair or tooth fluids. If you’re in good health, you may be able to get over with the test quickly if you’re not taking any drugs.

Aerotek’s employees and clients benefit from drug testing since it ensures a healthy and productive work environment.

How Often Does Aerotek Test For drugs?

How Often Does Aerotek Test For drugs?

Many organizations utilize drug tests to filter out employees who might cause problems in the workplace. Workplace accidents, staff turnover, theft, low productivity, and violence can result from frequent drug usage.

According to Aerotek’s code of conduct, to maintain a drug-free workplace environment, each candidate must pass a drug test, which will further authenticate their eligibility for the position.

Since Aerotek is a worldwide known firm with many projects and activities being completed daily, it is essential to minimize the possibility of harmful working circumstances.

Aerotek only follows a pre-employment drug screening process and is open for more tests if they find something fishy. Random tests are uncommon and are avoided.

What will happen if you fail a drug test?

If you are in good health and avoid using the substances Aerotek is concerned about; you may be able to pass the test.

In any case, if you fail the drug test, you will be advised by the authorities that you do not meet the requirements of this position and will not be hired.

Depending on the sort of position you were looking for, you may be able to reapply after six months to a year. As a result, getting a drug test done before applying to Aerotek is a standard recommendation.


As long as Aerotek has been there, its customers have always been satisfied because of the company’s preventative precautions when selecting its employees.

Background checks and drug tests are pretty much the industry standard procedure before hiring a new employee.

If you are clean and don’t cater to any drugs, passing the tests will be a breeze. You will need to visit the assigned laboratory for the samples, and they can give you a report in less than 48 hours.

If you have never have been screened before, the term “Drug Test” can sound daunting, but practically, they will give you a container where you will need to pee, and voila! You have finished giving your sample, and now only the results are left.

You will get hired based on the result, considering you have cleared all other formalities.

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