Trucking companies that hire sex offenders

For sex offenders, it may be nearly impossible to find a job after serving the sentence. Many companies aren’t willing to put their customers at risk by employing sex offenders.

However, since trucking jobs don’t involve much communication with others, sex offenders are much more likely to be hired by trucking companies than by others.

But which are the trucking companies that hire sex offenders? Have a look at the list below.

Trucking companies that hire sex offenders

Trucking Companies That Hire Sex Offenders

A.D. Transport

  • A.D. Transport requires that felonies be committed at least 5 years ago.

A & R Logistics

  • A & R Logistics requires that drivers consent a review of all feloniesand convictions that would prohibit them from entering Canada.

Averitt Express

  • Averitt Express reviews convictions case-by-case, so it is possible for sex offenders to be hired by them.

Barr-Nunn Transportation

  • Felonies must be 7 years old or more.

Bennett Motor Express

  • Again, at least 7 years must have passed since you’ve committed a felony.

Boyd Bros. Transportation, Inc.

  • Boyd Bros. Transportation hires those with no felonies in the past 5 years. Felonies will be evaluated case-by-case.

CT Transportation, LLC

  • CT Transportation won’t hire those who’ve committed a felony in the last 10 years.

CTL Transportation, LLC

  • The same goes for CTL Transportation, which hires only those who haven’t committed felonies in the last 10 years.

Covenant Transport

  • Covenant Transport generally considers felonies committed within the last 5 years disqualifying. Certain debt-related offenses or non-violent domestic issues may be an exception.
  • Applications of those with active parole or warrant for arrest are subject to further investigation. Applications of individuals on probation may be reviewed with the permission of the probation officer.

C.R. England

  • The conviction must be 10 years old. Applications are taken case-by-case depending on the offense.

Dart Transit Company

  • Each applicant is assessed case-by-case.

Dick Lavy Trucking

  • Felonies must be 10 years old or more.

Don Hummer Trucking

  • Felonies reviewed case-by-case. Drug convictions must be 5 years old or more.

E.L. Hollingsworth

  • Felonies must be at least 5 years old.

Eagle Express Lines

  • Eagle Express Lines doesn’t consider convictions involving the use of drugs, alcohol, or other controlled substances. In addition, felons convicted of offenses involving leaving the scene of an accident are not considered.

Estenson Logistics

  • It is required that felonies be at least 7 years old.

G & P Trucking Company

  • G & P Trucking Company considers felons who haven’t been convicted within the last 10 years. Those who have been convicted and sentenced for theft or larceny convictions are not considered.

Groendyke Transport

  • Felonies must be at least 5-7 years old, depending on case-by-case review.

HVH Transportation

  • Felonies must be 7 years old or more and have no restrictions on getting an endorsement for hazardous material transportation.

Hornady Transportation

  • Felonies must be 7 years old at least.

Hunt Transportation

  • Felonies must be at least 10 years old.

Knight Transportation

  • Applications of felons reviewed case-by-case.

Koch Trucking

  • The conviction must be over 5 years old. Applications reviewed case-by-case.

Lone Star Transportation

  • Applications by felons reviewed case-by-case.

Maverick Transportation

  • Again, applications are reviewed case-by-case.

May Trucking Company

  • Once again, applications reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Melton Truck Lines

  • Felony convictions must be over 5 years old.

Mercer Transportation

  • Felonies must be over 10 years old.

Midwest Motor Express

  • Midwest Motor Express reviews felonies case-by-case.

Millis Transfer

  • Millis Transfer again reviews felonies case-by-case.

Navajo Express, Inc.

  • Navajo Express requires that applicants have no felony convictions over the last 10 years.

New England Motor Freight

  • No specific requirements. The entire background of applicants taken into consideration.

Ozark Motor Lines, Inc.

  • Felonies must be at least 10 years old.

P & S Transportation

  • Felonies must be over 10 years old.

PAM Transport

  • Applications of felons reviewed individually on a case-by-case basis.

Paschall Truck Lines

  • No felonies or DUIs over the last 5 years.

Premier Transportation

  • Applicants must have no felony convictions over the last 10 years.

Prime, Inc.

  • Applications of felons reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Roehl Transport

  • Applications reviewed case-by-case.

Salmon Companies

  • It is required that applicants have no felony convictions or DUIs in the last 5 years.


  • Convictions reviewed case-by-case.

Southern Refrigerated Transport

  • All felonies reviewed individually.

Star Fleet Trucking

  • Felonies must be over 10 years old and not be related to drug or alcohol.

Stevens Transport

  • Felons must have served their full sentence, including probation or parole.

Swift Transportation

  • Felony convictions must be over 10 years old.

Tennant Truck Lines

  • All convictions reviewed individually. 2 DUI/DWI convictions are disqualifying.

TMC Transportation

  • No felonies, DUIs, or drug convictions over the past 10 years.

Tutle & Tutle Trucking

  • Felonies must be over 3 years old.

Trimac Transportation

  • Applications evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

U.S. Xpress

  • Petty felonies must be over 3 years old, DUIs 5 years old, and theft 10 years old. For other cases, applications are reviewed case-by-case.

USA Truck

  • Felonies evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Venture Logistics

  • Felonies must be 10 years old or more.

Waggoners Trucking Company

  • Felony cases will be reviewed individually. Applicants must have 5 years of stable employment after incarceration.

Watkins Shepard

  • Felonies reviewed case-by-case.

WEL Companies

  • Applications of felons reviewed case-by-case. Generally, felonies must be over 5 years old, or 4 years old for experienced drivers.


  • Felony convictions are reviewed individually.

XPO Logistics

  • Felony convictions reviewed individually. Applicants must be eligible for hazmat endorsement.

Things to keep in mind before application

Even if a trucking company is willing to give a second chance to sex offenders, it doesn’t mean that you will necessarily be hired. There are plenty of factors that may be considered aside from your conviction.

First of all, you will need to convince the HR of the trucking company that you are rehabilitated and are ready to become a productive member of their team. Your interview capabilities will play a big role, so make sure to practice them before applying.

Certain factors like having a cleared conviction may become advantages for you. This will demonstrate that the court considers you rehabilitated. Otherwise, they wouldn’t clear your conviction.

You should also be completely honest about your offenses and provide their complete record. Include those felonies that have been expunged or cleared as well. Provision of false information or disclosing incomplete information will most likely be considered a federal offense. By providing complete records, you will be able to avoid legal actions and will also be able to benefit from the advantages of cleared convictions or whatnot.

It should be also noted that sex offenders are more likely to be hired by trucking companies than some other felons. Overall, the more isolated from others you will be during your work, the more likely it is for you to get hired.

Certain offenses directly related to trucking responsibilities will most likely disqualify you from consideration, however. Those include theft, driving under the influence, traffic offenses, offenses related to drug or alcohol, etc. These are usually more tough to get hired by a trucking company with, though it will depend on the company, as well as other factors like the time elapsed since your sentence or your experience.

So overall, be ready to prove that you have been rehabilitated and to provide all the criminal records to your potential employees. If you demonstrate honesty, you will be more likely to be hired.

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  1. I have a question regarding the term “felony”. I was charged with a sex offense as a felony, but it was reduced to a misdemeanor when I was convicted. Is that the same as being a felon? Also, my conviction was expunged and I was not on any sex offender website, but with this new Adam Walsh Act of 2006, the state of Nevada has required me to be listed on their site as of Oct 2018. I lost my job as an Uber driver because of that and now because I’m listed on the website, they will see that and because my offense was a “computer crime” and in the eyes of the courts of California, it was also a victimless crime. So the question that is asked, “Have you ever been convicted of a crime?” has given me permission to answer no since it shows up as dismissed “expunged” next to my offense. So would I be lying if I say I’ve never been convicted of a crime but yet my name shows up on the sex offender website?

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