Does Central Transport Hire Felons?

One of the most significant concerns of people with past criminal records in making a fresh start is the possibility of getting a job. This concern is not unfounded because most companies run background checks on applicants to ensure they get prospects with excellent qualities, and often without criminal records. While the practice of running a background check on workers is nothing to be worried about, it could often cause worries when an ex-felon is applying for a job.

One of the worst fears of ex-felons when seeking jobs is the background checks run by their prospective employers. Having a past criminal record can limit your chances of being employed as most companies are strict when it comes to issues related to past criminal records. Most felons feel discouraged to even apply for jobs because of the fear of being rejected.

The transport industry is one of the most forgiving sectors that accept all categories of applicants, including those with past criminal records. They give ex-felons a chance and opportunity to start all over again. Some companies do not hire people with any form of criminal history in the transportation sector, while a few do.

One company many persons seeking a job in the transport sector lookout to apply for jobs in Central Transport International Inc, and of course, the most common questions on the lips of all those with past criminal is, does Central Transport hire felons?

Central Transport is one of the leading transportation company in North America, with a network of over 5000 employees and have been in existence for the past 90 years. Central Transport prides itself as a reputable organization that employs the best standard practice, and in keeping with its reputation, central transport ensures to get only the best workers.

Does Central Transport Hire Felons?

Does Central Transport Hire Felons?

If you are wondering if Central Transport hires Felons, the answer is Yes. Central transport believes in giving everyone an equal chance so long as they have the required skill and experience.

Prospective applicants with past criminal records are not rejected outrightly by the company’s human resource team. If the background check run on an applicant confirms that he has past criminal records, the application will be subject to further scrutiny and evaluation based on the position applied for.

There are other factors the company also considers the severity and nature of the offense committed, the number and type of convictions, the experience and skill of the applicant.

If your offenses are alcohol and drug-related and you have the required skill and experience, the company will duly consider you for employment as long as you pass any alcohol or drug test in the last two years.

However, you must note that there are some specific positions in the company that you will be rejected for if you don’t have a clean record for the past five to ten years from the time of your application.

More so, all applicants who are still on probation or have any pending court cases will not be considered for any company position. Try as much as possible to clear every court case before you apply. Be honest about all your criminal records when applying because the company has a robust background check system.

You don’t have to worry because the background check is not meant to victimize you; it is intended to ascertain what you have to offer. One thing is certain, if you have the skills and experience needed to help the company attain success, you will be considered.

Minimum Hiring requirements at CTL Inc.

Minimum Hiring requirements at CTL Inc

  • Applicant must be above 20 years old
  • The applicant must have team spirit and understand the power of synergy.
  • Must be willing to follow instructions
  • Must pass all drug tests
  • Applicant must at least six months of working experience for all road positions and at least three months working experience for all city positions
  • Must have a legal CDL and Hazardous material certification
  • Applicant must have a satisfactory Vehicle license and particulars
  • Applicant must be able to carry out merchandise tasks and have technical skills in operating motorized forklift
  • See Available Employment Opportunities.

FAQs About Applying For A Driver’s Position At Central Transport International INC.

Q: Do they run background checks on every application?

A: Yes, as part of their policy to maintain the standard, they run background checks on every application they receive to ensure that they employ people with a clear record. Do not panic, even if you have past criminal records, you can still be considered, the background checks do not impede your chances of being hired. Background checks are part of the hiring process and are not a system of segregating or victimizing prospective applicants.

Q: Do they ask about criminal records?

A: Yes. Central Transport International Inc. asks for past criminal records within the last ten years, including traffic violations, convictions, DUI charges, etc.

Q: What are their hiring areas?

A: Central transport international Inc. hires from all 48 contiguous states

Q: What is the minimum hiring age at central transport international Inc.?

A: The minimum hiring age at central transport international Inc. is 21 years. Applicants with an age range from 20 years and below will not be considered for employment.

Q: What is the minimum experience required for employment at central transport international?

A: Central transport international Inc. Requires you to have a minimum of 3 months experience before you can be considered for employment.

Q: How many terminal locations do they have?

A: They have over 170 terminals


Securing a job when you have past criminal records can be seemingly difficult, as most companies have a negative picture of you when their background checks confirm it or when you confess to it. The good news is that you still stand a chance of securing a job with Central Transport International Inc. even with a past criminal record.

The company has a standing principle and believes in giving everyone equal opportunities despite their incriminating records as long as you have the required skills and experience, they need. They have a track record of hiring felons.

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