Does Family Dollar do background checks

Does Family Dollar do Background Checks?

Family Dollar is a popular retail chain store in the United States. This retailer has over 8000 stores and currently employs more than 60,000 employees. The headquarter of Family Dollar is located in  Charlotte, North Carolina.

The nature of the business conducted at Family Dollar necessitates that the company is careful when hiring employees. The people hired by Family Dollar are representatives of the store. The employees communicate with the customers and ensure the smooth running of the store.

Some jobs that you can apply for at Family Dollar include Customer service personnel, store manager, cashier, merchandiser, forklift operator, marketing officer, and delivery personnel.

To ensure careful selection out of the thousands of people that apply for jobs at Family dollar, the company runs background checks on job applicants. The result of the background check is analyzed alongside the applicant’s curriculum vitae to determine if they should be employed to work at the store.

The result of the background check may reveal your criminal records. Hence you may be wondering if Family Dollar hires felons. The answer is Yes.

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In this article, we will explain the important information that will be on your background check results. A list of everything you should know before applying to work at Family Dollar will also be provided. Lastly, we will list the steps you should take so that you are employed by Family Dollar.

What information is available on the background check?

Does Family Dollar do background checks

The hiring officer or manager may use the information on the background check to judge your character, ethics, and honesty. The analysis of your background check will determine if you get offered a job.

The following information will be available on the result of the background check.

1. Your criminal record: If you are an ex-felon, do not be worried about your conviction showing up on the background check. This is is because Family Dollar hires felons. However, the nature of conviction will affect your chances of being employed by Family Dollar. As long as you do not pose a threat to the customers, staff, and the company, you will be considered for employment.

2. Past employment records: Your background check will show all the places where you have worked In the last 7-10 years. In some cases, your activities while working at these places will be noted. The information gotten from your previous employers and colleagues will help the recruitment officer decide if you are a person of value. If you were not a team player, had communication problems, could not multitask in your former place of work, this information will be provided as well.

3. Driving records: If you are applying for a position in distribution or delivery, this check will help the recruiter determine if you could potentially be a high-risk hire.

4. Educational records: Your educational records will show the recruiter if you are educationally qualified for the position you wish to fill.

Importantly, the background check will show how honest you are. If you lied on your application, the lie will be revealed when the result of the background check is received. In this case, you will not be employed by Family Dollar.

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What You should know before applying for a job at Family Dollar

1. Family Dollar supports the ban-the-box movement. Ban-the-box is an initiative that states that employers should only ask for an applicant’s criminal history after a conditional offer of employment has been made. This is to ensure that companies do not automatically reject applicants with a criminal record without giving them a chance. Hence, on Family Dollar’s job application form, there is no question concerning the applicant’s criminal history.

2. There are no special programs for employing felons. Family Dollar is an equal opportunity employer but it does not have a program specifically designed to help felons by providing them with jobs. Instead, felons who apply for jobs at Family Dollar will be given equal consideration.

3. The gravity of the felony conviction will determine if Family Dollar can overlook your criminal history. Family Dollar has stated its willingness to provide all individuals with a second chance. However, if the background check shows that the applicant has severe felonies on their record, the applicant will not be hired.
Sex-related felonies, terrorist activities, murder, arson, credit card theft, and a few other offenses may cause Family Dollar to deny your application.

4. You can run a background check on yourself. If you are unsure of the details that will be on your background check, you can pay for one yourself. This will allow you to see the result of the background check before you apply for a job at Family Dollar. By paying for your own test, you will be able to check for errors and have them corrected before a company runs a background check on you.

5. If you do not pass the background check conducted by a Family Dollar you will be informed. If there is an error in the background check, you may able to contact the company who ran the check and request correction of the error.

6. After the interview, you will need to take a drug test. Your urine will be tested for illegal drugs and substances. Family Dollar has a zero-tolerance policy for drug use.


Steps you should take to increase your chances of being employed by Family Dollar

working at family dollar

1. When applying at Family Dollar state your willingness to relocate (if possible). By doing this, you will be considered for positions that may not be close to your residence.

2. Gain useful work experience. The result of your background check is important. However, your work experience will also be used to decide if you will be a good fit for Family Dollar. If you have no work experience in retail, you can volunteer to work at charity shops. There are many positions that you can fill when you volunteer. By volunteering, you gain work experience, friendships, and a boss that can vouch for you when you are applying for a different job.

3. Be honest while filling the job application form. This is because the background check will expose any lies you have on your application form. Also, if asked about your criminal history, do not lie.

4. Prepare for the Interview. Arrive at the venue for the interview early and well dressed. You should be ready to answer questions about your previous jobs, education, skills, and knowledge of Family Dollar.

5. Attend the interview with a list of your references. Before giving out the contact information of your references, inform them first. By doing so, your references will expect a call from Family Dollar and will be prepared to answer any questions concerning you.

6. Prepare to answer questions about your criminal record. Your interviewer may ask you about your criminal record. In such a case, do not play the blame game or argue that you were innocent. Instead, you should talk about your mistake in a sober manner and explain that you have changed.

If you have followed all these tips and your job application was denied, all hope is not lost. You can apply to other retail stores as well.

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