Does Little Caesars Drug Test?

Why Does Little Caesars Drug Test? Do you like the idea of driving your car for a living? You’re likely comfortable in your automobile, so working from your car sounds like a great idea. If you like this concept, you should think about getting a job with Little Caesars.

The pizza chain is incredibly popular around the country. Since it regularly opens new stores in other areas, it often hires new drivers.

You can also get a job at the local store. Regardless, you’ll have to complete the company’s pre-employment checks before you can get the job.

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Does this include a drug test? Continue reading the guide below to find out.

About Little Caesars

You’ve likely heard of this company since it is one of the largest pizza chains in the United States. Only Pizza Hut and Domino’s are bigger.

Little Caesars has been around since 1959 when it was founded in Garden City, Michigan. Today, the company is based out of the Fox Theatre building in Detroit.

Furthermore, it should be noted that Little Caesars is owned by Ilitch Holdings. Surprisingly, the Ilitch owns an assortment of other businesses, including the Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Tigers, and Olympic Entertainment.

Still, most people realize that Little Caesars is a popular pizza shop. It operates nearly 5,500 stores around the world. It also employs thousands of individuals.

As one of the fastest-growing pizza store chains in the country, Little Caesars is regularly opening new stores.

When it does, it needs workers to operate those stores. Suffice to say, this is a good chance for you to get a job.

Jobs At Little Caesars

Are you interested in getting a job at Little Caesars? You should. The company regularly hires people across the country.

Whether you have experience or not, you can likely get a job with this company. Just remember that your experience and education will limit your options.

The company often hires crew members and managers. You can also become a delivery driver for Little Caesars.

If you’re willing to drive for a living, this could be a good job for you. The only downside is that you’ll have to drive your automobile.

Those who think it is worth it should apply for a position right away.

Little Caesars Drug Tests

Once you’ve decided to apply for a position at Little Caesars, you’ll need to learn more about the company’s drug tests. Are you going to be drug tested? Ultimately, there is conflicting information out there.

Some people say that the company does not drug test, but others say they do. Since there is evidence that Little Caesar’s drug tests, it is best to expect one.

After all, you don’t want to get caught off-guard. You’ll likely be required to pass a drug test before you can begin working for this company.

Why Does Little Caesars Drug Test?

Little Caesars and other American employers drug test for numerous reasons. For starters, these companies want to guarantee that they’re getting the best workers.

They strive to provide their customers with the best experience. Unfortunately, this isn’t going to happen if the workers are strung out.

Plus, you must remember that some workers are going to be operating equipment and driving vehicles.

Do you want someone drunk or high behind an automobile? You don’t and Little Caesars doesn’t either.

As a result, the company has decided to drug test its workers. When you apply for a position at Little Caesars, expect to be drug tested before you know it.

Little Caesars Common Drug Tests

The company is known to use several types of drug tests. However, the most common drug test used by this company is the urine drug test.

If you’re asked to take a urine drug test, you’ll have to get the paperwork from the Little Caesars’ representative. Then, you’ll go to a nearby clinic and provide a urine sample.

You’re going to be monitored during this process to ensure that you’re not trying to cheat the system.

After you’ve handed in the urine sample, it’ll be transported to a lab, so it can be tested for drugs. The results will be returned within 7 days in most cases.

Once Little Caesars gets your drug test results, they’ll contact you to tell you how it went. If you passed the test, you could likely begin working for this company within days.


If you’re trying to get a job at Little Caesars, you’ll likely have to take a drug test. Be ready for it because will probably need to pass a drug test before you can get the job. If the company drug tests you, you’ll likely face a urine drug test.

It is pertinent to give yourself enough time for the drugs to pass through your system. Wait a week or so before applying to ensure that you can pass the test and get the job.


Do You Get Drug Tested When You Get Hired?

Although it depends on the employer, you’re likely going to get drug tested before you’re hired.

There is contradictory information about Little Caesars and its drug testing policy. In all likelihood, you will be drug tested by this company.

Does Little Caesars Drug Test In Florida?

Although some say otherwise, Little Caesars regularly drug tests its workers. Whether you’re getting a job in Florida, West Virginia, Tennessee, or California, you should expect a drug test.

If you don’t, you might lose the opportunity because you were caught off guard.

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