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Does Taco Bell Drug Test Their Employees?

Does Taco Bell Drug Test? Taco Bell is a California-based restaurant chain that offers a range of fast food services. With over 175,000 workers spread across almost 7,000 restaurants in over 23 countries, there’s — almost — always a need for workers.

However, one common question among persons interested in Taco Bell’s job is do prospective employees undergo drug tests?

Does Taco Bell Drug Test?

Do Taco Bell’s Job Applicants Undergo Drug Tests?

Yes – Taco Bell’s employees undergo reoccurring drug testing. Sometimes impromptu, sometimes scheduled. Taco Bells reserve the right to subject workers to impromptu, tests after an irregular accident.

While Taco Bell may not want to invest its resources in testing part-time workers, it reserves the right to do so whenever deemed necessary. They may also request a drug test for employees seeking corporate ranks — like managerial, or higher positions.

Any Pre-Employment Drug Test?

It depends — basically — on location. Every location/management has individual policies that cover their pre-employment processes.

While prospective employees may undergo pre-employment testing at some locations, it may be perceived as irrelevant in others.

However, Taco Bell in Pocatello, ID and Columbus, IN are two notable locations where pre-employment drug tests are required.

Which Particular Drugs are Tested for at Taco Bell

does taco bell drug test

A 5-panel pre-employment urine drug test screening is the standard requirement at Taco Bell. Typically, this test is tailored to check for the presence of Opiates, THC, PCP, Cocaine, and amphetamine. Where relevant, Taco Bell may prefer other testing procedures like 10-panel or 7-panel drug testing alternatives.

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Types of Drug Testing at Taco Bell

From data collected from Taco Bell locations that require drug testing, the 5-panel urine check is predominant. As earlier mentioned, Pocatello and Columbus locations of Taco Bells adopt the 5-panel pre-employment urine test. The predominance of this test is a result of its reliability and affordability.

Frequent Asked Questions About Taco Bell

Does Taco Bell Hire Felons?

Felons seem the worse hits when it comes to getting a job. This process is everything but easy. As a well-known fast-food restaurant with thousands of workers spread across the U.S, a common question is Can a felon get a job at Taco Bell?

Let’s find out:

Do felons work at Taco Bell?

We are yet to lay hands on any definite felon-related employment policies at Taco bells. But from their job postings, we could posit that each position comes with specifics. So what are the chances for felons?

We’d find out — soon

We sought to know if Taco Bell has had cordial relationships with felons in the past. Somehow, we were hit by mixed reactions.

So, just like their drug testing policy, we assume while some locations/management may be tough on felons, others are pretty lenient.  We tried a mock application and found that most times, background checks are conducted for only top managerial positions.

Is Taco Bell On the Box list?

Ban the box is a campaign aimed at discouraging sentiments against felon job applicants. Somehow, Taco Bell does not appear on the list – nor the Fair Chance Business Pledge.

The Fair Chance Business Pledge is a deal entered into by companies that support the fair-hiring-practice-for-all campaign.

However, their absence on either list does not change the fact that felons have worked — and still works — at Taco Bell. Several felon-friendly companies are not on the ban the box nor the fair chance Business Pledge.

Any Special Felon-favored Hiring Scheme for Felons?

There are no special felon-friendly employment schemes for felony convicts at Taco Bell.

Can a felon get hired?

While there are no certainties, from the conflicting responses we got, felons stand a good chance of getting hired at Taco Bells.

What are some entry-level jobs at Taco Bell?

Taco Bell offers a range of entry-level jobs for applicants to select from. Here are the most common:

Service Champion/Food Champion/Team Member

These part-time jobs include cleaning, stocking, receiving orders, preparing dishes, and customer services.

Shit lead — this is a full-time position, which requires drug screening and background checks. The job description includes assisting the regional manager, assisting other offices, running shifts, offering solutions to general day-to-day problems within the workplace.

Applicants must not be less than 18.

How do I increase my chances of getting hired at Taco Bell?

AS earlier mentioned, Taco Bell has different management across its location. So, every location has its set of unique employment criteria.

We recommend that you have your CV ready before applying.

To access Taco Bell’s application form — via their website —  You’d need to set up a profile.

You may have to answer questions about yourself — a great opportunity to quickly chip in something interesting about your personality. Of course, a nice room to ‘market’ your skills relevant for the position you seek.

Also, be ready to give references — up to three. Here, you want to get yourself professional references to increase your chances. Your previous employer(s), pastor, mentor, or probation/parole officer are your best bet.

Qualifications and requirements vary across positions. Some job descriptions may demand more responsibilities.

Interview questions and procedures do vary, as well. However, some basics would remain static across positions — good team player and impressive customer-client relationship, among others.

Leveraging the Interview Session(s)

Ask as many relevant questions as you deem necessary. This is, indeed, an ample opportunity to discuss your charges and how much you’ve left the past behind you and turned a new leaf.

Be well-composed, smart, and try to sound a bit formal. Your personality counts a lot here — remember you’d be dealing directly with the public.

Are there specific felonies that reduce your employment chances at Taco Bell?

Nothing of such is spelled out though. However, as a customer service business, they might be a bit skeptical of applicants with sexual or violence-related offenses.

At Taco Bell, literally, all their workers handle credit cards and money. Theft-related convictions, therefore, may as well pose a hindrance.

Final Notes

Taco Bell offers employees an interesting work environment and robust worker welfare packages to help promote their careers and earn them a good living.

Whether or not prospective employees would undergo a pre-employment drug test is largely dependent on location. However, reports from many locations suggest Taco Bell, generally, has no defined pre-employment terms.

That said, employees may be subjected to drug tests –scheduled or impromptu – at managers’ discretion.

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