Does OReillys Drug Test for Employment?

Does OReillys Drug Test for Employment? Without a doubt, O’Reilly is one of the largest companies that deals on auto parts retailers in the U.S. It was founded in 1957 by the O’Reilly family.

The retailer currently has over 5600 locations all over the U.S in 47 states, with over 77,000 employees. Working at O’Reilly is a very attractive opportunity for many people, as it’s on the better part of the retail business.

O’Reilly mainly deals in auto parts, tools, equipment, supplies, and accessories. Because O’Reilly does such vast business, it’s the target of many people looking for work in a good entry-level or higher position in the retail or auto parts field. That begs the question though, does O’Reilly drug test?

What Is A Drug Test?

What Is A Drug Test?

Most companies and employers do a mandatory drug test of their applicants prior to hiring. Employers need to make sure that their employees can operate in the best conditions while providing a clean and safe environment at work.

Employers also want to clear themselves of any liability to drug-related problems that might arise. In the 2000s, around 30% of applicants tested positive for drugs.

That percentage could have doubled by now, increasing the risk of employers getting into legal trouble on behalf of their employees.

The drug test involves testing a small sample of the applicant or employee’s hair, saliva, or most commonly, urine. Drug tests usually test for the five most common substances: Cocaine, Amphetamines, Opiate, PCP, and THC.

Some drug tests are more thorough and test for up to 7 or 10 substances. The employees are usually notified 24 hours beforehand, so they can properly prepare if they’re taking any special medication that could affect the results of the test.

During the hiring process, the applicant consents to the drug test as an employment condition, and if the results are negative, the candidate can get hired. A positive drug test could largely impact and reduce your chances of employment.

Is It Only One Drug Test?

“So, if I pass the pre-employment drug test, I’m good right?” Not so fast there, it’s not that simple. While the pre-employment drug test is important, some companies will opt to carry out random drug tests on their employees.

These tests are completely random, and there is no way to prepare for them or try to fool them. The random drug tests are for all employees, regardless of seniority or performance.

Sometimes these tests aren’t so random, though. Employers can schedule tests on a weekly or yearly basis, to make sure their employees are clean year-long.

A drug test may also be carried out in case of an accident in the workplace. If the accident seems drug-related, the employers will carry out the test to make sure it wasn’t.

Over time, people have tried to “Beat the test” by only pausing drug use for a few days or doing a detox, but beating the test is a risky and unadvisable move.

The test is there to ensure a proper work attitude in the long term, not for just one day of the application process. The random tests are there for that reason. 

Does OReillys Drug Test for Employment?

Does OReillys Drug Test for Employment?

Like most employers, O’Reilly’s policies do not tolerate drug use. Drug use before work can lead to a whole host of problems, as the employees are dealing directly with customers. Not only is it illegal, but it could also lead to many complaints and loss of business by several customers.

Because of this, O’Reilly Auto Parts does conduct a pre-employment drug test to ensure their employees cannot be involved in any problems in the future.

O’Reilly screens all candidates in their hiring process, and their drug test tests for these substances: Amphetamines, opioids, marijuana, cocaine, and others.

If any substance shows up on the drug test, the chances of getting the job are pretty much zero. O’Reilly is serious about their drugs policy, so it’s necessary to keep that in mind before applying.

The drug test can reveal substance use for weeks or months beforehand, so passing the drug test of O’Reilly or any employee must involve being completely clean of drugs for days, weeks, or months before the test.

The abstinence period varies from user to user, but it could go from a week for light users to 90 days for heavy users.

What Kind of Drug Test Does O’Reilly Use?

O’Reilly uses the common urine test to test for any substances. It’s usually a 5-panel one for 5 substances, conducted in a lab.

Does O’Reilly Do Random Drug Tests?

While O’Reilly does a pre-employment drug test, they do have the right to randomly test their employees at any point. Whether they do that, however, is up to them and the branches.

While most people claim they don’t do random drug tests, they will test you in case of an injury or if they’re suspicious. If you fail a random or injury-related drug test, you will get fired.

Strange performance or demeanor, workplace accidents, or suspicious attitude are all reasons to carry out a random drug test.

Adding to the pre-employment drug test, there is also a pre-promotion drug test. So, might not want to celebrate before that promotion.

Do All Medicines Lead To A Positive Result?

If you’re on medication like prescription medicine, it won’t make you fail the drug test, provided that you provide them with that information beforehand.

The test will identify any prescription drugs as positive, but if they already know about this beforehand, it will clear things up.

It’s important to abstain from drug use in general, but it’s even more important when related to work or any professional environment. Drug use can horribly impact performance, and lead to major workplace problems and even firing.

The impact could extend from one position to your entire professional career. Abstaining from drugs shouldn’t be simply to pass a test, but for a better professional career in general.

How To Apply For A Job At O’Reilly?

Getting a job at O’Reilly is actually quite simple and hassle-free. Once you submit an application online and send in your resume, they will call or e-mail you back to schedule an interview.

Some branches do more than one interview, but it’s usually one. The interview process is the average and typical interview, where you will have to state your qualifications and prove your reliability and competence for the position.

A high school degree and being 18 or over are the basic requirements, but experience in the auto parts industry is always a plus.

The drug test question will pop up in the interview, and once you agree to the pre-employment urine drug test, it will take them from a few days to a week to get back to you. It’s fairly straightforward and you can start the 90-day probation period afterward.

To sum up, O’Reilly is one of the easiest companies to work for if you’re looking for a good environment to start out in the retail field. The application process is simple enough, but the drug policy is quite strict.

You can expect mandatory 5-panel urine (usually) drug test, so you must abstain from drug use if you’re serious about joining their team.

A random or injury-related drug test could also be carried out, so take that into consideration while working.

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