Does Toys R Us Hire Felons?

Does Toys R Us Hire Felons? The hiring of felons has been a long-debated topic among companies and individuals.

While some companies are against hiring ex-felons out of fear of theft, endangerment, or harassment, other companies and establishments believe that everyone should be given a second chance and that there should be fair employment for everyone.

Hiring felons actually has many benefits. For one, you’ll guarantee that your employee is loyal since opportunities are sparse.

For companies, intentionally rejecting someone due to a criminal record might actually lead to scrutiny and charges for discrimination.

Hiring felons has also been linked to higher profits, as well as the rehabilitation of the felon. If a felon has a stable job, they’re less likely to go out and commit another crime for money or necessity. A job also helps integrate them into society in a more effective role.

Where Do Felons Usually Work?

Where Do Felons Usually Work?

When it comes to felons, it’s difficult to find opportunities as a lot of companies refuse to employ felons. On the other hand, multiple companies are actually positive towards hiring felons. Generally, felons end up in specific jobs such as:

  • Manual Labor: Manual labor is the lowest on the list of things a felon can get into since it’s extremely physically taxing. Construction and anything with your hand are actually very needed, and sites will usually hire. You’ll always find someone who needs manual labor.
  • Skilled Labor: Skilled labor is a step above manual labor, and is still quite important. Skilled laborers such as electricians, plumbers, carpenters do make good money, and often only need their high school degree. Skilled labor comes with challenges, but it can benefit an ex-felon.
  • Delivery: Delivery companies like FedEx and DoorDash aren’t against the concept of hiring felons. Obviously, if the felon is car or driving-related that might be a different story, but driving is a good profession for felons, especially if they have a problem with the looks around the office.
  • Fast Food: Every one of us knows a felon currently working in a big fast-food chain. Fast food chains don’t discriminate, and the employee is always needed. Restaurants are perfect to enhance either cooking skills as a chef, or people skills as a waiter.
  • Retail: Retail is the most popular field that doesn’t discriminate against felons. With retail, there are tons of options whether grocery stores or clothes or furniture or so many more. Retail work doesn’t involve heavy background checks, and it’s a good opportunity to communicate with people again and rehabilitate within society.

One of the most popular retail stores is Toys “R” Us. Toys “R” Us is the leading company in the U.S for toys and baby products, owned by Tru Kids.

The first store opened in 1948 and for decades, it has brought joy to kids, while giving countless jobs in their international branches.

Despite closing in 2018 and liquidating its assets, Toys “R” Us is back in the U.S with over 400 branches ready to hire. Because the company isn’t in the best position, they may be more flexible in hiring their employees.

In general, Toys “R” Us has been a good work environment and a good opportunity with satisfactory salaries, and benefits such as insurance and medical and dental, plus sick leaves and time off.

Does Toys R Us Hire Felons in [year]?

Does Toys R Us Hire Felons

Before closing in 2018, the answer is a bit more complicated. Like any retail store that had over 60 thousand employees, it will of course differ from one branch to another and from one interview to another.

You will always find someone telling you they might, and a lot of others telling you they don’t.

Frankly, the chances of being hired at Toys “R” Us with a felony might be on the lower side, as their background checks are more solid and their instances of hiring felons in the past are either fairly rare or undisclosed.

While some companies and stores have special felon hiring programs or they’re a part of the Ban of The Box movement, Toys “R” Us is unfortunately not one of them.

However, that doesn’t mean the door is completely shut. As we’ve mentioned, there are former employees and people who claim that some of their branches have hired felons in the past, so it’s at least worth a shot to try.

Moreover, there are several states where the background checks only consider offenses made in the past seven years, such as California, Kansas, Maryland, New York, and more. So, the older the felony, the better your chances are.

Not all felonies are treated equally in the job market though. With retail and Toys “R” Us, you’ll have less of a chance if the felony included robbery, theft, burglary, or sexual charges.

It’s understandable for Toys “R” Us, as their customers are mainly children that can’t be in a dangerous environment. The merchandise also needs to be kept safe, so, retailers frown upon any previous theft charges just to be safe.

With that in mind, it’s still worth giving it a shot. If the nature of the felony wasn’t severe, and enough time has passed, you can definitely try it out and who knows, they might be more flexible now.

Proving your qualifications, being honest and upfront, and having the necessary skills and requirements for the job could overshadow any past felony and make you one of those rare instances. If it happened once, it could always happen again, right?

What Jobs Does Toys “R” Us Offer?

We’re mostly dealing with entry-level jobs here, which would be more appropriate given a background check and a previous felony. You have the choice between stocker, cashier, or sales representative. These jobs don’t require much experience and would be the ideal positions to start out.

How Do I Apply?

You can apply online through third-party websites such as LinkedIn or via their career page. Once you find a position, send in your resume and wait for their response. Once you get a call or email, you’ll be ready for the interview.

Obviously, the interview process is the most critical aspect. You’ll have to be honest and mention your felony, but treat it as if it wasn’t such a big deal.

Showing honesty in an interview could be your way in, but you’ll also have to convince them of your qualifications, skills, and why you’re the ideal candidate, despite having a previous felony.

Being the best possible employee could outweigh the past problems. If you’ve taken courses or done community service, that would raise your chances even more. 

Why Companies Could Benefit From Hiring Felons

Even though it sounds like it would involve too many problems, hiring felons has actually proven to be beneficial because:

  • They’re Dedicated: Felons will look for any opportunity to atone for their past mistake, find a way back into the world, and prove themselves. For that, they’ll work pretty hard and be motivated enough to give the best possible performance. If someone has done jail or prison time, they’ll be used to hard work and following the rules.
  • They’re Punctual: The concept of time is a big deal for ex-felons, especially if they did some time (Pun not intended). The routine of the job will prove more natural to them.
  • They’re Loyal: Because opportunities for someone with a felony are so hard to find, once they do find it, they will be more likely to hold on to that position and be loyal to it. A felon will appreciate and be grateful for the opportunity no matter what.

All in all, while Toys “R” Us might be one of the more difficult companies to find a job at as someone with a previous felony, that doesn’t mean that it’s hopeless. Showing honesty, skills, and reliability are key to landing a job even in the face of unlikely odds.

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