Does Randstad Drug Test?

Does Randstad Drug Test? Randstad partners with companies throughout the United States to fill available positions with qualified candidates.

The staffing agency also provides companies workforce solutions in various areas, including healthcare, IT, finance, logistics, administration, marketing, human resources, accounting, office, life sciences, legal, and engineering.

Randstad describes itself as a “global leader, more than 5,700 internal throughout North America. The company manages over 94,000 workers weekly within the Canadian and American borders.

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Randstad reports €23.7 billion annual revenue globally. The company operates in 38 countries in North America.

Does Randstad Drug Test Employees in [year]?

Yes, Randstad requires all potential job candidates to authorize a pre-employment drug screen.

According to current and former Randstad employees, qualified candidates are asked to submit a urine sample for the employment drug screen before the interview concludes.

If you have any questions regarding the drug screen, now is the time to bring them to the recruiter’s attention. It is not unusual for recreational drug users to have concerns about employment drug screens.

If there is any doubt, you will fail the drug screen, do not authorize it. If you opt to go this route, give the recruiter a legitimate explanation.

Why Work At Randstad?

There are many reasons why qualified professional and nonprofessional workers should consider Randstad. The company is constantly looking for job seekers with experience in various industries like engineering, IT, and finance.

Frits Goldschmeding established Randstad in 1960 to help ease or eliminate the stress companies face when searching for qualified candidates.

Companies are searching for qualified job candidates. This is not to mention, they are also adding new positions during expansions and filling

Will Randstad Conduct A Pre-Employment Drug Test?

Randstad is responsible for hiring the best workers. It works diligently to ensure that its clients have access to the best employees. One way the company achieves this is by drug testing all workers.

Most companies do not want to hire people who regularly abuse drugs. Randstad understands this and strives to provide its clients with drug-free users.

As a result, you should expect to be asked to submit to a pre-employment drug test. Before the drug test, the applicant will have to complete an interview.

Typically, the drug test happens after a successful interview.

Which Drugs Will Randstad Check For?


Randstad uses a 5-panel drug test that primarily checks for five illicit substances. Your sample will be checked for the five most common drugs. For instance, the 5-panel test will check for PCP, THC, cocaine, amphetamine, and opiates.

In some cases, a 4-panel test will be used. In this situation, the drug test will check for opiates, PCP, THC, and cocaine.

Is It A Urine Drug Test?

In general, Randstad uses urine drug tests. Just remember that the staffing agency has several options. For instance, it may use a 4-panel, 5-panel, or 10-panel urine drug test. In most cases, the 5-panel urine drug test will be used.

It is the most common. As mentioned above, a 5-panel urine drug test will check for THC, opiates, amphetamine, PCP, and cocaine.

However, the company may use a 10-panel drug test in certain circumstances. These drugs are typically used when someone is trying to get a safety-sensitive job.

If you’re not sure, ask the HR person you’re working with. They can give you more information about the drug test you’ll be taking.

How Does Randstad’s Drug Test Work?

It is wise to learn how your Randstad drug test is going to work. First, you need to apply for a position with the company. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have to wait for someone from Randstad to call you.

After they’ve called, you’ll learn more about the job they have. They’ll also help you schedule an interview. Ultimately, this is one of the most important steps of the process.

The interview can help determine whether you get the job. Suffice to say, you’ll want the interview to go well. If it does, you may receive a job offer.

Once you’ve accepted the job offer, you’ll be asked to take a drug test. If you agree to take the test, you’ll receive paperwork and instructions to visit a local medical clinic where the test will be administered.

At the clinic, you’ll have to give a sample of your urine so it can be sent to a laboratory for testing. It usually takes a few days to a week to receive the results. The company will notify you once this happens.

Getting Ready For A Randstad Staffing Drug Test

Are you ready for the upcoming drug test? All applicants are going to be drug tested by Randstad so you won’t be able to avoid it.

If you want to get this job through this company, you’ll have to pass the test. Therefore, you need to be ready for it.

The best way to prepare is by not using drugs. Applicants should avoid using drugs for several weeks or months before the drug test. Remember that certain drugs will remain in your urine for a few weeks.

Therefore, you must stop using drugs ahead of time. Give yourself a month or longer to ensure that you’re going to pass the drug test.

Can You Fail A Randstad Drug Test Due To Prescription Drugs?

You could possibly fail a Randstad drug test due to prescription medications. While these medications will show up on your drug test, you should fail the test as a result.

Instead, you should explain to the HR representative that you have a prescription for these drugs. It is best to tell them before taking the drug test.

Bring your prescriptions and contact details for your doctor. Once you’ve done this, the HR person can check your prescription and call your doctor to confirm that you’ve legally been prescribed these medications.

As a result, this will give you a pass for the medications in question. Companies cannot hold prescription medications against you.


Randstad is likely going to drug test job applicants. Therefore, you should prepare for the drug test before applying for a job with this staffing agency. The drug test is typically given after the interview.

If you accept the position, you’ll be asked to take a drug test. Pass the test and you’ll likely receive the job. Expect to take a urine drug test after the job interview. Use the advice above to get ready.

People Also Ask (FAQS)

What Type Of Drug Test Does Randstad Staffing Use?

Typically, all Randstad applicants will be asked to submit to a 5-panel urine test. The test is designed to detect five of the most common drugs, including PCP, THC, Cocaine, Amphetamine, and Opiates.

Can They Watch You Pee For A Drug Test For A Job?

In some situations, the administrator maintains the right to watch you urinate when providing a urine sample. Direct observation may be possible to ensure that the applicant is not using any tools to cheat the drug test.

What Happens If You Test Positive On A Pre-Employment Drug Test?

You may test positive on a pre-employment drug test. Several things could happen as a result.  If you are on prescription medications, it shouldn’t impact your ability to get the job.

Tell the manager or HR person and show them your prescriptions. If you were using the drugs illegally without a prescription, you’ll likely lose this job.

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