Does Staples Hire Felons?

Unfortunately, having a felony conviction on your record will undoubtedly make your life harder in the long run. There are numerous roadblocks you’ll encounter due to your criminal history. Nevertheless, you should realize that you can accomplish many things by keeping your head clear and working hard. For instance, you will find that it is harder to find employers that are willing to hire felons. There are a few and you’ll need to go above and beyond to find them.

Which companies are worth your time? Which ones will consider hiring a felon? Does Staples fit into this category? Below, you’ll learn more about Staples and its hiring policies.

What Is Staples?

What Is Staples?

First, you should learn more about Staples and its history. The company primarily sells office supplies. When visiting a Staples store, consumers will have the chance to purchase paper, printers, computers, cables, and other office supplies.

The American office retailer has been in business since 1986. It was founded in Brighton, Massachusetts. Today, it has stores across the country. In addition to that, it serves Canada and the United Kingdom.

Since there are so many Staples stores in the United States, you can likely find a job with one of them. However, you need to make sure that the company will hire felons. More about this will be provided below.

Staples & Background Checks

When applying for a position with Staples, you are going to be background checked. You cannot avoid it. The company wants to make sure that you’re going to be a good candidate for the job. If you’re not, they’re not going to hire you.

Staples conducts background checks to ensure it is hiring the best workers possible. In addition to this, it wants to be cautious about hiring felons. It is important to understand that the background check process will take a few days or longer.

Once you’ve submitted the background check, it’ll take a week or longer to get the results. Furthermore, it is important to understand that Staples doesn’t have a set policy. It doesn’t automatically eliminate candidates because they’ve been arrested and convicted. With that being said, the company judges the candidate before determining whether they should be hired.

Does Staples Hire Felons?

Does Staples Hire Felons?

You’re likely wondering whether Staples will hire felons. Unfortunately, there is no definite answer here. The company may hire a felon, but it might not. With that being said, applicants need to understand that it depends on the applicant and their credentials.

If someone is a good candidate but they have a minor felony conviction, there is a good chance that Staples will hire. If they’re not a good candidate and they have a felony conviction, they likely won’t get the job. The company may use their felony conviction to get rid of them.

The company doesn’t have a clear policy. There is a good chance that they’ll hire a felon as long as the conditions are right. As long as they have a good work history and it isn’t a terrible crime, they should get the job. Remember that the company’s representative will judge you based on your employment history, criminal record, and interview. If everything else is good, you might get the job.

Check Careers at Staples

How About Misdemeanors?

As mentioned above, Staples may hire someone with a felony record. As long as you have good employment history and excel during the interview, you might get the job. Since they might hire felons, there is a good chance that they’re going to hire people with misdemeanor convictions as well. Nevertheless, the company does not support Ban the Box.

What Are Your Chances?

It is a good idea to apply for a job with Staples whether you have a criminal conviction or not. Doing so could increase your chances of landing the job in the long run. What are your chances? Will you likely get the job or not? Ultimately, it is hard to say.

It will depend on a handful of factors, including how well you perform during the interview, your education history, and the crime you were convicted of.

It is impossible to know until you try. With that being said, you’ll want to work diligently to apply and impress the individual responsible. Be ready for the interview so you can impress the individual in charge. If you do that, you might get the job.

Jobs Available At Staples

At the end of the day, you’ll need to search long and hard for companies that will hire felons. In addition to this, you’ll want to find jobs that fit you. Staples offers a handful of jobs that are great for felons. For instance, it often hires retail sales associates. When you accept this job, you’ll need to work with customers and help them find what they’re after. You’ll be able to help people and that can be rewarding. It is a good position and you’ll get to mingle with people.

Another possibility is becoming an inventory specialist. If you want to avoid customers, it is best to apply for an inventory specialist spot. With this type of job, you can help ensure that the store is properly stocked.

Tips For Getting Hired

You’ll want to do everything you can to help ensure that you get hired by Staples. The truth is that a lot of companies are not comfortable hiring felons so you have your work cut out for you. Nevertheless, you can do it. As long as you’re patient and persistent, you’ll be able to get a job with Staples or another company.

With this in mind, you should go above and beyond to boost your chances of getting the job. Be ready for the interview and make sure that you apply for a position that works well for you.

Be realistic and apply for a handful of positions. With luck and patience, you’ll get the job. Don’t hesitate to apply for a job with Staples. As long as you’re diligent and realistic, you might be able to get the job.

Some Felonies Make It Harder

Unfortunately, Staples isn’t going to hire certain felons. If you’ve been convicted of certain felony crimes, you likely won’t be able to get the job. For instance, the company likely won’t hire people who’ve been arrested for identity theft or credit card theft crimes.

The company wants to make sure that you’re trustworthy enough to handle credit and debit cards. If you’re not, they won’t hire you. If you’ve been convicted of illegally using credit cards before, the company will be hesitant to hire you.

Another thing to note is that Staples likely won’t hire people who’ve been convicted of theft. If you’ve been caught stealing from stores in the past, you’ll be a liability. That could create problems for you and your employer. Finally, there is a good chance that they’re not going to hire violent felons or sex abusers. It is pertinent to understand that the person in charge is going to consider everything when determining whether you’ll be a good candidate for the position.

Don’t Give Up

Felons should do everything they can to obtain a job. Positions are going to start running out before you know it. Securing a job now is wise. Staples may or may not hire felons. You can’t tell until you’ve applied and tried. As long as you play your cards right, you might get the position. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to try.

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