Staples Background Check

Staples Background Check

Have you ever entered a Staples store? If so, you’ll agree that the retailer offers many great products for professionals and businesses. Whether you need a computer or printer, you should consider visiting this retail store. They’ll have everything you need.

The company hires a lot of workers. Therefore, there is a good chance that you’ll be able to get a job with this company in the future. Just remember that you’ll need to complete the company’s hiring process to ensure that you can land the job.

Staples has a strict hiring procedure and you’ll need to jump through each hoop. If the person in charge determines that you’re a good candidate for the job, you’ll get it. Otherwise, you’ll need to apply with another company. One step of the process is getting a background check. Within this guide, you’ll learn more about the company and its background check process.

About The Company

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How much do you know about Staples? If you don’t know much, you’ll want to find out as much as possible quickly. After all, you’ll want to make sure that the company is a good employer for you. In general, Staples is best known for being a retailer of office supplies.

When visiting Staples, consumers can purchase printers, computers, electronic cables, paper, glue, and other supplies. If you need items to keep your business up and running, you can likely find what you need at Staples. The company offers great products at decent prices.

It has been in business for many years and has stores across the United States. You may live near a Staple store. If you do and you’re searching for a job, you should try getting a job with your local Staples. There is a good chance that they’re hiring. However, you’ll need to learn more about its hiring process. Do so and you’ll know what to expect. Below, you’ll learn more about the company’s background check process.

Why Work At Staples?

Staples has more than 1,300 locations in the United States and Canada, with around 70,000 employees. There are many reasons why Staples is a great employer. The company has both part- and full-time positions in retail, delivery, technology, warehouse, and sales.

Staples is continuously hiring new employees. To qualify, applicants must possess the skills to fill the roles they are applying for. One example, software engineer requires Adobe experience. Delivery driver jobs require an active driver’s license, and access to a registered, insured vehicle.

Staples offers employees health care insurance, 401K, vision and dental plant, 10 percent discounts off all Staples-branded products, travel expenses, tuition assistance, and short-term disability.

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Staples Background Check

Staples Background Check

When applying for a job, there is a good chance that you’re going to be required to get a background check. Most companies conduct background checks to ensure that they don’t hire bad workers. They use these checks to ensure that they’re getting the best workers. With that being said, Staples conducts background checks. If you’re going to try to get a job with Staples, you will need to get a background check.

In general, the background check will be able to check for convictions dating back 7 years. However, the laws may vary from one state to another.

Why Does Staples Conduct Background Checks?

Staples conducts background checks for a handful of reasons. First and foremost, the company wants to make sure that it is going to hire the best workers. It generally doesn’t want to hire people who’ve been convicted of violent crimes.

In addition to this, these companies do not want to hire thieves. Doing so could come back to haunt them in the future. Staples and other companies want to protect their employees and clients. Plus, it wants to protect its good name.

The company uses background checks to protect itself. It is a good idea to be ready for a background check because you’re likely going to be required to consent to one. Even if you’ve been convicted of crimes, you might get a job.

What Does Staples Look At?

When attempting to get a job with Staples, you have to accept that the company is going to conduct a background check on you. They’ll want to find out more about your past and whether you’re going to be a good worker. When conducting background checks, the company is going to look at numerous factors.

First and foremost, the company wants to learn more about your criminal history. Have you been convicted of a felony crime in the past? Have you been convicted of a misdemeanor crime? The company wants to find out. As a result, a part of their background check will check your criminal history.

In addition to this, Staples will want to check your employment history and educational history. The company checks these things to make sure that you told the truth on your application. If you lied about anything, the company will find out when conducting a background check on you. It is pertinent to be open and honest to avoid issues. If you’re caught lying on your application, you won’t get the job.

How Long Does It Take?

When applying for a job, you’ll want to begin working as quickly as possible. However, you shouldn’t rush the process because you might get disappointed in the long run. Instead, you should take your time and wait for it. The process isn’t rapid so you’ll need to sit back and wait. In general, it can take a few weeks before you receive the necessary information. Once Staples has the information it needs, it’ll take a week or so before it gets the background report.

There is nothing you can do to speed up the process. Furthermore, it may take longer. If there is a higher demand for background checks, you’ll have to wait a bit longer. Either way, it’ll generally take a week or so.

Be Ready For The Staples Background Check

So, you’ve decided that you want to work for Staples. Doing so is a good idea but you need to be ready for everything that is going to come your way. With this in mind, you should make sure that you give yourself a good chance to get the job.

For instance, you need to make sure that you’re honest when completing the application. Lying about anything will lead to big problems in the near future. Thankfully, it isn’t hard, to tell the truth. In particular, you need to be honest about your criminal history and educational history.

If you’ve been arrested and convicted, you should tell the company about it. Don’t lie about anything because Staples is going to find out sooner or later. When they conduct the background check, they’ll find out. Be honest to avoid potential issues in the future.

Jobs Available At Staples

There are plenty of jobs available at Staples. For instance, you can get a job working in one of the stores. You can help customers find what they need and check them out. Alternatively, you can work as a stocker. You’ll make sure that the store has plenty of supplies. If they’re running low, you can reorder the items in question.

Finally, you may be able to get a job in a Staples warehouse. It is a good idea to consider all of your options because the company has plenty of unique job opportunities.


Staples offers many job opportunities in your area. If you’re searching for a job, it is a good idea to visit your local Staples and ask for an application. Alternatively, you can apply for a job online. Either way, you’ll want to fill out the application quickly and honestly.

Always tell the truth about your history because the employer is going to find out sooner or later anyway. You need to be truthful or you’ll lose the opportunity. Just remember that it generally takes a week or so to get the report back.

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