Does Tesla Drug Test?

Tesla has become one of the leading manufacturers of electric vehicles. You’ve likely thought about purchasing one of the company’s vehicles because they’re cost-effective and eco-friendly.

Remember that someone has to help make those amazing Tesla vehicles. Working at a Tesla factory can be fun and exciting, but it is also tough. When you begin working at Tesla, you’ll learn how these innovative electric vehicles are assembled.

Just remember that you’ll have to get a job with the company first. Before you can do that, Tesla will put you through pre-employment screening. Does this include a drug test? In all likelihood, you will be drug tested. More about that will be provided below.

About Tesla


Tesla is an American manufacturer of electric vehicles. Plus, the company acquired SolarCity several years ago. As a result, the company offers residential solar services too.

Whether you’d like to purchase an electric vehicle or install solar panels on your roof, Tesla can help. The company was founded by Marc Tarpenning and Martin Eberhard in July 2003.

However, its most notable member is Elon Musk who invested $6.5 million in the company in February 2004. Since 2008, Musk has served as the company’s CEO. Tesla makes several types of electric vehicles, including the Roadster sports car, Model X SUV, Model 3, and more.

Tesla has become of the most respected technology companies in the world. Suffice to say, a lot of people would love to get a job working for this company. If you live in an area with a Tesla factory or shop, you should find out what jobs are open.

Possible Tesla Jobs

Wouldn’t it be fun to work at Tesla? The company hires a lot of people across the country and beyond. Therefore, you should not hesitate to check the company’s current job openings.

Besides working at the company’s factory, you can also become an advisor or engineer. The company frequently hires Tesla Advisors, Cell Recycling Operators, Senior Physical Design Engineers, and Global Supply Analysts.

Be sure to research the jobs open in your area. If you’re willing to travel, you can secure a job anywhere in the country.

Jobs can be found on LinkedIn and the company’s official website.

Primary Tesla Employee Benefits

Tesla is one of the top-rated employers in the country. Its work environment is employee-friendly. Plus, Tesla employees will receive generous benefits. Right now, the company has more than 70,000 employees.

These individuals receive excellent salaries when compared to other jobs in the United States.

A recent interview with Andrew Sorkin claimed that workers at Tesla who are not unionized get paid more than unionized workers. Furthermore, the company provides employees with excellent health and life insurance options.

Tesla’s insurance offerings cover prescription medications, dental benefits, healthcare, and more.

Other benefits include paid parental leave, retirement plans, long-term disability insurance, short-term disability insurance, paid time off, training programs, and wellness programs.

Furthermore, some workers will receive annual bonuses. Finally, Tesla employees receive a 35% discount on all Tesla products.

Does Tesla Drug Test Applicants?

Does Tesla Drug Test Applicants

Do you want to get a job at your local Tesla facility? If so, you must remember that you’ll have to complete the company’s pre-employment procedure. Besides being background checked, you’ll also have to get drug tested.

In general, Tesla does use drug tests to screen workers. If you’re trying to obtain a safety-sensitive job, you’re going to be drug tested.

Just remember that Tesla has taken steps to accommodate marijuana users in certain states. If marijuana is legal in your state, Tesla’s drug test likely won’t check for it.

You should take steps to ensure that you’re going to pass the test. Otherwise, you’ll lose a great job opportunity at Tesla.

What Drug Test Does Tesla Use?

Before you’ll be hired by Tesla, you’ll have to pass a drug test. While it could depend on the circumstances, most workers will be required to take a urine drug test.

In general, this is the most commonly used drug test in the country. For some positions, there may not be a drug test. Still, it is a good idea to prepare for one.

If you’re going to be drug tested by Tesla, you will be asked to take a urine drug test. Urine drug tests are cheap, easy, and effective.

Usually, companies will use a 5-panel drug test to detect the five most commonly abused drugs in the country. Just remember that Tesla may not check for marijuana.

How Does Tesla’s Drug Test Work?

If you’re going to be drug tested by Tesla, you’ll have to take a urine drug test. Thankfully, the process is simple. Once you’ve completed the interview, you’ll have to take the drug test. You’ll receive information and paperwork.

The paperwork must be provided to a nearby drug testing facility. You’ll receive a sample cup that you must urinate in. You have to fill it up to a certain level.

Once you’ve done that, you can give the sample back to the receptionist. Later, the sample will be sent to a laboratory where it will be tested.

Within a few days, you’ll learn whether you passed or failed the test. Although it will make you nervous, you must remember that everything is going to be okay. Stay calm because you know that you’re clean.

How To Pass A Tesla Drug Screen?

The only way to fully ensure you pass a Tesla urine drug test is by avoiding illicit drugs. People who utilize drugs recreationally should not have an issue with this. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about other drug users.

Tesla strives to hire long-term qualified workers to decrease the need for continuous hiring. The evidence online is conflicting, with some employees claiming the company does not require applicants to a drug test while others say the exact opposite. Being fully prepared for both circumstances is the only way to pass a drug screen.

It is to know how long your drug of choice stays in the system. Evidence shows drugs can be detected in the bloodstream for up to 12 hours and between three and five days in the urine.

Many American employers are turning to salvia drug screens to ensure more accuracy and convenience. The saliva screen can detect drugs for up to 12 hours after the last use.

It is not recommended to try to beat the drug screen with fake urine. Thanks to innovative technology, laboratories can now detect fake urine. It could result in false-positive results, could result in the refusal to hire you.

Does Tesla Conduct Random Employee Drug Tests?

Yes, but only in specific cases. When an employee appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs in the workplace, the supervisor may require a random drug screen.

The main purpose of the random employee drug test is to deter Tesla workers from ingesting drugs or alcohol before or while working.

All Tesla workers injured in the workplace are required to undergo a random drug screen. The drug screen is a Worker’s Compensation requirement.

In order for Tesla workers to qualify for Worker’s Compensation coverage, their random drug screens must be negative. Although random drug tests usually do not happen at Tesla, they could. Therefore, you should be ready for anything.


Tesla is one of the most notable electric vehicle manufacturers in the United States. The company employs around 71 million workers in China and United States.

Tesla operates about 438 stores and about 100 electric vehicle service centers. As Tesla electric vehicles continue to grow in popularity, the existing customer base will also grow.

If this is the case, the company will be looking for more qualified workers. If you are contemplating applying with Tesla, you need to know the ins and outs of the hiring process, which most likely includes an employee drug screen.

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