Does Cracker Barrel Test for Drugs?

Testing potential employees for drugs is a standard procedure that is opted by a number of companies. Several of the States in the United States have guidelines regarding employee drug testing, and companies have made it a standard part of the recruitment process.

There are federal and state laws that companies need to abide by if they test employees for drugs, but there are provisions already present that make drug testing a prerequisite for employment completely legal.

Mostly, drug tests are conducted by companies that also perform background tests. They can be conducted separately by the employer as well.

Usually, the drug test covers amphetamines (meth), ecstasy, cocaine, opiates (codeine, morphine, and heroin), and PCP. There is uncertainty around the testing of marijuana since a number of states have legalized it. But if it is not legal in your state, the employer can test you for marijuana.

Employers usually conduct drug tests because drugs can affect the performance of an employee, and can make them more prone to accidents or injuries.

If an employee is in charge of certain tasks, like driving, then being under the influence can cause trouble for the company and the employee. A drug test can help the company cover its bases if there is any kind of legal action involved.

If you are applying for work at Cracker Barrel, a restaurant and gift shop chain, you may be wondering if you will be required to take a drug test.

According to the testimonials, Cracker Barrel will conduct a drug test only under a few notable circumstances. To know more about Cracker Barrel’s drug testing policies, keep on reading.

About the Company

cracker barrel

Cracker Barrel is a popular American Chain restaurant, plus gift store, that has a strong Southern country-side theme. It was established in 1969 by Dan Evins in Lebanon, Tennessee.

The idea for the restaurant started out when Evins, a sales representative of Shell Oil, decided to open a restaurant with gas pumps on the premises.

The restaurants were supposed to be located close to the highways and attract truckers and highway travelers, and their primary aim was to sell gasoline. After their success, the expansion relied on only the restaurant and gift shop for revenue, phasing out the gas pumps.

Since then, the company has grown to be one of the largest chain restaurants, with over 663 stores present in 45 states of the United States.

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Employee Drug Testing

The chances of a company conducting a drug test depend on various factors – the state they are located in, their own policies, and the kind of position they are looking to fill.

Companies need to abide by federal and state laws regarding background checks and drug testing, so there are no universal policies that apply to every single company.

Cracker Barrel has stores in 45 states all over the United States, but their drug testing policies seem to be fairly standard across the board.

They claim to be a drug-free workplace, which means that anyone caught doing illegal drugs can face suspension or termination.

But, even with their drug-free stance, it seems that they do not conduct drug tests before hiring someone. The reports from employees suggest that the only time a drug test is conducted is when an employee gets injured or meets with an accident at the workplace.

The lack of testing before employment seems to apply to entry-level positions. We are not sure if applying for a higher position, such as a managerial role, has different drug policies.

Does Cracker Barrel Drug Test in 2023?

Does Cracker Barrel Drug Test

Cracker Barrel claims to be a drug-free workplace. Their official stance is that they do not tolerate drug use from their employees.

Despite their stance, employee reports indicate that they are not very thorough in their drug testing. There are several types of testing an employee can be subjected to and we shall go over each one and clarify Cracker Barrel’s stance on it.

Drug Testing Pre-Employment

A pre-employment drug test is considered to be a part of a background test. A number of companies use a pre-employment drug test as a screening process for their potential employee. The test may check your urine, blood, or hair for any traces of illegal drugs.

A drug test will exclude any medication that contains amphetamines or opiates, as long as the person has a valid prescription for them.

Cracker Barrel does not conduct pre-employment drug tests, especially for their entry-level positions, if we go by employee testimonials. But there is a small chance they might conduct a urine test, so make sure that you steer clear of drugs if you are looking to work for them.

There is a greater chance that you will be tested for drugs if you are applying for a managerial position, or have applied for a promotion.

Random Drug Testing

If a company wants to discourage its employees from drug use, it may implement random drug testing. As the name suggests, a random drug test is an unannounced test that a company can conduct on its employees.

They can either choose random employees or choose the people who have been suspected of drug use at the workplace.

Even though Cracker Barrel claims to be a drug-free workplace, they do not conduct random drug tests, as far as we know.

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For-Cause Drug Testing

If an employee is suspected of drug use, then the company can ask them to undergo for-cause drug testing. For-cause drug testing is conducted when an employee shows signs of drug use, such as a fall in the quality of their work, tardiness, or missing work altogether.

A fall in the performance is usually the reason for the test, but it can also be conducted if another employee or customer suspects someone of drug use and addresses their concerns to their manager. There are certain exceptions to the for-cause drug test – such as prescription medications.

A person could be on Adderall to treat ADHD, or they could be on Oxycodone for pain management. Even though they will show up as amphetamine and codeine on the drug test, as long as the employee has a legitimate prescription, they can be excused. Cracker Barrel does not seem to conduct for-cause drug testing if we go by employee testimonials.

Drug Testing After Accident

An accident or an injury at the workplace is a serious incident, and a company may ask the employee involved in it to undergo a drug test. In case of an accident/injury, the company can ask the employee to get tested for drugs and alcohol.

If the employee is found to be under the influence of either drugs or alcohol, they are held at fault for the accident. They can be subjected to disciplinary action, such as suspension or termination. Companies conduct drug testing after accidents because they can be held liable for any damages.

If the person involved in the accident is under influence, then the liability falls on the person and not the company. Cracker Barrel does conduct drug tests in the case of accidents, and we can say that with absolute certainty.

Can an Employee Refuse to Take a Drug Test?

If you have applied for a managerial position at Cracker Barrel, then there is a chance you will need to take a drug test before you can work for them. They cannot force you to take a drug test, but refusing to do so could end up with you not getting the job.

They may also require you to take a drug test if you have applied for a promotion, or if you were involved in an accident.

Again, refusing to do so could result in disciplinary action. It is advisable that you do not do drugs or be under the influence of alcohol while you are employed at Cracker Barrel.

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