does toys r us drug test

Why Does Toys R Us drug test Employees?

Toys R Us has over 800 locations across the country and every day, hundreds of applicants apply for jobs here. Employment will be most demanding during the holidays when it’s time for people to return to their regular routine.

In order to gain a position within the company, each applicant must go through a series of hiring processes the most dreaded of which are Toys R Us drug tests; yes they do test their employees for drugs.

does toys r us drug test

Is there a drug test at Toys ‘R’ Us when they hire new workers?

Following the online application, you would be contacted for a series of interviews. The requirements for a position would rely heavily on the role you’re applying for.

Entry-level employees can benefit from group sessions, while management positions necessitate one-on-one in-person interviews.

Thus. in management level interviews, you might be more comfortable informing the interviewer about your discomfort with a drug test, which the hiring manager mentioned in the job posting.

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Are Toys “R” Us drug tests done on the first interview?

To be absolutely honest, your very first interview with Toys R Us would be all about your work experience, exposure to toys, and an innate desire to make kids happy.

Toys R Us drug tests are not done at the very beginning of the interview. Although the operations of these companies align with state and federal rules, the test must be done compulsorily.

The candidates will be informed that they will be required to take a drug test in the early stages of the interview process, but this will depend on the position of the job that they have chosen.

For which drugs do Toys R Us drug tests test for?

Marijuana, opiates, and methamphetamine are the most commonly detected drugs during drug testing protocols among job applicants.

Some other drug screening results may be needed as per the requirements of Toys R Us drug tests on case to case basis, but the above three are the most common type of testing.

When do they drug test their worker?

Toysrus drug testing is required when there is an accident while on the job.

Generally in the testing, a Urine Drug Test (UDT) or even a Mouth Swab Test (MSDT) is used to determine the presence of certain substances, but this depends on a variety of factors, such as the weight of the situation, etc.

The difference between screening and confirmation level

There are two steps in the workplace, the first of which is a preliminary screening, and the second step is a confirmation test if the preliminary screening was negative.

In the beginning, Toys ‘R’ Us use a simple screen test to determine whether or not the specimen is negative. For example, GC-MS or LC-MS/MS is used to perform confirmation Toys R Us drug tests on the specimen.

How are ng/mL and pg/mg interpreted in Toys R Us drug tests?

Cutoff levels for the drug tests are typically stated in nanograms per milliliter (mL) for urine and oral fluid clinical trials and picograms (pg) per milligram (mg) for hair drug tests.

Toys R Us test’ detection window depends on the specimen type as well as drug tested. Some of the testing, including a hair test, can be used to detect the approximate period of time that a hair product has been used.

It consists of up to three or four days’ worth of oral fluid. For most drugs, urine can hold urine for up to four days, but in heavy marijuana users, urine has the potential to hold urine for thirty days or more.


Workplace substance abuse policies are also established by federal and state laws. Toys R Us may implement a policy that prohibits the use of illegal drugs and alcohol, screens for drug use, and discharges employees who are found to be using illegal drugs.

Many state and federal laws provide protections for those who have a substance abuse history.

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