Does Amazon Flex Drug Test Employees?

Does Amazon Flex Drug Test Employees? According to Amazon, flex is a chance for anyone to work part-time, on their own timetable, and earn money by delivering items on Amazon’s behalf.

Through a mobile application, workers can enroll in the Amazon Flex program through which individuals can make more money efficiently. Flex will provide tens of thousands of part-time possibilities for people to earn more money while spending less time at work.

Does Amazon Flex Drug Test Employees

Amazon Flex works in conjunction with Amazon’s superior logistical methods and technologies, which the company has been developing for some time.

Customers who are interested in becoming delivery partners with two-wheelers may sign up, set their own delivery schedules, and deliver products using the Amazon Flex mobile application.

Now that you want to enroll in this program, there always looms the question of whether they will conduct a drug test or not.

Like any other company, amazon follows a set of rules as well, and in this article, we will make sure to answer all your questions on this topic.

Does Amazon Flex Do A Background Check?

Yes, Amazon does a background check before hiring anyone. Amazon can check records that can date as far back as 7 years. When it comes to theft or violence-related convictions on your criminal record, you won’t be able to get an interview.

Additionally, a driving record check will be performed to verify that you haven’t had an excessive amount of traffic offenses in the past. You will need a clean state to get hired by Amazon Flex.

How Long Does the Background checks take?

When it comes to background checks, Amazon Flex defers to a third-party provider with expertise in this area. Typically, the assessment takes 2-5 days to complete, but it might take up to 10 days under some conditions.

The only way to find out if your background check is taking longer than five days is by calling Amazon Flex support. Amazon Flex will have you driving before you realize it if your records don’t include anything troubling.

Does Amazon Flex Drug Test In [year]?

Amazon Flex Drug Test

Amazon Flex does drug tests before employing someone. They use mouth swab drug tests as the screening method.

The test involves swiping a swab inside your mouth and giving it a good roll 2-3 times. The result can be gathered as soon as 10 mins, and depending on that, you can procure the job.

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What Will Happen If Your Result Come Out As Positive?

If you get a negative result, there are no drugs in your system, and you are cleared for the job. While, if you get a positive result, then they may send you to do a urine test, as they are more accurate.

You will only get employed after getting a negative clinical report. Otherwise, they will not hire you.

Why Are Swab Tests Preferred Over Other Tests?

In lieu of urine drug testing, saliva tests are increasingly being employed. They’re more convenient to administer.  A lab analyses the swabs to look for everything from genetic information to foreign particles in the mouth, and you can get an instant result.

How Are Saliva Swab Tests Different From Urine And Blood Tests?

As with blood and urine tests, the presence of drugs in the body can be detected across a variety of time frames depending on the substance under consideration.

Like other testing techniques, oral swabs primarily seek for metabolites of drugs; these are the compounds that remain in the body after the body processes a certain substance.

Does Flex Drug Test Randomly?

Amazon Flex only tests the drug before hiring anyone. They may ramp up their drug testing in the future, but for now, It is very unlikely. With coronavirus’s impact, we don’t think they will start randomly taking random drug tests.

Will Amazon Flex Check for The Presence of Marijuana in Drug Tests?

Slowly, but steadily marijuana is getting legalized in different parts of the world. Since Amazon is having a tough time hiring qualified individuals, they have changed their stance on marijuana.

One of Amazon’s retail chiefs (Dave Clark) has commented, “In the past, like many employers, we’ve disqualified people from working at Amazon if they tested positive for marijuana use,” and now they are suggesting their small business partners stop testing for marijuana.

Referring to the new stance from amazon, several delivery partners have become lenient on marijuana, and are only testing for coarse drugs like methamphetamine, opioids, or cocaine, to name a few.

This is an excellent move by amazon, which will improve their employment rate and provide uninterrupted services.

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What Will Happen If You Refuse A Drug Test?

What Will Happen If You Refuse A Drug Test

Your company’s policy and the nature of your work will determine the conclusion. An employer cannot force you to give a urine sample by locking you in a bathroom and taking your blood. Just like you can reject the drug test; similarly, your company can reject your application as well.

Different parts of the country follow different rules and regulations. For example, your company’s policy and the nature of your work will determine the conclusion. In this case, Amazon flex only does pre-employment drug tests.

Strictly speaking, you cannot be compelled to submit to a blood test by your employer.  Various states have banned their employers from allowing a drug test after an employee has started working.

As a result, while employers can require drug testing as part of the application process, they usually are prohibited from doing so after employment has begun. They can only do a pre-employment drug test.


Amazon flex tests all their employees before hiring them, and before a drug test, they have to go through a strict background test which can last up to 5 days.

Just like any other big brand, amazon has to keep a standard while also following the local laws. Recently, amazon said that they have stopped screening for marijuana and have started taking employees who got a positive THC content in their drug report.

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