World Wide Technology Jobs

Does World Wide Technology Jobs Hire Felons?

Former offenders trying to get high paying jobs to face an uphill fight because it is uncertain how your record will affect your opportunities. People who seek jobs in the technology industry would like to know: Does World Wide Technology Jobs hire felons?

World Wide Technology Jobs

World Wide Technology has more than $10.4 billion annual revenues and more than 5,000 workers at the main campus. People who want to discover how to get a job at one of the largest private businesses in the country can find all the information in this article. You will get exact questions to your answers:

  • Will your felony get you disqualified?
  • Does World Wide Technology hire people with minor crimes?
  • How can you apply?
  • Does World Wide Technology perform background checks?

Successfully Released of every convicted felon deserves a second chance after incarceration. This is precisely why people like us like to communicate directly with them and get all the answers our users need to get a job at large companies.

Let us see if it is challenging to get hired at World Wide Technology.

Official World Wide Technology Policy For Hiring Felons.

We took the liberty of contacting this company to ask if they are willing to hire former felons, but they refused to respond. We started looking into the company to find out if they have a certain policy. What we discovered was the company’s belief in a social mission. However, their identical opportunity employer declaration does not mention many things about criminal history or records.

Did WWT hire felons in the past?

Their staff did not tell us whether or not they used to hire felons in the past. Unfortunately, none of our investigations revealed anything specific to indicate that World Wide Technology has hired or will hire formerly convicted felons.

Does WWT accept people with non-violent crimes?

Not much luck with this one either. We could not find anything helpful to indicate how being a non-violent offender might influence your chances of getting hired at WWT.

Does WWT practice The Ban The Box program?

The Ban The Box program is a precisely designed program to help convicted people get jobs at different firms. This scheme gives such applicants a fair chance to be accepted at any company, without being judged by their past. Employers who agree with Ban The Box program do not commit applicants to answer questions about prior misdemeanors.

Another good alternative to Ban The Box is Fair Chance Business Pledge. In addition to all the good features of BTB, firms swearing to fair chance business pledge are obliged to provide convicted individuals with good opportunities.

Unfortunately, WWT has not approved any of these programs. However, if you are still going to apply for a job at WWT, you are required to create an account on their website and fill out an online application. The good news is, after our initial testing, we found no trace of questions that ask you about your criminal endeavors. This is normally a good sign – but in this instance, with no further proof, we cannot exactly tell whether or not you will be treated like a normal, law-abiding citizen.

Does WWT provide special programs for hiring felons?

World Wide Technology does not seem to be developing any scheme of this sort. As far as we can tell, they are not focused on training and hiring felons. However, we cannot say that they are against your criminal past either.

Are there good odds that you will be hired at World Wide Technology as a felon?

Does World Wide Technology Jobs Hire Felons?

Since World Wide Technology refused to communicate directly and did not approve the request for more information on this subject, we rank your possibility of getting hired at WWT as low.

Are there any entry-level jobs?

The World Wide Technology company lists various positions obtainable at every location, which covers a huge amount of tech-related jobs. Not one of them appears to be entry-level. However, most of their postings require years of work experience in software manufacturing and engineering.

If, by any chance, you have a required skill set in this field, go ahead and apply immediately.

How can you get hired at the World Wide Technology with a felony?

So, Does World Wide Technology Jobs Hire Felons? WWT does not specify if they are going to hire felons or not. So, how can you go about finding a job at WWT? As always, you should start by shaping up your resume. This should match exactly what you are looking for.

If you go past this step and get invited to an interview, you will want to look and act as professionally as possible to show them you are a changed man/woman. Below you can read some of the most useful tips for an interview at World Wide Technology:

Basics: If you have killer technology skills, WWT will be focused on hearing what you have to say. Always be prepared to discuss details about your skills and work experience.

Appearance: WWT is a company that likes to hire professionals, so do your best not to dress casually. Be clean-cut and fashionable. If you lack in this department, a career center might be able to help you out.

Mannerisms: Without coming off as a cocky individual, try your best to appear as confident as possible. Maintain steady eye contact with WWT staff and keep your responses short. Always take a breath before saying something, this will reassure your employers and show them you are calm.

Job History: Being a felon often means a significant gap in employment history. Do not be surprised if they ask you anything about this. There is nothing to be ashamed of talking about tough transitions in your life. Just by being there and taking an interview shows you are trying to rebound to a normal life.

Check out the available jobs at WWT.

Does World Wide Technology perform background checks?

There was no exact information about this subject on the WWT website. So we are uncertain whether or not they will do any background checks on you.

However, be extra careful and tell the truth about your past criminal experiences.

We wish you the best of luck at getting hired!

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