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Dollar General Background Check

What does Dollar General look for in a background check? With the numerous jobs available today, more and more people than ever are entering the workforce. Maybe you are entering the workforce for the first time.

Maybe you are looking to get back into the workforce after a long layoff. Perhaps, you are trying to get back on your feet after a stint in jail or prison.

Whatever the situation is, Dollar General is no doubt one of today’s top providers. With locations all over the world and various openings along with plenty of advancement opportunities, it only makes sense that one would seek employment here.

The real question becomes, how can you prepare for the background check awaiting you? Whether you have some skeletons in your past or you are just nervous about impressing your new employer, there are various things that you need to know about Dollar General’s background check.

Do Dollar General Do Background Checks?

Does Dollar General Do Background Checks?

When it comes right down to it, it is completely the employer’s decision as to whether or not they want to perform a background check. Some employers opt for background checks while others do not. Dollar General is amongst the list that performs background checks.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you’ll be excluded from a position if you have a questionable background. It should also be known that each employer has the decision as to how far they want to delve into your background. Every employer is different, including Dollar General.

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What Is Included In A Dollar General Background Check?

As you just learned every employer’s procedures are different when it comes to background checks. Employers like Dollar General like to take the time to review an applicant’s background because they simply do not want to hire someone who won’t succeed at the position in question.

This is especially true if they have another potential applicant on the line. Why hire someone that won’t likely succeed when you can hire someone that might stay with the company and help them prosper? Here are some of the things that are considered on a Dollar General background check:

  • Does the employee produce quality work?
  • Does the employee have a negative attitude?
  • How does the potential employee work with others?
  • Does the employee have a negative history when it comes to dealing with customers in stressful and negative situations?
  • Does the potential employee actually possess the skills required for the position?
  • Will the employee show up and show up on time?
  • Will the employee perform honestly?

Really, as long as you have a positive work history the only thing that could discount you from acquiring a job at Dollar General would be a negative criminal history. Even if you are committed to living an honest life now, you might be discounted from employment at Dollar General.

What Else Is Included In The Background Check?

Dollar General is among the many employers that don’t just check an employee’s work history. They like to be thorough, this is why they delve a little further. Some of the other things that they’ll check during the screening process are:

  • An employee’s credit history
  • An employee’s driving record (Even if driving is not part of the position you are applying for, it can help an employer determine your likelihood of getting back and forth to work)
  • An employee’s educational records
  • An employee’s criminal offenses

Why Does Dollar General Background Check Consider These Things?

Why Does Dollar General Background Check Consider These Things?

It might seem unfair that an employer like Dollar General is going to go as far as to check your credit history and education records, but there are a number of reasons that they check these areas.

The first reason they scan these areas is that it will give them a general idea of the past mistakes that you’ve made in your life.

This information can also give them a general idea of your character. How are you likely to act in stressful or confronting situations? Lastly, this information will tell the employer your financial fitness. Why does this matter?

If you aren’t responsible for your finances, you likely won’t be responsible for your other responsibilities. If you don’t care enough to pay your bills on time, why would you care enough to follow the rules and show up at work when and where you are needed.

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Why Is Criminal History Such A Big Deal?

Unfortunately, criminal history is a major part of Dollar General’s background checks. Dollar General, like many employers, focuses highly on criminal history because it’ll help them identify the hiring risks for security and safety issues for the company.

The company not only has to consider their stock and customers, but they have to consider the welfare and well-being of their employees. They do not want to place their current employees in a stressful or unsafe environment.

How Long Will The Background Check Go Back?

It is entirely possible for people to change. People can turn their lives around, and just because you’ve made a mistake in the past it doesn’t mean that you’ll make one in the future.

It also doesn’t mean that you are a bad person or will make a bad employee. This is something that Dollar General has to consider when hiring. However, they do have to make an adequate attempt to see view your previous offenses.

If you have any prior convictions on your past record, whether they be ten or fifteen years prior, they will likely show up on Dollar General’s check. Non-convictions, on the other hand, will usually show up for the past seven years.

If you’ve had a non-conviction in the past eight years, it likely won’t show up during your Dollar General background check. If you’ve had a crime or incident expunged from your record, the employer will not have access to it. There will be no note of the event at all. It will literally be as if the incident never happened.

Dollar General’s Application

Now, that you know what’s in store for the background check, you’ll be ready to go fill out your application. Even though this is less intimidating, it can still be overwhelming for some. This is why it pays to know what you are getting into.

Dollar General’s application process is fairly simple and straightforward. It should only take anywhere from thirty to forty minutes. During the process, it’ll ask for your work history, experience, financial commitments, and previous criminal offenses. You’ll want to be completely honest and ready to explain any gaps in employment greater than a month.

In addition to this information, the application will also ask for some references, both personal and professional, your current address and living situation, as well as why you’ll be a good fit for the position you are applying for.

All in all, the application process is fairly easy and straightforward, but it’ll pay to have all this information handy ahead of time. Have your name, address, phone number, previous employer’s names, phone numbers, and addresses.

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