Gaming License Background Check

Gaming License Background Check

In order to work in the gaming and gambling sector, a gaming license is an absolute necessity in almost all casinos in the USA. Due to a variety of reasons, the kinds of people and the kinds of desirable characteristics those people must have are important to check over and a gaming license background check is required to enter the industry as someone who would work the floor or as an individual who would be running and owning a gaming establishment.

There are few separate considerations that are covered by the check, which will be explained below.

Who is a good casino employee?

The gaming business has had, in the past, a bad reputation for the employment of or collaboration with individuals who have less than clean criminal pasts. This has been a problem for casinos in recent years, with many casinos wanting to correct this and clean up their image and improve the way that society sees them. The easiest, yet at the same time very in-depth process that allows this, is the gaming license.

It is designed to stop those who are likely to break the law, hurt the casino’s reputation or finances, or may bring in less desirable characters from gaining employment in an establishment. Generally, this involves only employing those with a suitable standard of education, a good legal record (although not necessarily clean), and good moral character. If one can show these, it is likely that they will gain a gaming license through the appropriate background check.

Gaming License Background Check

Gaming License Background Check

The first step in determining if one is eligible to work in a casino is a check on their criminal and legal history. It is important to note that this is probably the most in-depth section of a gaming license background check – these checks are intended to find individuals who would be reliable with money, are honest, and do not have a criminal background that could place a casino and its profits in jeopardy.

The gaming industry has somewhat of a tarred image due to associations with organized crime and other criminal activity, so it is important in the process of issuing a gaming license for the appropriate checks to be made of an individual (or even those associated with an individual, such as family, close friends, and past business associates) prior to any award being given.

If one has any potential links to criminal activity or unexplained income, it could cause problems for an individual who wishes to acquire a license. Thanks to attempts to recover and improve the image of gaming and gambling, it is important for employers today to present themselves as making thorough checks that only reliable people are being employed in these environments – it is important that even potential criminal pasts are called into question and require explanations. However, one time misdemeanors such as a DUI over a certain timeframe ago should not disqualify an individual from working in such an environment, although they may well be considered if an individual cannot show that they have been reformed since that time.

Criminal background check and felonies

Criminal background check and felonies

Although having a criminal past will not automatically bar someone from entering the profession, there are some specific crimes which will mean that someone will not be able to work in the profession, regardless of experience or ability. These are mainly financial crimes, such as embezzlement or laundering money; if you cannot be trusted with money, then there is little chance that an organization would employ that individual.

This will be especially true of the types of jobs that require handling cash and chips, which is a great deal of the jobs a casino offers. Also, those who have committed violent crimes, crimes against the person, or anything else which would indicate a wild or unpredictable temper would probably find it difficult to pass this check as they have qualities that would make a casino environment uncomfortable or potentially dangerous to customers (something an owner would wish to avoid).

The casino business obviously demands that an individual interacts with the public at large and this means that if someone has a criminal record indicating that being in an environment that would require close and frequent interaction with others would possibly lead to difficulties for them, then that individual would be found unsuitable for the role.

Some casinos are open to employing felons, however, but the nature of the crime committed will really determine how likely the felon in question is to get the job. One of the more important factors to consider if someone applying for a position has felonies against their name is that they are fully open and honest about their past; even if someone has made mistakes in the past, attempting to hide those mistakes from an employer would be very ill-advised.

As part of the background check, any check would instantly show criminal convictions; if you are not willing to share this information from the very beginning, this will reflect poorly on your character. In Nevada, for a specific example, if an applicant were to attempt to hide their criminal past or not be fully open about the nature of their crimes, this would be held against and likely because to turn down offers of employment as well as the ability to obtain a gaming license at all.

This is important to remember if you are a felon and are interested in working in the gaming sector – certain factors such as the nature of the crime, time since said crime, education, work experience, and ability with the job will all be considered, but a casino is still less likely to employ a felon due to the above-stated reasons.

Reference and employment check

Due to tighter regulations, a reference check may not just entail talking with previous employers and checking a literal history of your employment, but also checking your character, how responsibilities were handled, salary history, and why you left that position. This added depth to the check is to ensure that you fulfill the desired criteria as well as showing that you are a trustworthy individual.

Thinking about your background, the character that you have displayed in previous places of employment is incredibly important as it can show to a potential employer that you can be trusted with cash and chips, as well as how honest and capable you are in general. This is important when attempting to acquire a gaming license as you will be handling large amounts of money in a sometimes difficult and stressful environment for long hours.

If one has a criminal record, it may be wise to include only those who you know well and can rely on to sell your better qualities to the potential employer (which is always good advice, but especially in a situation where a less than desirable legal record could hinder your chances of gaining employment).

Education check

Generally, a high school diploma or GED is enough to work in a casino setting but be sure to investigate further if you are applying. Again, this is not strictly part of the gaming license background check, but it could play a part in the award of such a license if you have not been fully open and honest about your level of education. If you were to apply for a professional position, however, this will definitely be of importance.

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