Can Felons Travel to Bermuda?

Can Felons Travel to Bermuda? (Rules and Information)

I want to Travel to Bermuda, However, I have a felony on my record, is it possible? Prison can change a person, especially if someone served several years. In that long time, he starts to appreciate certain forms of freedom that he no longer has, one of that freedom is traveling.

Traveling is one of life’s best joys, but can a felon travel after getting released from prison? this article will clarify if a felon can travel to Bermuda or not.

Foreign Travel Restrictions on Felons

Foreign Travel’s Restrictions on Felons

Sadly, any felon won’t be able to know whether he’s allowed to travel to another country or not only by considering his offenses. The same felon can be allowed to move to a particular country but gets turned back when he tries to go to another.

It all depends on whether the country he’s going to allows felons like him into her lands or not.

To give an illustration of what I mean, let’s look at the case of Canada.

Canada turns back felons or anyone that has a criminal conviction whatever type it is or has a misdemeanor or felony at the border.

But don’t lose hope, Canada is considered extremely strict since a lot of other countries are more tolerant in this matter.

Since a lot of misguided people are trying to smuggle drugs through the border, the U.S has banned those who got caught committing this crime from getting a passport; this could be included in the sentence or probation. They could also be subject to federal arrest.

Some felons are considered a danger to others in any country they might travel to, so those won’t be able to get a passport, not to mention that those with a warrant will be arrested at the airport if they try to travel by air since they’re considered a flight risk.

If an average person has a passport, and then he becomes a felon, his passport will be restricted or revoked.

Failing to give correct information on a passport application concerning someone’s offenses or falls under one of these restrictions will result in losing that passport.

If a felon doesn’t fall under any of these restrictions, they are allowed by the law to leave the United States.

But still, being allowed to leave the US doesn’t mean that the felon can enter the country that he’s going to, he still needs the visa, and he’ll get only if that country allows it.

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The Reasons why Felons Would Want to Visit Bermuda

Can Felons Travel to Bermuda?

Felons have the same desire to visit another country as the average person does. And Bermuda, in particular, is kind of popular these days among U.S tourists for several reasons.

Bermuda has one of the world’s most beautiful beaches with golden sand and crystal-clear waters.

What’s so amazing is that the coral reef surrounding Bermuda Contains A lot of foraminifera, which is a red tiny single-celled animal, when this organism floats to the beach it gives the sand a pink color which makes it a Breath-taking view.

How to Get to Bermuda

A widespread way to go to Bermuda is on a cruise

For those of you who don’t know, you can choose one of two types of cruisers.

The first one is the closed-loop cruise. This cruise starts from a U.S port, and after it completes its voyage, it returns to the same US port they first departed from.

For this type of cruise, you only need proof of citizenship which is a government-issued photo ID and an original or copy of a birth certificate.

The second one is the open-loop cruise, this cruise’s final port is independent of its starting point, it may return to the same port it departed from, or it may go to another, and it always requires a passport.

The US government allows felons to choose which kind of cruise they want to take.

To enter Bermuda, you need to have a passport with a minimum of six valid months left at the moment of your entry into the country.

When it comes to the visa, it depends on how long you’re staying in Bermuda.

If you’re staying longer than three months,90 days to be exact, then you need a visa that you need to get before you leave the US, if not, then you can enter Bermuda without one.

Felons are advised to stay no longer than 90 days because their criminal record will be checked once they apply for a visa.

Felons must behave when they’re in Bermuda and do their utmost to stay out of any legal troubles. Simply obey all laws.

Felons who get in some legal trouble could make it hard to earn their release. In case they got in jail, they need to get a reliable legal counsel.

Tips for Felons’ Families

Felon’s families need to encourage felons to travel to a foreign country in order for them to forget all the pain they endured in prison and take a step closer towards inner peace.

Traveling can strengthen those family bonds among its member. The families of felons should take this opportunity to make convicts feel that they still have a family that cares about them and that they’re not alone.

In this way, the families will make sure that these felons obey laws and don’t make any mistake that could lead them into jail since, as American tourists, they will be watched closely.

This is very important because, according to studies, about 69% of released inmates return to prison in the first two years of their release.

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