Can A Convicted Felon Travel to Hawaii?

Can A Convicted Felon Travel to Hawaii in [year]?

Can A Convicted Felon Travel to Hawaii? A beach holiday is one of the most beautiful things on earth. There is hardly anybody who is not mesmerized by the vast ocean and playful beaches. Felons too are normal human beings like us.

They too have dreams of enjoying a wonderful beach vacation after getting back from prison. And Hawaii is one of the best places when you are planning a beach holiday in the US.

Can A Convicted Felon Travel to Hawaii in [year]?

But the question that comes here is that whether or not felons are allowed to visit Hawaii.

There are some travel restrictions

Can A Convicted Felon Travel to Hawaii?

It’s to note here that felons have to abide by some travel restrictions while planning a trip to Hawaii.

You cannot travel anywhere outside your federal district without the prior permission of a probation officer when you are under probation. And, it’s nearly impossible to receive such a permit. So, the bottom line is you can’t plan your trip to Hawaii unless you have completed your probation period.

After you have completed your probation, you can very well book your tickets to Hawaii. The Aloha State is one of the 50 States in the US. So, you can obviously visit thereafter the completion of your sentence terms.

However, you cannot drive to Hawaii, especially if the drive means passing through Canada.

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Why Hawaii?

Why Hawaii

Well, Hawaii is undoubtedly one of the loveliest places on the earth. There is a sea of reasons to book your tickets to Hawaii s soon as possible.

First, Hawaii mesmerizes with its sandy beaches, warm weather, clear water, and ancient volcanoes. The lush vegetation around is another great reason to visit Hawaii. Then, the State offers an amazing opportunity to take part in thrilling water sports.

Another awesome fact about Hawaii is surely its warm hospitality. The local folks over here are always very welcoming and they know how to pamper their guests. It’s always a magical experience to enjoy a vacation in Hawaii.

Besides, Hawaii is also the place to gorge on amazing seafood platters.

Who doesn’t want to go to Hawaii?

Is it possible to fly?

fly to Hawaii

The most popular way to visit Hawaii is through a flight. But are felons allowed to board flights for the island State? Well, in one line, yes they are allowed.

However, there are a couple of conditions that may pose restrictions on them regarding flying to Hawaii.

One is an outstanding felony warrant. A felon will be prohibited from boarding a plane to Hawaii if is carrying a pending felony warrant.

The other condition that will restrict the flight for a felon is his name on TSA no-fly list. The said list contains the name of suspected terrorists.

But if the felon does not fall under the above-mentioned two conditions and if he has completed his probation- he can any day book a flight to Hawaii.

Is cruise travel allowed?

Well, it’s a wonderful experience to visit Hawaii on a cruise. And yes, felons are allowed to travel to Hawaii on a cruise.

It’s to note here, there are basically two cruise types to choose from. One is dubbed as a close-loop while the other is referred to as an open-loop.

In the case of a closed-loop cruise, your journey will start & conclude in the same American port only. But the open-loop cruises have different departure & final port locations. You should know the closed-loop option comes with fewer restrictions compared to the open counterpart.

You should carry all necessary documents for a stress-free and convenient entry into the cruise for your Hawaii vacation. Apart from your cruise ticket, you will have to carry your government approved photo ID and your birth certificate.

If you go for the open-loop option, you have to bring your passport.

The passport will also be handy in times of emergencies. Say, you miss out on onboarding your cruise at the given time. The immediate thing you can do here is to take a flight that can take you to a nearby port so that you can board the ship from there.

The passport will even help when there is a family emergency and you have to come back soon to your home by flight.

The cruise definitely won’t change its itinerary for your plans. In such situations, it’s only a flight that would be of your help and you will need a passport here.

Family support is very significant

It takes a lot of determination and moral support for a felon to get back to the small pleasures of life like planning a beach vacation in Hawaii. In such situations, it’s the family as well as friends who can play a key role in motivating him towards leading a normal and happy life.

The beach vacation will also enable him to strengthen his ties with his near & dear ones. It’s going to be a rewarding experience for him but won’t be possible without the support of the close ones.

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