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Does Cracker Barrel Do Background Checks?

Before a company can hire you as an employee, they will conduct a background check. A background check is an important process for employment. It helps the employer know whether the person they are hiring will be a good hire or not. Jobs crackerbarrel com background check all applicants before hiring.

A background check supplements the employee’s application and helps the company verify if all the details presented are accurate. It can also help the company have a better idea about the candidate they are hiring.

Cracker Barrel, like most other companies, will conduct a background after your interview to see if everything you have mentioned in your application checks out. No one is exempt from a background check at Cracker Barrel – they will examine your background irrespective of the position you have applied for.

They will cross-check your work history, your educational details, your criminal record, your driver’s license, and your credit report before they hire you.

About the Company

Cracker Barrel

Based in the Southern countryside of the United States, Cracker Barrel is an American chain restaurant and gift shop. It is a popular chain that has stores in 45 states. As of September 2020, there are 663 CM stores operating all over the country.

It was founded in 1969 by Dan Evins, a sales representative for Shell Oil. He conceptualized the store so that he could sell more gasoline from the gas pumps he built on the sites for the restaurants. After the success of the chain, the company focused on the restaurant and began building restaurants without gas pumps.

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Why are Background Checks Conducted?

Most companies conduct a background check before they hire someone. When you are selected for a job, it is because the employer thinks that you have the necessary credentials that are needed to do the job well. A background check will help verify your details, as well as look into any references you may have.

A background check can reveal a lot about a candidate. It will look into their education, previous work, any records they might have, their credit history, their references and social media, and their certifications. The most common reasons why companies conduct background checks are:

Verification of Qualifications

The company will want to verify that the candidate has provided all the relevant information regarding their suitability for the job. Certain jobs may require certifications or accreditation, and a background check will be able to verify if the candidate has them.


Most companies cite safety as one of the most important reasons for a background check. If a customer or an employee becomes the target of violence at the workplace, then the company could be held liable. Therefore, they usually check to see if the candidate has any prior violent offenses before they are hired.

Improve Productivity

The work culture of a company is directly affected by the people they hire. If the workplace seems hostile, it can lead to the employees being unproductive. So, in order to maintain the work culture, they may look into the background of the potential hire.

They may also check with previous workplaces and see if the potential candidate works well with customers/other employees, has a good attitude, and is honest in their dealings.

Comply with the Law

There are jobs where it is mandatory to conduct a background check before hiring anyone. Not doing so could mean noncompliance with federal/state laws, and it could land the company in hot water.

Cracker Barrel Background Check

Cracker Barrel Background Check

Cracker Barrel hires its employees through an online application, followed by an interview. And part of the hiring process is agreeing to let the company conduct a background check on you. Their background check will cover the usual checks about education and work history.

They will also look into your criminal record before they can finalize hiring you. Cracker Barrel hires felons, so even if you have a record, they may not hold it against you. But whether they hire you, or don’t hire you, depends on the following factors:

  • Nature of the Crime Committed

There are crimes that will make you ineligible to be hired by Cracker Barrel. Since a number of positions involve dealing with money, credit cards, and merchandise, such as a server, host/hostess, and cashier, being convicted of theft will make you ineligible.

Other related crimes, such as fraud and identity theft, may also lead to you not getting hired. Since the jobs require you to deal with customers, those who have been convicted of violent crimes such as assault and sexual offenses may not get hired at Cracker Barrel.

  • Time Elapsed Since the Completion of Sentence

In a number of states, any record that is over seven years old will not be considered in a background check. The states where this is law are California, Colorado, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, Texas, and Washington.

  • Location of the Restaurant

Cracker Barrel is present in 45 States, and the laws they need to follow depend on the state they are located in. Some states will not allow the employer to review criminal records that are over seven years old.

States that include Alaska, California, Hawaii, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, and New York do not consider a not guilty verdict as a part of a background check. The rest of the states allow the employer to review any arrest record, no matter what the verdict was.

  • Discretion of the Hiring Manager

It is important to make a good impression on the person who is responsible for hiring you. The advice goes for everyone – it does not matter if you have a record or not.

Sometimes, the hiring manager may think you may not be a good fit for the position. Or there could be issues with your application or background check. So you may end up not getting the job.

What does Cracker Barrel Look for in a Background Check?

Before you can be hired by Cracker Barrel, they may look at the following things in a background check:

  • Name and Address

Cracker Barrel will want to verify that you are who you claim to be. The background investigation will cross-check your name, social security number, and address with public records.

One of the reasons to verify the identity of the candidate is to make sure that there are no irregularities between what is written in the application and what the public records say. It is also an important measure to counteract identity theft, which happens very often.

  • Criminal Record

Even though Cracker Barrel hires felons, they will still be taking a good look at a potential employee’s criminal record. They may cross-check to see if the candidate has a civil record, is on the sex offender registry, or on the domestic/global watchlist.

Cracker Barrel, as mentioned above, may not hire someone convicted of certain crimes such as theft or violent offences, and looking through the record of a potential hire is a crucial step when conducting a background check.

  • Verification of Education

Some of the positions at Cracker Barrel may require a high school diploma, while higher positions may require a higher degree. The application will ask the potential employee to list their education, and a background check will verify the information to see if the candidate is eligible to work with them.

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