Does Aldi Grocery Store Hire Felons?

Aldi is a global discount supermarket chain. Currently, there are more than ten thousand Aldi stores all around the world. Aldi employs more than 150,000 people all around the world. In the retail industry, Aldi is a popular choice for job applicants.

This is because Aldi pays its staff a little better than other retail chains. Furthermore, Staff gets paid for referring hard workers to apply at Aldi. The availability of employee health care and provision of vacation time to Aldi staff makes this supermarket chain popular.

Due to the nature of the business conducted in supermarkets and the need to interact with customers, Aldi has to be careful when choosing its staff. The ideal staff of the supermarket needs to be trustworthy, honest, and needs to care for customers.

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For this reason, felons and people with criminal records may be reluctant to apply for a job at Aldi. Here, we will answer an important question. ‘does Aldi hire felons?

Yes, Aldi hires felons and people with a criminal history. However, each job application is treated individually. Also, due to some factors such as the severity of the crime, and when the conviction occurred, some qualified people with prior convictions may not be hired.

Aldi has a clear employment policy that explains how job applicants with a criminal history are considered. Their policy states that the company will comply with state and federal laws when hiring new staff.

Also, the policy clarifies that having a conviction will not disqualify a candidate from being considered for a job.

Instead of automatically disqualifying the applicant, the company will consider the crime, how long ago it occurred and the individual’s criminal history.

Things felons should know before applying to work at Aldi.

* Aldi is not a known supporter of the Ban-the-box movement. The ban-the-box campaign was created to encourage employers to remove questions concerning criminal history from their job application forms.

While Aldi is an Equal Employment Opportunity company, it asks about the applicant’s criminal history before they reach the interview stage. This does not mean Aldi is discriminatory towards ex-convicts.

* Aldi does not sponsor any special Programs for felons. If a felon wants to work at Aldi, they will need to apply the official way. Then, they will need to pass the interview, background test, and drug test.

* You will be subjected to background checks. For the safety of the business, other staff, and customers, Aldi conducts background checks on all potential employees.

It is only when you are being considered for a job that the background check will be required. The background check will be according to the requirements in the local and state law.

If the state’s laws towards felons are harsh, felons may find it difficult to find employment at the Aldi stores within the state.

* A drug test is mandatory. After you have been called for an interview, you will take a drug test. You will be directed to a facility close by where you will be given a swab or urine test.

If you sustain an injury while working at Aldi, you will be subjected to another mandatory drug screening.

* Certain crimes could make getting employment at Aldi a difficult feat. Offenses such as theft, fraud, sexual abuse, and assault are difficult to overlook.

Due to the fact that staff may be handling money, credit cards, and products, individuals that were convicted of related crimes may not be hired to fill these positions.

Furthermore, people convicted of sex-related offenses may not be hired because they may be a danger to children and even adult customers.

* To increase your chances of employment, the conviction must be more than 7 years old. Also, the severity of the felony and repeated incidences can affect your chances of being hired.

Evidence of repeated felonies may cause you to be seen as a liability.
There are a few job positions that felons can apply to fill. They include; warehouse clerk, driver, store associate.

Tips for successfully applying for a job at Aldi

1. Ensure that you meet the qualifications for the position you want to fill. Having additional valuable skills and work experience will increase your chances of being hired by Aldi.

If you do not meet the job requirements, you can apply for an entry-level position. Afterward, take advantage of the company’s training programs and gradually rise in the ranks.

2. Update your resume and have a well-written cover letter. A well-written resume and cover letter can tell the hiring officer about you and what you have to offer.

In your cover letter, highlight what skills you have and how you can apply them while working at Aldi. Furthermore, explain how your skills can be used when interacting with customers.

Read the ‘About’ page on the Aldi website and use this to write how you can be a valuable employee and help the company fulfill its aims and objectives.

3. Answer all questions honestly. Aldi has a strict background check. Hence, you should answer all questions and fill all forms accurately.

If you are not honest, the background check will reveal this, and you will be denied employment for this reason.

4. Make a good first impression at the interview. When you are invited for an interview, dress properly, and speak with confidence. You may be questioned about your felony conviction.

Answer carefully, but emphasize how you have changed. Also, try to show that you have a knowledge of the company and state how you can be useful as an employee.

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In conclusion, you can be hired to work at Aldi even if you are a felon. While some positions may be unavailable to you due to your criminal history, you should apply to fill other entry-level positions.

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