Does Frito Lay Hire Felons?

When searching for a new job, you’ll find yourself continuously searching for an ideal organization. At some point or another, you’ve probably picked up a Frito-Lay snack. But, Does Frito Lay Hire Felons?

What Is The Hiring Process Of Frito Lay?
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Frito-Lay is a PepsiCo company in the United States that makes, promotes, and distributes a variety of snack foods, including a wide variety of chips, whole grain snacks, dips, and more. With over 55,000 working staff, you can’t go wrong if you decide to work for them.

Seeing such a vast diversity of backdrops in one place is unusual, Frito lay’ is a cultural company. Lay’s workforce is comprised of around 25% women and 40% minority groups.

If you’re employed at Frito-Lay, you’ll have access to excellent health care and retirement plans, as well as several other benefits.

Leaders at Frito-Lay communicate with subordinates regularly and inspire self-improvement in the workplace. It’s a fantastic perk, but it may also be a career-enhancing one.

Now that you want to work in such a good company, it’s the right time to fill up the application form, but what if you are a convicted felon, one with a criminal record? Let’s find out whether you are eligible or not!

What Is The Hiring Process Of Frito Lay?

When it comes to identifying and hiring new personnel, each organization has its unique strategy in place. As one of the world’s most valuable and renowned companies, Frito-Lay expects its employment process to be rigorous and comprehensive.

Knowing about the Frito-Lay recruiting process might assist in alleviating any anxieties you may be feeling.

The process is simple—fill out the application form, provide the recruiting manager with necessary details, a few backgrounds, drug test checks, and voila! You are more likely to get employed than not.

The background and drug checks are well-conducted and are stricter than the industry standard. Before doing a background check, those with negative information in their past may want to address it to avoid any surprises, particularly if it pertains to a specific work role.

The whole procedure can take anywhere from four to six weeks to complete, even more, if there is a rush.

Does Frito Lay Hire Felons in [year]?

Does Frito Lay Hire Felons

Always keep in mind that your history does not define who you are. Fortunately, companies may take various measures to demonstrate to job candidates that they will not be judged simply based on their history.

A company that participates in this commitment demonstrates a belief that everyone deserves another shot. Yes, Frito Lay does hire felons, but there is a catch.

Frito Lay gives equal opportunity to everyone and allows felons a chance to lead an everyday life. They have to sign a fair business pledge before they can be employed.

When the pledge is signed, the company promises to give persons with criminal histories an equal opportunity to work!

Companies put this into effect during the recruiting process rather than instantly excluding applicants with a criminal record. Instead of being defined by their past failures, this approach allows the candidates to show their abilities.

It is evident that Frito-Lay cares for its society and wants to give everyone an opportunity to grow and excel in their field. Fill the application form, and try to be as truthful as possible when applying for a job.

A brief investigation will be conducted before they hire you, where they will do background and drug checks before sending you the joining letter.

Does Frito Lay Do Background Check?

To get the best personnel at the lowest cost, background screening is essential for the hiring process.

For every dollar a business invests on employment screening, the return on this investment varies between $5 and $16, resulting in greater productivity, less absenteeism, fewer turnover, and lowered employer liability.

Frito Lay does background checks before they hire anyone. It is to maintain a healthy work environment for both the company and its employees.

Employers can learn more about a potential employee’s abilities and personality through this process. It will provide the company with a thorough understanding of the candidate’s background.

Just imagine would you like to join a company that doesn’t do background checks, and due to a few bad apples, their employees’ fight every now and then, would you? We don’t think so.

No one likes to work in a toxic environment, and a strict screening process will do the trick to dish out these bad apples.

The firm as a whole does a Background check to guarantee that they are recruiting someone who will be a valuable member of the team when they begin working together. 

Does Frito Lay Do Drug Test?

Why are drug tests conducted?

Once they dug out your past life, Frito Lay will proceed to do a drug test. This is one of the last tests before you are handed out an employment letter.

Employees at Frito-Lay are routinely drug-tested as a company policy. The majority of workplaces and job positions need pre-employment drug testing. Be aware that random drug tests may be conducted at Frito-discretion.

If you are injured while at work or appear inebriated, you may be required to submit to a drug test. If you are clean, you will most likely get the job; else, the chances are slim to none.

What If You Fail The Drug Test?

Failed drug tests are prevalent, depending on the person who is taking the drug test. Some tests are stricter, and they can sometimes provide false reports.

If you feel that your failed drug report was something you didn’t expect, then you can ask for a repeated drug test. Alternatively, you can reapply after a period of 6 months.

If you do drugs, then forget to get employed in any of the big companies. As they are looking to hire a team of impactful workers, they can’t risk their time and efforts on a drug addict, who can disrupt the work ethic.


In order to ensure that a recruit is worth working for any company, a background check is necessary. Employers perform background checks to weed out applicants who might be a danger or a liability to their business.

Frito-Lay is a fantastic place to work, and the fact that it employs more than 55,000 people proves that. Frito Lay prides itself on the fact that all of its employees embody its basic principles from top to bottom.

One of Frito-commitments Lay’s is participating in the Fair Business Pledge and the Ban the Box Movement. For people with a criminal record, this is good news.

You don’t have to be judged on past blunders, according to the firm. If you genuinely are trying to improve, then count Frito Lay in your corner.

Be assured that you will not be rejected based on your criminal records; just be crystal clear during the whole application process. Everyone who applies for a job at the organization will be evaluated on a one-to-one basis.

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