Does Frito Lay Drug Test?

With more than $1.7 billion worth of annual sales, Frito Lay is one of the biggest snacks companies in the world. However, Does Frito Lay Drug Test?

Does Frito Lay Drug Test

Frito-roots Lay’s may be traced back to the 1930s. During the Great Depression, many young people turned to entrepreneurship as a way to get ahead because of a lack of employment opportunities. It allowed several companies to merge and form a better company to employ the society.

One such company which formed in this turbulent era was Frito Lay. Two founders of enterprises would eventually join in establishing Frito-Lay in 1961. The rest is history, as they cover a market share of more than 35 percent worldwide and more than 60% in America.

Frito Lay paved the way for different ethnic groups and criminal convicts who are looking for a change. As a result of the competitive compensation, standard benefits, and internal promotion opportunities, Frito Lay is a highly sought-after place to work.

Now, if you are looking to get hired, they do a couple of checks before handing you an employment letter. Stay tuned for more information.

Does Frito Lay Drug Test In [year]?

Yes, Frito Lay’s does drug test their employees. Every recruit has to go through a pre-employment drug test.

Random drug testing is another prerogative reserved by the company for its employees, as stipulated in their employment contracts. When it comes to Frito Lays’ drug tests, urinalysis is the preferred method.

To know more about the drug tests that Frito Lay conducts, keep on reading.

What Kind Of Drug Test Does Frito Lay Conduct?

What Kind Of Drug Test Does Frito Lay Conduct?

Frito Lay conducts a urinalysis, which takes your urine as a sample to do the drug test. Urine samples are analyzed for the presence of a variety of illicit and prescribed drugs.

As a result of its convenience, urinalysis is the most often used drug test. Drug and metabolite concentrations in urine tend to be higher, which provides a better detection rate.

A urine drug test can assist a doctor in determining if a patient is abusing drugs. If you’ve been diagnosed with substance abuse, doctors can assist you in developing a treatment plan.

Employers can reject you based on a failed drug test. In order to make sure that you don’t consume drugs, you will need to pass the urinalysis before you can work for Frito Lay.

What Drugs Does Urinalysis Detect?

A wide range of drugs can be detected using a urinalysis test. Some of the commonly used drugs are listed below:

  • Alcohol
  • Amphetamines
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Methamphetamine
  • Opioids
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)

Does Frito Lay Test For Alcohol?

Frito Lay doesn’t test specifically for alcohol, but they can check whether you consume alcohol or not through the urine drug test.

The amount of alcohol in a person’s system can be determined via a urine test. Alternatively, if needed, the company can use a breathalyzer or a blood swab test to determine if you are an alcoholic, as they are a better test for alcohol.

Alcohol can stay in your body for up to 12 hours, depending on your age, metabolism, and stress levels.

Alcohol or ethanol may be detected directly in urine, as well as some alcohol byproducts. So, it is better if you avoid alcohol before giving a drug test.

Also, once you join the company, you will need to maintain decorum and follow the basic rules, which clearly state no alcohol during work hours.

How Long Do The Results Of A Frito Lay Drug Test Take?

Once the drug test is conducted, it can take anywhere between 24 hours to a week. If the test results are negative, you are likely to go on to the next phase in the hiring process. On the other hand, if the test comes out as positive, you will not receive an employment letter.

Is A Drug Test Necessary?

Depending on the state in which a person is applying for a job, drug-testing rules might differ. Employee drug testing may be mandated by law in certain states.

Drug test acts as a safety net for employers to hire focused candidates and have a chance to grow alongside the company.

Due to the dangers posed by drug or alcohol abuse, companies conduct drug tests on both present and potential workers.

When an individual is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, heavy machinery jobs, for example, are especially risky.

Each company strives to be the best and wants to improve every single day. They can’t risk costly machines on drug addicts or someone who has a criminal background.

The test shows how concerned a company is for its current employees by ensuring a healthy work environment for everyone.

Does Frito Lay Random Drug Test?

Frito Lay can test any of their employees randomly, but as seen in various online forums, many Frito Lay’s workers have stated that they have been working there for several years and are yet to go through a random drug test.

So, once you get hired, chances are pretty slim that Frito Lay will conduct a random drug test.

Does Frito Lay Drug Test For Marijuana?

Marijuana has a long history with this kind of test. Some believe that marijuana is legal and shouldn’t be counted as a drug, as they have tons of medicinal properties. While some belief “drugs are drugs,” and they hinder an individual’s development.

Besides, A person’s level of consumption can’t be accurately determined using the urinalysis that Frito Lays follows.

Many states and companies are slowly accepting marijuana as a legal drug, only if consumed within a certain limit.

Employers should consult with their legal team to verify if policies are up to date.  They should comply with the updated law and update their policy accordingly.

In short, irrespective of whether your state allows marijuana or not, Frito Lay won’t take a positive marijuana test result. You mustn’t have any trace of the chemical in your system.

What If You Fail The Drug Test?

Frito Lays places a high value on the health and safety of its employees across the globe. As a global company, they have a significant impact on hundreds of communities throughout the globe due to their large workforce.

Job seekers who fail drug tests and do not have legal prescriptions are often advised to no longer qualify for the position.

Frito Lay have built a large community and a safe environment for their workers. They will not allow anyone with a failed drug or background check to work for them.

It is too risky for their image. However, if you really want to work for them, you can apply again after six months.

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Drug screening programs are often carried out by big companies and are aimed to identify illegal substances, certain prescribed medicines, and alcohol in job applicants.

Drug testing is a need as part of the employment process and ongoing maintenance of running a business. It has been shown to be the most effective way to ensure the safety of your workplace.

Having a clean workplace means that your employees are less likely to injure or hurt themselves or others.

A drug-using employee might cost your organization an innumerable amount of money in litigation and workers’ compensation because of oversights.

Frito Lay employs the classic “better safe than sorry” approach before they hire anyone.

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