Does GameStop Drug Test?

GameStop is America-based electronics, specifically electronics, retailer. The company was established in 1984 as Babbage’s, starting out as a small software retailer.


The founders, Gary M. Kusin and James McCurry chose the brand name “Babbage’s” in honor of English inventor, Charles Babbage. They chose NorthPark Center “NorthPark Mall” in Dallas, Texas as the site for their first location.

The retailer’s merchandise included the video game console, Atari 2600, and other electronic devices. It wasn’t until 1987, Babbage’s added Nintendo products to its merchandise.

At the time, Nintendo was an internationally recognized brand, thanks to its video game platform, Donkey Kong. The same year, Babbage’s announced it was officially a publicly listed company.

The decision to become a public company opened investment opportunities to the general public.

GameStop subsidiaries include EB Games, Geeknet, ThinkGeek, Zing Marketplace, Game Informer, Rhino Video Games, Zing Pop Culture Australia, Micromania-Zing, and Zing Marketplace.

In 2020, GameStop reported revenue of $5.089 billion and $2.472 billion in total assets.

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Why Work At GameStop?

GameStop is highly recognized as having a diverse workplace. The majority of employee reviews claim management is supportive and appreciative. If you are a video game fanatic, working at GameStop is a dream come true.

How difficult is it to find an employer that specializes in merchandise geared toward your favorite form of entertainment?

The company has between 29,000 and 35,000 part- and full-time workers and approximately 4,816 locations in Canada, Australia, Europe, and the United States.

GameStop has both part- and full-time employment opportunities open. The company is an Equal Opportunity Employer to ensure its workplace is as diverse as it can be.

Does GameStop Do Background Checks?

Yes, all GameStop job applicants must agree to a pre-employment background check to be considered for employment.

Any applicant refusing to authorize GameStop to do a background check will immediately be disqualified as a potential employee.

The company aims to keep its workplace drug- and criminal-free. Thanks to pre-employment background checks, GameStop has successfully managed to fight employee theft, workplace injuries and violence, and negligent hiring.

Most GameStop recruiters know if an applicant is a suitable candidate for employment by the end of the initial interview. If you did not receive an employment background check request, you will probably not be hired.

Like other American employers, GameStop relies on background reports to validate information provided by qualifying applicants.

The background check includes a criminal report, credit score, employment record, education history, and motor vehicle driving record.

A recruiter will compare the information from your employment application with the information collected during the background check. It is crucial, to be honest, and forthcoming about your criminal, employment, and education history.

Does GameStop Conduct Pre-Employment Drug Screens?

Does GameStop Conduct Pre-Employment Drug Screens?

No, GameStop does not require qualifying applicants to undergo employment drug screens, according to current and former employees.

Unfortunately, the information regarding GameStop’s hiring process is confusing, thanks to conflicting employee reviews.

If you have concerns about an employment drug screen, you should contact a GameStop recruiter directly. Do not rely solely on the conflicting employee reviews because it is too risky.

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What Type Of Employment Drug Screen Does GameStop Use?

According to employee reviews that support drug screens, GameStop utilizes a standard urine test. If you are considered for employment, the recruiter will give you legal paperwork for an employment drug test.

You are required to take the paperwork to a designated third-party testing facility. Again, there is no solid evidence to validate the drug screen claims 100 percent.

Applicants applying for entry-level positions may not be required to authorize an employment drug test. Managerial positions do require drug screens. Stockers, warehouse workers, and cashiers may not be required to authorize a drug screen.

Does GameStop Conduct Random Employment Drug Screen?

GameStop utilizes random employment drug testing in workers’ compensation cases. Workers’ compensation requires employers to drug all employees injured in the workplace.

Workers’ comp coverage is denied when the drug screen results come back positive. Drug screens are utilized to combat workers’ comp fraud among employees.

Random drug screens may also be utilized to support a drug-free workplace. GameStop may ask an employee who appears to be intoxicated to take a drug screen.

The employee in question is required to visit a third-party drug testing facility within an hour or so. If the employee refuses to take the drug screen, GameStop will terminate his employment.


It cannot be stressed enough the importance of being 100 percent prepared for a drug screen when applying for a GameStop position.

While the evidence is limited to conflicting employee reviews, some locations may conduct employment drug screens while others do not.

Some American employers, including GameStop, believe the elimination of drug screens during the hiring process combats labor shortages in some markets.

Does GameStop Drug Test (FAQs)

Does GameStop Drug Test

Do You Get Drug Tested For GameStop?

The information provided by employees is conflicting, making it impossible to give a definitive answer. It is in your best interest to be fully prepared to undergo an employment drug screen to eliminate any surprises.

Can You Still Get Hired If You Fail A Drug Test?

Only if you can convince GameStop to permit a follow-up drug test, which most render negative results. It is possible to fight false-positive drug screen results with an acceptable explanation.

Some employees who reported false-positive drug test results to claim they were given a second chance. However, there is no evidence to support these claims.

False-positive tests may be the result of secondhand marijuana smoke, pre-workouts, weight loss supplements, over-the-counter cough medicine and pain killers, allergy medications, and antiretroviral drugs.

Can You Refuse A Drug Test?

As a job applicant, you have the right to refuse an employment drug screen when it is offered. However, in this case, the refusal to take a drug test will result in disqualification for employment.

Does GameStop Drug Test In PA?

There is no evidence to support claims of drug testing at Pennsylvania GameStop locations. The only information, which is limited to employee reviews, is conflicting, with some supporting and others not supporting the employment drug test claims.

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