Does Harbor Freight Hire Felons?

The economy is rough these days and finding a job is much harder than ever. Couple this with the fact that the COVID pandemic has most businesses working on limited and restricted hours and it makes the situation all that much harder.

Now, couple those things with the fact that you have a felony record, and finding a job might seem like an impossible task. Luckily, there are companies out there willing to overlook past mistakes. Is Harbor Freight one of those companies?

If you are familiar with Harbor Freight, you know that they are a high-quality company that sells high-quality tools and accessories at discounted rates. How can they sell such tools at discounted rates when other companies are charging so much more?

They are able to do this because they buy these tools and accessories directly from the factories. This allows them to keep costs low. They then pass the low costs on to their customers.

It is pretty obvious that they are generous to their customers, but what about their employees? What about potential employees looking for work? If you have a current felony record, you likely feel like this is something that’s going to haunt you and bring you down for the rest of your life.

It will no doubt follow you for the rest of your life, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it has to bring you down. In fact, your very course of action is getting back to work. Getting back to the world while also being active in the community!

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A Bit On Harbor Freight

Harbor Freight

Harbor Freight is a well-recognized discounted tool company that buys tools directly from manufacturers. Not only do they sell tools, but they also sell a variety of accessories as well. Not only this, but they sell a wide range of tools.

Whether you are a mechanic or a carpenter, you likely find everything you need to get into the industry. Power tools, socket wrenches, air compressors, wrenches, safety accessories, and tons more. You’ll literally find it all at Harbor Freight. And, you’ll find it all at nearly eighty percent less than what the competition is charging.

This is a company that got its humble start with a single store opening and an idea back in 1977. That idea was to provide hard-working individuals with the best tools possible at the best prices possible. That’s exactly what the company has been doing since then.

And, they have been doing it well with a national response. They are now a nationwide chain with over 1,000 stores located throughout the world and over 30 years of experience in the industry.

With over 40 million satisfied customers it is more than obvious that the company is good at what they do. Not only do they treat their customers well, but they treat their employees just as well.

With medical, dental, vision, laser vision, and disability insurance, workers from all stores can take advantage of a wide range of comprehensive care packages.

They also offer flexible schedules coupled with paid time off, which makes them one of the most desired employers out there today.

It really is no wonder people like working for the company and are proud to do so. They want their employees to work hard, but they also want them to play even harder.

Harbor Freight is more than willing to celebrate its employee’s hard work with Sam’s Club and Costco memberships, but what’s even more impressive is their discounted family packages to places like Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and Six Flags.

Does Harbor Freight Hire Felons in [year]?

Does Harbor Freight Hire Felons

Well, people will felony records will be glad to know that Harbor Freight is not only generous to their employees and customers, but they are willing to overlook what people have done in the past.

They are generous to individuals from all backgrounds. Regardless of your background, everyone is encouraged to apply at Harbor Freight. Just because you are an ex-felon doesn’t mean that you’ll be disqualified automatically.

Harbor Freight understands that you are trying to rebuild your life. If they know anything, they know how hard it is to build yourself up from nothing. As was mentioned, they started with a single store and a simple idea. Look at what they’ve come today!

When it comes right down to it, your chances of employment are based on previous work history, character, and a variety of other factors.

What About Background Checks?

Harbor Freight is all about diversity and they celebrate a wide workforce consisting of people from all walks of life. Ex-felons are no different!

However, this doesn’t mean that all employees won’t have to go through a background check because that isn’t the case at all. All employees must submit to a background check because they value employee safety.

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That being said, this background check is one that examines work history, criminal record, and education within the past ten years. Just because you have a felony record, it doesn’t mean that you’ll automatically be discounted.

After applying, you should know that it can take anywhere from one to three weeks for the screening to run its course. After this time period, if you haven’t heard a response back, you can feel free to follow up with the hiring manager.

Career Potential At Harbor Freight

Career Potential At Harbor Freight

With Harbor Freight, every individual that applies has the opportunity to walk down one of four career paths. Of course, there is always the potential to switch paths in the future, but everyone will have the option of starting out and working two one of four general career paths. These paths will consist of retail, distribution, quality assurance, and corporate.

Most employees work with customers in physical retail stores, but there are 800 individuals working behind the curtains pulling strings and making things happen.

Retail sales associates will be the ones that help customers in the store. Help them find what they are looking for as well as making purchases.

Retail stocking associates will be working in the back handling incoming freight and filling the store shelves, while warehouse associates will work in the distribution centers, handling incoming freight and preparing order outbound to other stores.

Testing techs will work in a quality assurance center making sure that all tools that go out meet certain standards.

Call center reps will be taking inbound and direct calls from customers and other departments while ensuring complete satisfaction at all times.

As you can see, Harbor Freight is a unique company with a wide range of unique opportunities across the board for a wide range of individuals.

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  1. Will harbor freight hire people with a felony theft charge if there trying to change there life and have paid the debt off to the situation that was at hand?

  2. Mine was an accidental shooting it over 625 yards. The state of Wyoming charged me with aggravated assault which did not fit the crime. In the state of Wyoming aggravated assault means you intentionally and with malice went out to cause great bodily harm or death. Again mine was a freak bullet that ricocheted 625 yards. Because my case was the first in the state of Wyoming they did not how to handle it so they slapped me with aggravated assault. Having saying that no one will hire me because all they see is the ag assault they don’t care what the situation is corporate headquarters for many of these companies see that and just completely blacklist you I’m speaking from four years of experience three of them being on probation.

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